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Hidden behind mountainous walls

Afternoon Sunny/Clear
11-07-2023, 10:04 AM
She was becoming more familiar with the territory after Faust had shown her around the lands. The lands were breathtaking. After their walk from Highvally she had been surprised how secluded it felt. These lands almost felt like their own little secret. She marveled at the height of these mountains that surrounded them. Rhea felt incredibly small compared to them. She reminded herself to ask Faust how he found these lands. However, she didn't want to bother him too much.

Perhaps this was the place that one day would make her feel safe. For now she still had the feeling of Armand showing up on the borders to claim her. With a worried filled mind, the female did manage to pass out and sleep. Hours passed, she missed the magnificent night skies and the lovely morning sunrise. Only when the sun was at its brightest she uncurled from her tight ball of limbs. A little disorientated, but she quickly remembered what happened. She remembered him. His kindness. He was the one who hunted for her, as a huntress that was a little embarrassing. She felt the need to do something in return for him-- or well his pack. 

The scrawny woman pulled herself onto her feet and went to explore the vale and it's prey that it had to offer. She didn't want to sit still and sleep all day. She disliked sitting still. Rhea still looked uneasy as she moved through the territory. It was unfamiliar to her, she hadn't met anyone else yet. She just hoped Faust had informed the others about her. The woman reached the river and quenched her thirst before moving on. She crossed the river and explored along the bank for tracks and other signs of wildlife she could track. Her eyes and nose quickly catching on to the diversity within these lands.
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11-22-2023, 06:59 AM
Sonder's first days with Velaris had been challenging, with the alabaster man needing to learn not only the rules of being in a pack but also the customs of his leader. Son had to learn the language of his packmates, some fancy words he had never heard in his life. Sonder grew up speakin' plain English in his homelands but had picked up on some languages during their travels. He remembered the time he met some man speakin' Spanish. Another spoke Dutch or something like that. Foreigners always did confuse him with their different words. At times, he even wondered who invented those words.

Around the time the sun had reached its crest, Sonder had already accomplished a patrol of the territory and cleaned his sleeping area. Ever the busybody, Son decided to see what more he could provide for the pack. The man decided to take a walk that would possibly double as an afternoon patrol. While he did want to prove his combat skills to Faust, he knew now was not the time.

Instead, the man took to exploring the vale. The mountains rose high into the sky and seemed to border all sides of the valley, essentially creating a bowl. From his vantage point, Son could see where the deer herd congregated near the lake, their bodies dark specks against the verdant landscape. Trees littered the area, providing shade wherever one wished to go. The vale reminded him of his home in the spring, green and very much alive.

Sonder's keen eyes noticed movement near the river, but he couldn't tell whether they were part of Velaris or a stranger. “Excuse me, Ma'am, but can I help you? These are Velarian lands.” His words were short and cool, neither accusing nor excusing her presence. Sonder had yet to meet other pack members, so he could not pin her as a trespasser yet. But he was suspicious of the woman, but something in him said she too, was part of Velaris. Faust's scent lingered on her, and his eyes narrowed slightly. Maybe they did know each other?

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11-22-2023, 10:50 AM (This post was last modified: 11-23-2023, 04:04 AM by Vahaelarr. Edited 9 times in total.)
The cool wind had Vahaelarr drifting away from the center of the Vale, where the grass nipped and the Pack leisured, and further into the hailing mountains that carved the valley out. He'd walked these paths many times during the moons he'd spent amongst the Velarions, learning their ways, adapting their lifestyle. Shedding the fur and the chains of his former life. The scar that stretched like hardened leather across his snout and nose served as a token reminder that he was no longer a Winterhelmian — and the wolf couldn't be more... relieved. 

Relieved to shed the constraints of what once held him down. 

The wolf was feeling more sure of himself and eager of foot following his spar with Faust, a new pride seeded into his veins and his resolve. Vahaelarr wove himself into the mountainside naturally, his thick paws treading easily over the roost of mountain and stone. His eyes burned as he led himself towards the humble lake that settled itself towards the end of the roost where it opened up into Highvalley Hollow. Vahaelarr's jaws smacked and his tongue swept across his tongue, suddenly yearning for a drink... or several laps... of water from the crystalline lake. 

But the wolf was stopped in his tracks at the sight of two lingering bodies below the outcrop he crested, squinting unsurely across their unfamiliar pelts. Perhaps the newcomers he'd heard tales of swirling through the Vale? If so, he was eager to meet the both of them -- and he was moving with a sudden vigor. The brute snapped his jaws in a loud bark to announce his oncoming presence, and then he was lumbering closer, his easy and light gait carrying him swiftly. He split the pole between the two strangers and stopped at the lake shore, neck tilting downwards to drink. The water dribbled calmly down his chin that'd begun to tuft out like his father's and the wolf lifted his head, glancing between the two. 

“New here?”

Play it cool.


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11-22-2023, 12:52 PM
Rhea had been focussed on tracking. There weren't only prey animals, but also lots of tracks of other wolves. Some paw prints were large, and it made her think what kind of beefy wolves were her pack mates. The woman noted the species she knew the print of, all shelving that information away for later. She almost jumped in the air when she suddenly heard a voice. She did clearly startle, and turned to face the voice. Her brown blue eyes turned towards the male. He was very tall, she felt dwarfed by his size while she wasn’t that small. Rhea was of average height. She dipped her head to carry it lower, mostly out of uncertainty. She didn't know how strict they followed ranks here. "I know, Faust accepted me yesterday," she returned to him.
Before the male stood a scrawny thing of a female. She was well rested, so she probably didn't look as crazy as she did yesterday, but her body condition wouldn't become better overnight. The female offered the male a tentative smile. ”I’m Rhea,” she introduced herself to him. ”Everything about this territory and pack is new to me,” she admitted. She had been just exploring and making herself familiar with the lands. Then a bark sounded and the woman turned to the sound. Another large male. What was in the water here? So many big males. She felt a little uncomfortable since they reminded her a little of Armand. 
Where the first one had a pale coat, this one had a dark pelt. He also had the marks to make her assume he was a fighter. Rhea looked from the dark male to the pale one. ”Yes, I was accepted yesterday,” she explained once more. She felt awfully out of shape compared to them. Her insecurity showed a little in her hesitation and openness. However, her head had lifted more in a normal disposition, carrying it lower as not needed as both males were already taller than her.

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