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It Tastes Like Fucking Floor Polish

Afternoon Overcast
09-16-2023, 05:13 PM (This post was last modified: 09-16-2023, 05:13 PM by Hothieriel.)
Two packs... No, three - three packs were in this general area that she had determined. Only one was any kind of familiar to her, while the other two were... well, useless to her as far as the was concerned for now. At least until she learned who they were. Until she would learn what they were about. For now, she'd circle around @Stjörnuáti's mountain every so often without a real pattern to her visits.

For no good reason other than to remind him and @Bartel that she was watching. That she was around. Was it a threat? Perhaps a little. She had no good reason for such other than the annoyance she had been previously a part of when the mountain wolves and their inhabitants in regards to that fucking mute of theirs.

Which, hilariously enough, and Hothieriel had laughed about on multiple occasions while picking through the scents that called that mountain home - none of which were still a part of the pack anyway. A bunch of good for nothings speaking up against someone who had more intention of sticking around without any loyalties tied when they pledged themselves to the pack.

How deliciously ironic. Not as delicious as this mountain goat ewe she managed to snag after it tripped running down the mountain when spooked by the dragonness. Blood stained her maw and coat as she picked through the richest organs. Trying to make quick work of it before any idiot would come by and try to take her kill away. Such was life as a loner after all... and the chaos of it was blissful to the fiery woman.

She would have it no other way.

the staff team luvs u
6 hours ago
She had spent a few days in this unknown place that she ended up at. As far as she was concerned she considered herself dead. Maybe this was the mercy of the Gods, sending her to heaven.. Or if she wasn't dead, because wouldn't it be painless?- Whatever it is that came after death?

Her thoughts were interrupted as she entered the vast expanse and the strain on her muscles as she climbed up a boulder caused her to wince. Dual coloured eyes shut for a moment and her movement halted. The deep breath and heavy exhale gave her a sharp pain in the ribs as if someone punched her. It irritated her that she had to take it easy for awhile.

As she was getting ready to get down from where she climbed her ears perked and her nose twitched with the familiar and alluring smell of blood. She could almost feel the metallic taste on her dark lips. Tongue slipped out of her jaws and went over her muzzle as she made her way down and towards the source of the smell. A little further down and she could see the silhouette of the culprit and someone already face deep into the soft tissue. Ears reclined backwards and she halted a few meters away, trying to avoid a fight because she was in no condition for confrontation. Lips pressed in a thin line as she watched, a silent observer.

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6 hours ago
Through the squelching of flesh and the crunch of bone, Hothieriel was making quick work of the corpse. Licking her lips as he raised her head to watch the landscape quickly before diving back in... only once did she stop. Her nose catching the scent of someone on the breeze.

She froze, ears drawn forward with the twitching black digit picking out the scent to hone in on the presence... they were getting closer, and soon enough she spotted them a little ways away. Ears pressed back, no sign of aggression or challenge... and yet, Hothie wasn't the type to just offer food to any scumbag who wandered in with a grumble in their belly.

In a snap she snarled. Placing a heavy paw on the carcass beneath her, sliding only ever so slightly until nails dug into the flesh to hold her position. The other woman looked huge. “You're probably the biggest bitch I've ever seen.” She growled, almost, no, very much impressed with this woman's physique - but that wouldn't calm the thunder that roared in her chest. Hothie had fought big men before, this would be no different.

The lady of fire was all about feminism after all; the toxic kind. Equality was equality.

“You can pick at the bones if there's any left.” In other words, don't come near. All Hothie needed was a big flashy banner saying "unfriendly" right above her head.

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5 hours ago
If she ever expected anything (not that she did) from this encounter, it definitely wasn't this. The warm coloured female stood before her with a strong presence and an almost terrifying growl. Almost.

The comment the smaller female made was met with a raised eyebrow and with an unamused huff. She didn't even want to argue with someone who's half the size of her who she could K.O with her pinkie. She was definitely mistaken there though.

Règne was debating on leaving when the female's next words made her blood boil. You think I'd take your leftovers? Her voice deep with baritone and a growl.
I'm not here for that pathetic goat. She clarified with a hiss as she moved to the side and considered her options for a route that would be meaningful and rewarding. She could catch her own pray and eat it all on her own. And it's so much better that all of that happened in her head, because she would've sounded like a spoiled brat and she was far from that. She fought for everything she wanted. And in the end it wasn't enough. Her short tail flicked to the side with agitation and instead of a direction, she looked for a place to sit and take a break. She won't heal fast enough if she pushed herself like a moron.

Just eat your fill and ignore my presence. I'll be on my way soon enough. She said remembering the company she had, no matter if it was unwanted or not. Just a bit of a stop and she'll go and find a quieter place for herself.

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