Compendium Entry North: Mongolian Steppe
South: Great Plains

A stretch of predominantly flat grasslands and gentle rolling hills. This land is susceptible to mild humidity and precipitation with rainfall more likely in the warmer months. Due to the vast openness, high winds are a common occurrence followed by sudden changes in temperatures. The northern plains are harsher than the south.


 The new day rose with a cold, golden sun.

 Atop a small rock sat a brown rat, no bigger than a child’s shoe. It was a miniscule creature of very little importance, but it still had a life. So, it got on with its morning.

 Skittering off the frost-slick stone, he passed a pair of chickadees in a heated argument over a berry. It must have been a special berry to cause such a ruckus. So the rat ran between them and picked it for himself, stuffing it into his cheeks with a look before running away.

 It was not a special berry, just as he was not a special rat. But it tasted sweet just the same.

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 Having wings allowed the great raptor to range far and wide. Since falling from the sky, the eagle had taken the time to scout huge swaths of land, coasting along wind currents. The mild sprain in his wing remained sore, not helped by the eagle's continued overuse of the joint.
 It was in the morning air that he decided to descend. Dew still coated the grass and brush in the hills. Small animals scurried as they caught sight of the eagle's shadow, responding to an ancient fear that had thus far kept them alive.
 The eagle could hear a pair of small birds chattering over something. He spotted the rat, and flew down quickly, taking the distraction as a welcome opportunity. The rat collected its loot. The birds, focused on the thief, noticed the predator too late. Both of them flew upward in a frenzy to attempt escape, but the eagle captured one in his hooked talons. The animal was killed instantly, and the eagle landed to consume his prize.
 The rat was mere feet away.

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 Rats were not known for their ability to scream, but he managed a hearty version of a final girl shriek.

 Effectively skewered, one tripod bird-foot twitched before its black eyes glossed over. Breakfast forgotten in lieu of someone else’s, Ratthew wailed.


 He did this instead of run.

 Unfortunately, Ratthew was not a very smart rat.

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