Amazing Contributors of Canis

Canis was not built overnight. We started with a vision of a space where people could be free to write with flexibility and compassion for one another. We have had some wonderful contributors to this vision.

Previous Staff Members


Our first staff member outside of the original team, Lyss contributed a lot to our processes and procedures for onboarding new staff members. She helped us wherever she could find a task and was always a solid voice on the team. She also created most of our wolf breeding and development guidelines.


Most of our original icons were created by Laur. Serving as our art director out of the gate, Laur has an eye for User Experience design and offered important potential solutions to solve for pain points. We still look at Laur's notes to this day to figure out how we can improve Canis in the future. She also taught us how to create the distinctive iconography you see for skills.


Also among our original creators, Chan has a kindness about her that kept things positive whenever the going got tough. She has been a very important voice in staff meetings and among members and is known for her grace and pleasant nature.


Passionate about giving a voice to the playerbase, Minxy brought much needed perspective to the team and was a powerful force for change during her time on the team.

Artists of Canis

Our Default Banner

Created by Mithril

Nocturne Banner

Created by Sealoon

The Journey

Created by our very own Noki

Stars Alight

Created by our very own Plymouth

Affiliate Contributions


Dawn was gracious enough to supply a large percentage of our herbs found on the Herbs page.

Software and Tools


Leaflet is a javascript software for building interactive maps. Without this tool and extensions, our map would not be what it is.


MyBB is a free, open-source software that our forum is built on.

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