Coming Features

Features that are coming to Canis, especially smaller ones that are not listed on the sidebar.

This is a running feature list that are planned for implementation on Canis. If you'd like to make a suggestion for an addition to this list, you can use the Game Development forum.

Major Features

Major features are those that take a long time to develop. They are prioritized on a yearly basis by the staff team and memberbase.

  • In Progress Ranks & Rank Management

    This is an expansion of group management that will allow group admins to create rank systems, add ranks to their members, update user's ranks, and declare which ranks are leader roles.

  • Sub-territories & Points of Interest

    This will allow smaller locations that sit within larger territories. It will include a better location picker when creating threads.

  • Combat Rolling System

    The official Canis combat system is being developed and tested. It will allow writers to start combat within a thread.

  • Activity Check-in Script

    Automatically send check-ins to users who haven't posted in a long time. Allows them to decide what they would like to do with their characters.

  • Location Fauna

    Adds an easy-to-navigate system to view fauna native to a given location.

  • Weather & Seasonal Images

    Adds weather for each location and seasonal images that will change throughout the year.

Smaller Features

These features might be developed at random and are not prioritized. They usually take less than a week to complete.

  • Statistics Page

    Page that shows information about various groups, plus breakdowns of certain numbers. Not all items will have statistics available about them, such as gender.

  • Character Relationships

    Allows users to declare a relationship with another character so that it shows on their profile. Will be enabled for all types of relationships.

  • Profile Previews

    Previews when editing a profile.

  • Profile Editing Reorganization

    Will make profile editing easier to navigate.

  • Skills

    There are at least 12 skills yet to be released.

  • Pack/group auto-tagging

    Adds the pack tag to any thread that takes place in that pack's territory

  • Breeding without "the gear"

    Adds a game mechanic for breeding without needing to do the deed or have the biology capable of producing children for parents of the same species. Enables same-sex, sterile, and asexual breeding.

  • Pack/Group News

    Adds a news page to pack pages in the compendium for users and pack admins to add information.

  • Art Gallery

    Adds a gallery area to profile pages where users can upload images.

  • Create a Character from existing account

    Adds the ability to create a new account from your current account without needing to validate email, attach the account, or fill out the full registration form.

  • Open Threads Region filter

    Allows users to filter open threads by region

  • Threadlocked badge

    Lets users specify a character is threadlocked and not accepting new threads.

  • New User Checklist

    Create a checklist that moves as you go as new users progress through needed areas.

  • Thread Dashboard

    Shows a version of the threadlog for all attached accounts.

  • Desynchronization Automation

    Allows users to trigger their own desync events and makes it easier for staff to do so.

  • Pack History Automation

    Automatically generates pack history based on user's group membership history.

  • Extended Pawprints

    Adds pawprints pages directly to a character's profile. Allows the user to add information that they can show or hide at will to keep track of extra character information (such as extended histories or secrets).

  • Threadlog Improvements

    Adds last post date as a sort option. Adds post icons. Adds default view (always show "needs reply" for instance).

  • Ghost mechanic

    Will allow ghost characters with restrictions, probably associated with events.

  • Pre-formatted Posts

    Allows users to save code for their posts and insert it easily into a textbox.

  • Word of the day challenge

    Adds a "word of the day" to the sidebar. Using the word of the day in a post gets you bragging rights.

  • Preview Compendium Pages

    Lets you preview a compendium page before posting.

Features that will not be added

The following is a list of features that have been suggested and are unlikely to ever be added. The staff team will review this list and see if things have changed on a yearly basis.

  • Subforums for packs/groups

    The location selector and location view are ways that make it possible to view a pack/group's location. We intentionally did not create sub-forums for packs and groups because this allows greater flexibility for multiple groups on one piece of land. It also provides much better visibility for all threads so that non-group threads are more likely to be seen by others.

  • 18+ Age requirement

    Canis Major will never be 18+. There are a number of reasons why, but the biggest is that we believe in freedom of expression for all individuals, including writers who may be under 18. Usually, the thing that makes people the most uncomfortable is graphic sexual content, which is very rarely seen on Canis. Our suggestion for writers is to never engage in any type of "mature" content if you're not very familiar with another writer.

    There is a lot of very awful content on the internet. If the worst thing that minors are experiencing is the writing on Canis, that is a good thing. Content warning filters are available to prevent "accidental" stumbling on triggering content, but we want all writers to be able to explore in the way that they find comfortable.

    If you have a concern about yourself or a member is in any way harassing you, please notify staff immediately. This is a zero tolerance behaviour and any perpetrator will 100% be immediately removed.

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