Character Creation

Making a character

Account Registration

  • You'll need to register a main account first
  • Usename can be anything; you may change your displayed name in your user options
  • Once your character is created, attach the character to your main account (if different) by going to the account switcher

Filling out your profile

For character approval, only the required fields are necessary to fill out. Keep in mind that wolf characters cannot have been born in Canis unless they were born in character. Creatures can be born in Canis.


Characters can be any species that is not extinct in the real world.

Character Appearance


If your character is a mammal, they can be any colour that is found in mammals. "Red" in mammals refers to a fox red, russet, or chestnut. "Blue" refers to rich, blue-toned greys. Colours that occur in horses are a good reference point.

Artwork can take some artistic liberties with colouration. Artwork should still represent the character's real appearance at a glance for your fellow writers to reference and/or have a clearly visible note for differences from reality.

Patterns & Designs
  • Patterning that occurs naturally in mammals can be found on any mammal in the world of Canis.
  • Geometric shapes, especially well-defined patterning that appears to be synthetic (man-made), are not found in Canis.
  • If you're not sure if a colour or marking will work in Canis, try making it more ambiguous, or of course you can always Direct Message a staff member.
The Bizarre
  • Characters cannot have extra things that wouldn't occur normally on the species. For wolves, this includes manes, hair, super long tails, horns, wings, etc. Some allowance is added for dog characteristics if the character is of mixed heritage (e.g., floppy ears).
  • Weird-looking characters are not the norm in Canis, and they will be treated differently in character.
Changing Appearance

Once a character has been approved and introduced to the game you may not change their design. If you have not posted yet and would like to redesign, please speak with a staff member.

Size Chart

You can select your character's size with the weight, height, and build dropdowns.

  • Blue Very Short (25-26")
  • Green Short (27-29")
  • Yellow Average (30-33")
  • Orange Tall (34-36")
  • Red Very Tall (37-38")
— Size Chart by Sammy
  • Extra Light
  • Very Light
  • Light
  • Medium
  • Heavy
  • Very Heavy
  • Extra Heavy
  • Emaciated
  • Scrawny
  • Petite
  • Lean
  • Average
  • Athletic
  • Stocky
  • Portly

Character Capabilities

Even though your character may have come here from another universe, they do not retain the ability to read, write, or create advanced tools.

Puppy Characters

Characters who are under 4 months old must enter the game with a caretaker or immediately find one to avoid a desynchronization event. Puppies cannot survive on their own for very long.

Characters under 1 year old should still seek out a caretaker. Young characters without a caretaker are at risk of desynchronization if they are without one for 6 weeks.

Pregnancy & Children

Characters cannot enter the game pregnant. Somehow, they must lose their pregnancy if they were pregnant before waking up in Canis. Characters can enter with babies that are mobile enough to follow or old enough to be carried safely. If the children are NPC, they must die before they reach two months of age.

Submitting for approval

Once you've finished, simply apply for approval!

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