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Disco: Windshear Mesa


Windshear Mesa

Plains Territory

[Image: image.png]

[Image: image.png]

Rising like a monolith to the south of the peculiar rock pillars is a sizable mesa jutting from the rolling stretches of open plain. Eons of erosion have stripped the sides to reveal layers of multicolor rock stacked horizontally, but not uniformly. Hardy flora flourish in the sweltering sun of the plains, but the shade cast by the stone in the mornings and evenings have allowed for a wide diversity of trees and plants to take root near the base. The sheer cliffs make ascending the landmark difficult, but not impossible for a willing adventurer. Tucked into the northern arms of the canyon are several hazardous trails that twist their way to the tabletop summit where the undaunted are rewarded with a stunning view of the surrounding area. The sunrise over the golden grassland sea to the east, or sunset behind the jagged peaks to the west, is nothing short of breathtaking.
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Now what?

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In the meantime, there is a new prefix for Windshear Mesa available in the Plains biome :)
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