Creating non-wolf characters

In Canis, you can play any species that exists in the real world and is not extinct.

Creating a Creature

Creatures can venture beyond their native habitats. If we see abuse of a creature adventuring for too long and/or living in a climate that is highly unrealistic to them, your character will encounter a desynchronization event. For example, a cobra hanging out in a frozen wasteland might encounter terrible misfortune if they stay there for too long.

Wolf Packs and Creatures

Sometimes, a creature will befriend a wolf pack and become symbiotic, enough that the pack recognizes the creature almost as one of their own. Creatures can join wolf packs as unofficial members where they reap the benefits of such a friendship. However, they cannot join the proper ranks unless they fall into the Canids section.


If your creature looks and acts like canis lupis, they can join wolf packs. This is unlikely to be accepted in character, so keep that in mind if you're creating a mixed wolf or other canid. This does not include maned wolves as they are their own species and not related to canis lupis.

Creature Groups

Creatures can start their own groups just like wolves can start packs. Some creature groups will happily co-exist with wolf packs on the same territory, but others might not be so lucky. Be aware that your group may incite the wrath of resident wolf packs and get booted somewhere else.

NPC Creatures

NPC creatures are not found beyond their native habitats. You can get an idea for what animals are found in the area by doing research on the real-world location associated with that location, if it's available. If you're not sure, it's probably fine, but you can always post questions in the OOC area.

Unlike wolf characters, creatures can have NPC young, mates, and group members. If it makes sense for the species, go for it!


  • A female brown bear usually has cubs during hibernation and ventures out in spring. Even if your bear hasn't encountered any player-played bears, she can have NPC cubs in spring!
  • A deer rarely lives alone. You are free to write in NPC members of the herd in your posts. You cannot start a creature group with only NPC members.

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