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Disco: Sundance Grove


Sundance Grove

Temperate  Territory

[Image: photo-1521753643072-122f97ed86e4?ixlib=r...=1050&q=80]
Sundance Grove, a verdant, bustling forest whose name hails from the abundance of glades dotted within allowing a wealth of sunlight to dapple the floors. As a result the woods are home to what appears like a plethora of mini meadows lush with blooming flowers tucked between the trees. Turning into coruscating carpets when the sun dances off the gleam of their vibrant colours, seeming to light up even the shadiest nooks and crannies where the trees huddle closest.

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Now what?

Link to the Compendium page

Now when you or others post, you can add the Discovery tag and specify Sundance Grove in a note. Once the thread is archived, post in this thread with the finished thread's link. One of the Awards team members can assign points to your post.

In the mean time, there is a new prefix for Sundance Grove available in the Temperate biome :)
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They looked backward and said goodby, she had become like they are
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While the Ghost Awoke
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Another day, 'nother headache in this hangover hotel
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