Packs and Groups

What you'll need to make a group

Wolf packs and creature groups can be formed with at minimum three members. Groups can use whatever ranks you as group creators desire, delegated however it makes sense in character. Importantly, out of character pack/group admins are not necessarily in character leaders.

What do I Need to Create a Pack or Group?

  • at least three characters played by different players that have aligned in character on forming a group
  • a brief summary of your group
  • a location your group will claim (must be discovered first)
  • one or two group colours to be used for badges and names

Once you have the above, you'll submit a new group application by filling out the information here. When it's approved, your forming group will show up on the map and the forum where they are forming. Then, you can begin to demonstrate in character the group's claim to the land.

Players can play characters that are IC leaders and/or be group admin for up to three groups.

Forming the Group

You will need 15 points for your pack/group's claim to be solidified. While the group is forming, there are more likely to be disputes from lone wolves, neighbouring packs, and creatures about who owns the land.

A group can claim up to 5 points per thread, earning 1 point per post. To claim points on a thread, please tag every post that's relevant with the Formation tag, then submit them from your threadlog page. The staff team will review these posts and assign points. Threads for formation and discovery can be submitted any time the post authors choose, regardless of whether there is a natural ending or not. Once a thread is submitted, it can't be re-submitted for more points.

Posts made before a pack's application was submitted can be used if it makes In Character sense — this includes pre-formation posts.

Examples of actions:

  • a wolf patrols the new territory, marking scent borders.
  • a wolf recruits a new person to the pack and explains something about their pack

Group Admin Expectations

Up to four people can be group admins for a given pack/group. Group admins must have at least 30 posts to be qualified for this role and have a character in the pack. Group admins are responsible for:

  • adding character accounts to the pack
  • performing rank shuffles
  • keeping group page and ooc forums up to date
  • handing off the group admin role if you can no longer run the group

Group Admin Activity
There should be at least one active pack admin in play at all times to ensure all responsibilities are met. If you need to step back and are the only group admin, consider adding another group admin.

Most group admins perform a rank shuffle about once a month. As a group admin, you will need to keep good communication lines open with those playing the pack leader characters, since ranks are usually determined at least partially by in character actions.


If your group falls to below three active members, staff will check in to see how you would like to proceed. You are free to try to recruit more members or simply disband.


If you are moving your pack from one location to a new one, you can do so by letting a staff member know. Your pack will be able to move with 10 formation points in which they claim the new territory.

You can also reform a pack that was previously disbanded. Likewise, simply let staff know. You need all of the same things you will need to form a new pack, but you will be able to restore your old pack page. The requirements to reform after disbandment are the same as any new pack, or 15 formation points.

Creature Groups

Create groups can set up residence in any territory they please, however they always run the risk of being displaced by a wolf pack. Prey and predator can coexist in the same territory without issue. Additionally, it is possible for predator and predator to coexist, depending on the group/pack. That being said, if a skulk of foxes is caught in a territorial wolf pack's domain, the wolf pack has the opportunity to forcibly displace them. Displace ≠ Disband; the displaced group/pack can claim an alternative territory by going through the reformation process.

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