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line so thin

Sunrise Sunny/Clear
09-27-2023, 07:34 PM (This post was last modified: 09-27-2023, 07:34 PM by Règne.)
Dad, don't. Please.
The words echoed in her mind, etched themselves in forever memory - to claw at her and hurt her every so often. The waves crashed against her, thrusting her left to right. She battled for a single breath of air, but all she could see was the dark, flashing sky and all she could hear were the waves and the thunder. And just like that everything went black.

The soft hum of the breeze tickled her ears, the warmth of the sun invited her eyes to open. They on the other hand needed a few long moments to adjust to the intrusive light. When she came to her senses she felt the pain in her body. Dried blood stuck to her forehead from the hit she took against a rock last night. Her ribs hurt, probably from the same impact. She had bruises and cuts all over and she could feel her body cramp up as she tried to get up. A soft growl of annoyance and pain slipped out and she finally managed to push up into a sitting position, a paw raised to touch her head. She winced at the pain. "Fuck." She muttered and looked around. How ironic, she survived. If her father gets wind of this she'd be killed on sight.

She forced herself to get up and move away from the salty water, her mouth dry and her breath slow. Her paws dug into the softness of the sand and she could almost let herself stay there and just sleep. Another heavy breath, followed by a hitched exhale due to the pain in her ribs. What now?

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09-28-2023, 08:45 PM (This post was last modified: 10-06-2023, 09:55 PM by Drizzt. Edited 2 times in total. Edit Reason: Forgot Drizzt has an accent! )
Drizzt would typically so prowl, often more then not sticking to the outskirts of the land on its beaches. Even more so now, he did his best to loose track of the pups, who were not only loud but were becoming more mobile. Drizzt didn't want to get caught being handed the roll of pupsitter.

The sunrise always held a better view out in the open and so Drizzt strode the same path he always did as he walked the pale sands, grit in his messy fur, a lazy lope and smelling of wet dog, as always.

Ahead, a grey woman. Very tall indeed and battered all to hell. She looked even worse then he had when first washing up on the Raven Rock.

“Yer trespassin.” The man spoke flatly as he came into her direction, head hovering between his forelegs and watching with a critical eye. He lacked any signs of agression (bared teeth, hackles and tail raised, growling) so it would not seem he was particularly worried she would be causing any trouble. Least not in her state and he had been in her situation not all that long ago himself. “Just so ye know...” A murmur under his breath.
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09-28-2023, 08:57 PM
The sea had given everything to those who called Saltwoods home.

Near all of the bodies here had come from the sea. Even their youngest had come up like treasured pearls. The world worked in mysterious ways — perhaps why she lacked a surprised feature when another body seemed to come ashore.

One that staggered in a battered state, their gunner quick to intercept. It pleased her greatly to witness it even if she would not say it aloud. Drizzt did his job and he did it well. A lazy kind of smirk slid over her face at his voice.

“You're trespassing.”

Did the new woman even have the senses to realize it? But rules were rules, realized or not. Ignorance could not escape one from the clutches of the captain. It was why she strolled up with a casual confidence, a sidelong gaze given to her Gunner before she settled stormy eyes on the stranger.

“Sea spit you out then?”

The woman, battered or not, was even larger up close.

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[Image: Nopeita-Wake.png]
10-03-2023, 11:03 AM
The time it took her to get her senses back and actually process where she was, wasn't enough to save her from trouble. The foreign sound of a voice, a little muffled, probably due to some water left in her ears, caught her off guard and caused her to tense, which in line caused her to wince. She shook her head to try and get the last droplets off of her and that allowed her hearing to get back to normal too. Eyes refocused again and turned slowly to the man that had spoken. Her stance wide and open, though her breathing was already back in control. The faint whisper of the man, barely touching her ears.

Before she had time to form words, another appeared. She allowed herself to study them both before saying anything that might put her in an even worse situation. Both were physically smaller than her, but she knew not to underestimate anyone. And besides she was in no condition for confrontation either. As the new arrival spoke and assumed where she appeared from she managed a nod of her head and finally her deep voice came out, a little quiet, but steady. "Yes, I washed up here from the sea. And I apologize for trespassing, I had no intention to be disrespectful to borders." She explained. Her diplomatic side wasn't as strong as her father's, but he taught her well. She knew how important it was to be apart of something and what the consequences were if you were considered an exile sentenced to death.

"I have no idea where I am and I have no intention on going back from where I came. She explained and remained in her place. She needed to find a place to rest and heal and a place to stay for the long run. But she painfully knew what it was to come on a new land with no information, no allies and no help.
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10-06-2023, 09:51 PM
The woman looks at him, a bit confused and dazed for a moment until she is able to refocus. He stand splayed and head shaking as she tried to make sense of where she was and exactly how she got here. At least, this is what Drizzt all gathered while he waited for her to get ahold of herself. He was an impatient man typically, but seeing as his goal for the time had been to sweep the borders, he was doing exactly as he had set out for.

In these lingering moments the Captain arrived, moving in lazy and confident swagger, not to far from his own, come to think of it. Drizzt lifted his head, large, pointed ears now pointed to attention and he passed a glance to her the same, though directed his attention back to the stranger before them as Captain questioned her.

She was taller then he, a bit sturdier built then his own gangly figure even in her dour moment here, dripping ocean wet. Then again, Drizzt's long ears and big paws always kept him in that perpetual look of youth. A molting of greys, even some with blue tinges as his own and as he looked to her father, realized they had similar partial heterochromia eyes of orange and yellow.

As he studies, he is now silent, allowing Wake to do her job whilst he did his.
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