Point Awarding

Descriptions of specific scenarios for points

Map discoveries, group formations, and skills all use the same system of points. Skill points are special because they apply to the individual only, where discovery and formation are group-oriented processes. This guide outlines how the Awards team should assign points to each post.

Assigning points is fairly objective, but there are two important points to note:

  1. The purpose of points is a measure of how well the post demonstrates in character actions.
  2. Points are not based on length. The length of the post does not matter except in the "zero points" case specifically outlined below.

Lack of effort

Posts that are extremely short or clearly not effortful at all but tagged anyway can receive zero points if the awards team determines this. This is to discourage making extremely short posts or posts that are cruft for the sake of being so in order to accrue points. Earning points is meant to be something that contributes to the game, not takes away from it.

This case should only be used when the zero point post is very clear and should be cleared with at least one other awards team member.


One Point

The following are examples of post excerpts.

[...]She frowned as they came to the edge of the once-distant forest, the looming night making all those shadows look even deeper than they already were. Slowing to a stop, the female looked around them, wondering if they should skirt around it or go through it. Where were they heading, anyway?[...]

Why is this one point?

This excerpt is one point because the character notices the area and briefly describes it in their thoughts.

[...]It smelled good in the forest. Clean, a spark of something. He couldn't put words on it but the trees went on forever and still they had a beautiful view of the sky above them too. He glanced at her often trying to see her reaction. He wanted to be sure he didn't push her past her limits, after all, whatever they may be. It's lovely here so far. He mused quietly, climbing up on a fallen tree to see as far as he could. It was endless.[...]
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