Special Info: Reincarnation

If you're planning to bring a character back from the dead, read this first!

On Canis, players can bring back characters that have passed on-site for any reason. To avoid abuse of this feature, we have outlined some terms that must be followed when reviving a deceased character.

New Account

Revived characters must use a new account. Characters cannot be literally resurrected and will have a new body. This means you will lose any achievements and skills you had from before and must earn them back. Mark that the character is a resurrection in your joining application and provide a link to the thread they died in.

Characters that retain memories

Revived characters that are similar or the same as their previous incarnation, or who have reason to seek justice/revenge must meet one of the criteria below.


  • It has been at least 1 year since the character died on-site.
  • Character is “reborn” as a child (newborn to fresh yearling).
  • Character is reintroduced as an elder (8+ years with gradual or severe health issues due to age).

Even if your character meets one of the criteria, if your intent is to write a revenge plot against another character, you should check-in with that player and see if they are interested.

Characters who are different from the original

Characters who have new personalities or completely scrapped memories do not need to follow any of the clauses.

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