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Silver Rivers Flowing From Her Craters

Sunset Fog
11-12-2023, 04:49 AM
These peaks were less shrouded in snow as Northfall was during her visit, but instead was veiled in a thin sheet made of mist and clouds. Her pale back was weighed down by the moisture that hung in the air. In these clouded peaks Amalthea couldn't see Her face. She was blind. Wandering without Her guiding light, but only for a while. 

These were merely tests for Her followers after all. To know that even if She couldn't be seen, She would always be there. Waiting for those who seek Her light when the time was right. So the follower continued. Down the trail that was left to her before She vanished from sight. There would be no rest for the silver back wraith tonight until Her path was regained, no rest during the day for a haven was not decided upon. 

And perhaps the reason for it was appearing now.

For within the mist and low hanging clouds a shape was forming in front of her eyes. On the path she followed. Should she turn and regain the Moon's guidance once the path was clear? No. Amalthea had faith that the path she had chosen before Her disappearance would be safe. So long as the girl believed in Her, all would be alright.

So she smiled. 

“Hail stranger.” The girl's soft voice called out in a friendly greeting. “It's a romantic night to walk, is it not?” Amalthea even wondered maybe if He had put them on the same path for a reason?

the staff team luvs u
11-25-2023, 12:03 AM (This post was last modified: 12-23-2023, 09:57 AM by Lucian. Edited 2 times in total.)
The ice prince had once more ventured to his place of awakening, unsure if he returned to find answers or to take time for himself. Lucian had busied himself the past days with laying the foundation for Caelistis, from deciding upon the laws of his kingdom to the location of their abode. Lucian was meticulous in his planning, surveying Risnjak for weaknesses and danger. He couldn't risk his family's life. Not now. Not ever.

But for now, he'd travel north once more. He needed to find answers, not for him, but for Vanille. An answer as to why they were taken from their home and brought to this new land. While Lucian had quickly adapted to these lands and accepted his fate, he worried for the cream-hued woman he cherished. She had been torn from their home too soon. And while Lucian resented his father, maybe even loathed Étienne, Vanille adored her family. Van didn't deserve to lose them, not like this. Not when she still needed them.

Lucian had remained in the darkness in his mind, thoughts swirling and choking him as he made his way up the mountainside. He felt lost within his thoughts, struggling to swim through the treacherous sea with waves that wanted to drag him into their swarthy depths. He was stuck in his mind, stuck between the past and present. Lucian was in his own purgatory, tormented by his life and guilt. The voices never left him. Her voice never left him.

At the sound of a voice, Lucian came to a halt, shaky gaze lifted to the woman before him. "Greetings, Miss." He dipped his head and took a slight step back. His head turned to look up at the low-hanging moon. "Yes, it is, Ma'am. I apologize for intruding on your walk." He paused, giving the woman a smile. "I am Lucian. You are?" He tipped his head, allowing an eye to remain on the moon. As he looked upon the light of the night, he couldn't help his mind from wandering to another. One he knew he shouldn't think of.

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[Image: 73478729_dQq9qPOyL9M9VrU.png]
"common" · "croatian" · "french" · 3-3-3
02-09-2024, 10:08 PM
A pale man with eyes that glimmered like the ice on a frozen lake. He was cold to look at - but blessed enough to be as pale as the mistress above.

Taking a moment to sniff at the air, she could pick a few notes from his pelt from here. Another pack-man she presumed. The smell of others lingered on his coat and they weren't just quickly passing by and sharing a few words. No, unless they shared a bed with him - a manwhore, who was she to judge - perhaps?

“Amalthea.” Quickly she offered an introduction after being called miss, plus, he introduced himself as well. Lucien. There was no issue, but she preferred her name over titles that gave her more than she deserved. Dipping her head in return, eyes lingering on the ground a beat longer than perhaps most would allow during a greeting. “There is no intrusion. No apologies necessary.”

“These mountains are mine as much as they are yours.” Confident with her words, she didn't hold them back. There were no borders crossed on her way up - and if there was, they were weak and held no claim to a passer by. “What brings you to the peaks, Lucien, if I may ask?”

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