How the Staff manage the game

What to expect from the staff

Living Documentation

We commit to reviewing our rule-sets and documentation at least once every six months to ensure that they are serving our member base well. Rules and documentation are living documents that can see change happen throughout the year. We commit to making these changes and related discussions transparent to our members.

Role Models

All of us will do our best to model the behaviours we would like to see in others. Here are some examples:

  • writing in a way that helps rather than hinders others' writing
  • reading others' posts to catch clues as to how to collaborate when writing
  • respecting the needs and boundaries of others
  • collaborating by keeping open lines of communication for any relevant parties
  • apologizing to an individual(s) if we say/do something we shouldn't have

Conflict Resolution

We expect members to manage and resolve most conflicts on their own. If we get reports related to conflict that require action, those actions will likely be swift and follow whatever precedent has been set out before, if any. Temporary bans are a quick tool to manage conflict with less involvement. You should expect them if you are having trouble writing nicely with others.

Reviewing our roles

Most of us do a lot of stuff, and we know that life and our capacity for work on Canis can change. As staff, we commit to reviewing our roles at least once every six months. We have secondary people in place if one of us needs to take a step back, and we are always willing to find a new staff member if there's a role to be filled.

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