Vanderfell Woods

Stemming from Nordic roots with a desire for strength and honor, Vanderfell Woods rises in the mountains. All members are required to pull their own weight, with strong encouragement to specialize in a set of valuable skills. Strict laws are set in place to ensure the safety of the pack, but those who have made their home here are treated like family driven by self-improvement and living, not just survival.

Vanderfell Woods

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Vahn · dur · fellWanderer who lives in the mountain
Founded March 22, 2021
Acronym: VFW
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The Skald
High King | Hieronymous (since 8/14/21)
High Queen | Ira (since 3/22/21)
Jarl N/A
Thane N/A
Shiroshika — Allies
Empyrean — Friendly

Values and Traditions

Vanderfell Woods was founded on similar beliefs to that of the first High Queen’s birth pack. At its core are Nordic roots with a deep desire for strength and honor. All members are required to pull their own weight, with strong encouragement to specialize in a set of valuable skills.

While the pack may care for one another like family, members are expected to remember their place. Do not go against the word of those ranked in tiers above you. Additionally, the word of the King and Queen is law, and advisors of The Skald are trusted to speak in their place.

Respect is everything and common formalities such as bowing one’s head upon greeting, using proper titles, or other forms of acknowledgment to one’s status are expected unless said member allows casual pleasantries. Trespassers who refuse to leave pack grounds are to be escorted to The Skald for questioning and/or punishment. 

Any pack member caught committing or planning an act of treason, be it to a Vanderfell wolf or an ally, will be executed or exiled unless it was in self-defense. Accused individuals may plead innocence or for a lesser punishment by partaking in a Holmgang. Those who act in ways that threaten the wellness of the pack may be stripped of their honor and moved to The Thrall.

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Arranged Marriages and Allies


Coming of Age Ceremony

Yule (December 21st - Jan 1st)


Rank Challenges

Due to the structure of Vanderfell, ranks may only be challenged for if the wolf you are challenging shares the same rank. You may not challenge someone of a different rank for their title. For instance, the Skald is handpicked and equal aside from the King and Queen; they may not be challenged for nor may they challenge the leading pair. Two wolves ranked as Aesir however may fight for their placement within the rank.

Any challenges given to those who do not qualify such as an Aesir challenging a Radningar may still take place, but the duel will be founded on honor as opposed to rank. Honor is what determines your place within your ranking during natural shuffles. These challenges are often referred to as Holmgangs. Losing a Holmgang will lower your standing, but you will not lose your rank as a whole.



Rank Match


Past Holmgangs


The Skald

High King / High Queen — Equal leaders, mated pair traditionally of opposite sex
Jarl — Trusted advisor / Tends to needs of packmates
Thane — Military advisor / Commander in times of war


Arftaki — Selected children of the King and Queen old enough to marry. They are responsible for solidifying alliances and expected to remain partnerless until one has been decided for them.
Hauldr — Elders
Modir — Expecting and nursing mothers of the Hedrad
Radningar — Expertise skill holders
Aesir — Specialty skill holders
Vanir — Base skill holders


Laering — Adults who are practicing a skill with guidance from the pack and have not yet developed their talent enough to prove they are capable on their own
Drang — Young wolves who have dedicated themselves to their skills with guidance from the pack. They will remain here until they have proven their skill and maturity to advance the ranks, or are 2 years old where they will then be moved to the Laering if they are still learning.
Commoner — Wolves who call Vanderfell Woods home but have no specialized skills to offer and are not currently working on a skill
Affiliate — Honorary rank for any creature that may align with the pack but are not formally part of the group
Drifter — Those who have recently been accepted into Vanderfell Woods and are still settling


Arving — Children of the King and Queen
Nipper — Children of Vanderfell Woods

The Thrall

Scorn — Those within Vanderfell who have broken Vanderfell law and disappointed, disobeyed, or challenged the word of The Skald or packmates ranking higher than themselves.
Servant — Those who have wronged Vanderfell Woods in some way and are paying off their debt. Servants are only ever outsiders and are released once they have paid their dues.



Direct Mentorships
Ira | Paladin, Adventurer, Hunter, Counsellor, & Medic 
 Petra | Adventurer & Hunter
 Runar | Paladin, Hunter & Adventurer

Hieronymous | Hunter, Paladin, Entertainer, Counsellor & Adv. 
 Olivier | Hunter & Adventurer
 Katja | ???

Torben | Paladin
 Gunnhildr | Paladin

Rea | Hunter

Renn | Ecologist
  Andor | Ecologist

Coming of Age
Runar, Gunnhildr, Ulrik, and Katja

The Skald
High King / Queen | Hieronymous Ira
Jarl | None
Thane | None

Arftaki | Ries, Renn, Cleo
Vanir | Rea, Torben

Laering | Greyback , Dagr
Drang | Andor, Petra, Olivier
Affiliate | Quicksilver

Arving | Runar, Gunnhildr, Ulrik, Katja


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