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hey, baby, i think i want to marry you

Early Morning Sunny/Clear
11-03-2023, 12:55 AM
Osiris had been busy the past few days, arranging what he hoped would be the best day of @Leta's life. They had been engaged for months now, with no wedding plans to speak of, and he couldn't wait any longer. He wanted her to be Leta Ostrega—his wife, his life. He had already cleared the elopement with @Hydra, and now he had to get things rolling. 

“Leta,” he whispered in her ear, his voice still thick with sleep. “Wake up, I have a surprise for you...”
the staff team luvs u
11-03-2023, 01:10 AM
As per usual, Leta snored as she slept. Usually, Osiris woke her up and they shared their mornings together but today he let her sleep in (not that she was aware of that, as dead to the world as she was). But perhaps that was because he had slept in a little, too—and already the morning was off to a strong start!

Even still, she planted a paw somewhere upon his face and groggily murmured, “five… fivemoreminutes…” and though the word “surprise” took a minute to register, it eventually did—one eye snapped open and she asked, “hm?? surprise???”
the staff team luvs u
11-03-2023, 01:18 AM
He stood over her, watching as she stirred. She seemed intrigued by the surprised aspect, and he smiled; everything was going according to plan. “Yes, surprise,” he confirmed as he leaned forward and kissed her forehead. “We're going somewhere, and we'll be gone a few days ... ” he trailed, leaving little hints but never revealing his entire hand. 

“The sooner you get up ... the sooner I can tell you alllll about it,” he toasted.
the staff team luvs u
11-03-2023, 01:33 AM
Leta squinted her one eye as she looked at him. With autumn here, the days had been colder—she wanted to just be snuggled up to him, her personal space heater. But she could see he was excited about this surprise… and, well, it excited her too.

Still, mornings were hard. She groaned as she rolled onto her back and pressed a paw against his chest. “Gone for a few days?” she asked, this registering only now, and the second comment made her huff out a laugh. No “five more minutes” then.

A longer groan now, but it ended in a laugh. “Alright wise guy, you got me,” she lifted herself up enough to give him a kiss to the chin and then shimmied up into a stand. Stretching, she looked up at him with a smile.
the staff team luvs u
11-03-2023, 01:54 AM
Getting Leta onto her feet so soon after waking up was no small feat, but Osiris had little time to celebrate; their itinerary was packed with things to do.

“We're going to scout a new territory for Hydra,” he began, unable to hide the smile that had crept onto his lips. “Empyrean is thriving, and expanding might happen in the future,” they'd discussed it, and although now wasn't the time, it never hurt to look. “So we need to be ready in case that happens ...” he trailed then, searching the area behind her for the gem he'd used to propose. Once he spotted it, he grabbed it and put it in front of her paws. 

“But, before we lead together... we have to get married. Leta, will you marry me today?”
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11-03-2023, 02:10 AM
An exploration journey was not something she minded when she was with Osiris. More of a homebody otherwise, it was nice to get the opportunity to explore a bit with him. It’d been a while, but what with the way things had been months ago and waking up from another strange sleep… well, she could understand the importance of staying close.

But that hasn’t happened again, and Hydra she supposed was ready to build. In full support of that, Leta nodded happily, though glared at the world beyond their den. Ugh. It was going to be a chilly day, she felt—

Wait, what? Her head swung in his direction, blinking. And then a smile began to dawn upon her features. First, though, to be sure this wasn’t a joke, she asked, “…really? You’re serious?”
the staff team luvs u
11-03-2023, 11:58 AM
Osiris smiled. “Of course, I'm serious,” marriage wasn't something he would ever joke about, “I've wanted to marry you since the day we met, and I'm tired of waiting. I can't wait another day.” He wouldn't wait another day; so much time and effort had gone into making sure today was perfect for them. 

He blinked, realizing how strongly he was coming on, and decoded to backtrack a little. “This is what you want, too, right?” He thought it was, but he had to make sure.
the staff team luvs u
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