Earn skills with your character!

In Canis, you can earn skills for your character by demonstrating their ability to do things related to the skill! Skills are a way to recognize in character efforts, plus:

  • other characters are more likely to recognize your character's abilities
  • earning skills creates a unique star chart for your character

Earning a skill

To earn a skill, your character must first demonstrate the base knowledge of a skill. Skill Points are earned for each post from your character that shows the skill. Each post can earn 1 point, with a maximum of 5 points per thread. While each post can only be used for one skill, you may use the thread to get points for up to two skills. The points for a thread you earn in total will never exceed 5.

If you are trying to earn more than one skill from the same skill tree, make sure you specify which posts for each skill when you submit. Otherwise, the staff team will assume all tags are meant for the same skill!

To earn your skill points, you'll need to do the following:

  1. Add the skill you want to earn to your character via the Character Status page.
  2. When writing, tag each relevant post with the skill tag, such as Medic.
  3. When you are ready to submit your posts, visit your threadlog, scroll to the thread and Submit for Points.
  4. The awards team will review these posts and assign points.
  5. When you've earned enough points, you'll receive an alert and the skill icon will turn solid!

Examples of actions: (Medic skill)

  • helping to clean a wound
  • learning an important technique from a wolf with an expert medic skill

Skill Chart

Skill tiers

Most skills are part of a skill tree and need to be earned in sequence as the character demonstrates more specialized or advanced knowledge.

Base Skills

Base skills are the main trees that other skills are part of. To demonstrate base skills, you'll need 20 points.

Specialty Skills

These are more advanced and specialized skills and can only be earned once the base skill is earned. Earning specialty skills will require your character to demonstrate the specialized skill, not just the base skill. You'll need another 25 points for specialty skills.

Expert Skills

When your character has become proficient to the point of being very advanced at their skill, they can earn expert skills. Characters have several options to gain an expert skill:

  • 3 specialty skills + 25 points demonstrating expert
  • 2 specialty skills + 50 points demonstrating expert
  • 1 specialty skill + 75 points demonstrating expert

It's usually easier to earn multiple specialty skills before obtaining expert skills, but certain skill trees vary.

Miscellaneous Skills

Some skills don't fit anywhere else. These skills sit in a miscellaneous category and don't need a base skill to be earned. An example is the Hoarder skill. There are specialty skills that can build off of certain misc. skills, and some of them are precursors for combination skills. To earn a miscellaneous skill, you'll need 25 points.

To earn an expert misc skill, characters must:

  • Earn the miscellaneous skill, + 75 points demonstrating expert

Combination Skills

Some skills from different trees can be combined to create combination skills. An example of this is the Pharmacist skill, which requires both Herbalism (specialty) and Medic (base). To earn a combination skill, you'll first need to earn the prerequisite skills and demonstrate the combination skill with another 25 points.

To earn an expert combo skill, characters must:

  • Earn the combo skill, + 75 points demonstrating expert

In most cases, an expert level of these combo skills are the most difficult to earn.

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