Setting 101

Learn the basics of our setting

So where are we?

No one knows! Some of the residents of Canis washed up on a beach. Others woke within a forest. Memories are flimsy, odd things — many of the animals don't remember where they were before. Some have forgotten their names and important parts of their past. Is this the afterlife? Is it a dream? Nothing is clear.

What we do know is that Canis seems to be nowhere and everywhere at the same time. It's unknown how far the landscape expands, or if at some point the land ends.


Canis is broken into large areas of land called regions. Regions can have any type of territory within them and are organized in a nonsensical way; a dry desert can be directly beside a frozen glacier. There is no obvious border between regions.

No humans are present in Canis, though some of their ruins linger.

Flora and fauna in Canis are anything found in the real world. Each territory or point of interest within Canis usually has a reference to the real world to go off of. If it probably makes sense, go for it.

The Center of the Map

It is impossible to navigate through the center of the map in any meaningful way. The closer you get to the center, the more turned around you find yourself. Because of this, it is impossible to discover or claim the center of the map. It is also more likely that characters will fall asleep and have vivid dreams.

Regional Magic Spots

Every region contains a point of interest that is magical, such as Luyten's Stairs. Many characters awaken at these strange places. They cannot be claimed and any scent markers mysteriously vanish from them.


Canis is set in a world based in the genre of intrusion fantasy. This means that while the environment may have weird or magical elements, none of the living creatures do.

Character Abilities

Characters are not mind-readers, do not have the ability to tell the future, and cannot otherwise perform magic. If you are interested in creating a supernatural event that crosses the boundary into the fantastical, please talk to the staff team.

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