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Annika didn't know where to go, so she simply.. wandered. Her thick fur prepared her for a wicked winter, and so she left the warmer climate behind in order to find somewhere more suited to her needs. The Russian ambled slowly, her paws crunching through the snow as she lazily approached some big ass lake. Frozen, naturally, but she knew a few tricks to weaken the ice enough for a drink. Annika began to paw idly through the snow on the hunt for a rock, sighing as she contemplated what to do with this new life she had been given. The bear of a woman was forlorn as she dug, wishing more than anything she had been stranded with a friend. Or food.

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The lake was perhaps her most favorite place to visit lately. The trees were good enough cover along the shore and as spring approached, some of the ice along the edges began to melt away. It was quiet for the most part and so when she saw someone, something, walking along the icy top of the frozen lake, she was intrigued enough to go and investigate.

Padding out to the lake where this individual was, Thalia's claws were the only thing that gave away her position as she approached. The soft clacking of nails scratching against the ice with every step, only slowing as she got closer, head tilting ever so slightly to try and figure out what this one was doing.

For now she remained quiet, just watching and wondering... more so curious to see how this one would react to her. Lately it was almost all terrible, everyone had some kind of stick up their asses.

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Annika was coming up rather short, but she supposed hoping for a rock to magically appear beneath a thick crust of ice and snow was being a bit too optimistic. Still, it was preferable to melting snow in her mouth or risk getting her tongue frozen to the icy lake. She dug for a few minutes more, wishing she had something better to do than rock hunting.

A figure approached, naught but a blur in her peripheral until she turned to look upon the woman. The woman who.. stared and not much else. Annie glanced to the left, then to the right, trying to figure out if there was something worth looking at besides her beauty. No, no, it appeared not.

"Hello," she spoke with her butchered English, the heaviness of her accent turning the simple word into a whole ordeal. Did lady need something?

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Still the woman dug, she dug and dug until she finally - rather quickly - realized she had some kind of audience watching her. Thalia shifted her weight from one leg to the other, letting her hips sway in the motion as any womanly figure out.

“Hi.” Perhaps she was being curt, but also Thalia wanted to brush away the simple greetings and get right to the good stuff.

But she didn't need anything, no. “What are you doing?” With a raised brow she glanced at the woman and then back at the hole she was digging. “If you're looking for water, the shores are your best... same with food.”

Maybe this one was not accustomed to spending time in a Tundra setting... not many knew that ice was thinnest at the shores.

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What was she doing? Why, wasn't it clear as mud? Annika took a moment to asses her situation, gauging just how bizarre she must appear to the stranger. It was confirmed seconds later as the inquiry, and Annie's paw came to rest idly in the snow beside her. "Looking for a rock to break the ice if possible. Otherwise not much." Annika rolled her shoulders in a lackadaisical shrug, knowing the truth was like more boring than Thalia would have cared to admit.

"I will head that way next, thank you. Been a bit lost since waking up here." Food sounded appealing, actually, so she wouldn't mind making the trek. Annika was curious about the other but not enough to strike up more conversation, so the Russian doll furrowed her brows as if asking what else?

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“But why out here?” It felt like she was re-iterating, but then again, Thalia was an impatient bitch who preferred not to repeat herself - or at least feel like she was, which in this case, she felt like she was. “The ice is thicker here than they would be at the shores.” She explained somewhat why she was confused by all this.

The mention of 'waking up here' was almost routine at this point. Someone finding themselves in these lands with no recollection of how they got here and barely having an inkling of their lives before this. Honestly, was Thalia the only one who remembered fuck all of a time before this? “You too huh?” She said casually, honestly, it simply didn't surprise her anymore. “Well, welcome to the shit show. Try not to fall through the ice when you break it.”

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Annika couldn't understand why her methods were so perplexing -- after all, she'd just barely wandered into the lake when she'd begun to dig. Still, it made no difference to her one way or the other as those in her life came and went fleetingly. Whoever this woman was, she was inconsequential in the grand scheme of things because Annika did not have friends or any remotely close to it. At the end of the day, Thalia simply did not matter.

The wolf said nothing in response, simply nodded yo acknowledge the advice. Yeah, right, don't fall in. Annika did her best not to bristle at the intrusion, but truth be told her patience was running quite thin.
Hopefully the woman would simply leave her be.

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Huh, she wasn't chatty. Alright, well that was better than most of her previous encounters here. Thalia had enough to say for the both of them even as she turned to depart from the woman's company, tossing the words over her shoulder in a last bit of friendly advice to welcome her to this hellish place. “By the way, watch out for hellcats and cannibals.” With that, unless the woman wanted to follow her along and learn more about these things she mentioned of - Thalia was off to mind her own damn business.

She wasn't in this to make friends after all. Some would be nice, she had to admit - but she wouldn't go around begging for them either. She was doing rather just fine all on her own as is after all.

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A sigh of relief slipped from her lips as the woman began to move on, tossing a few breadcrumbs of advice as she went. Both phrases certainly piqued her interest, but Annika was a capable woman with a pelt bedazzled with scars -- surely she could hold her own. She glanced towards the stranger's retreating form, silently enjoying the view, before rising to her paws and wandering in the opposite direction.


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