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Disco: The Maw


The Maw

Temperate Territory

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10,000 feet above sea level, nestled upon a rigid entrance of rocks and skeletal animal remains, there exist the entrance to a dark cave system. Though there are many in the area, only one guts out to an inner valley after a little less of a mile fumbling through the dark. It is a toothy dangerous expedition, but worth the rewards. The cave outlets to a untouched valley full of intricate cave systems. Big and small prey is bountiful if you can survive the carved out jagged trails downward. Inside exist the hopeful area of a new forming pack - The Sheol.
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Now what?

Link to the Compendium page

Now when you or others post, you can add the Discovery tag and specify The Maw in a note. Once the thread is archived, post in this thread with the finished thread's link. One of the Awards team members can assign points to your post.

In the meantime, there is a new prefix for The Maw available in the Temperate biome :)

As an additional note, we removed the bit about your pack as location descriptions should be just that and once this is fully formed it will likely be drawn to a smaller scale than the whole mountain range to match the size of other large territories!
the staff team luvs u

the staff team luvs u
the staff team luvs u

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