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God, I really tried to

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09-14-2023, 09:42 PM

The hike from the red forest to the summit of the mountain had been easy for Åshe. She has made the journey a surplus of times— her muscles didn't ache the way they used to, her shins didn't splint at the breakage of muscle. She had acclimated to the way of life that Hrafnsvaktin demanded, born for it, and she only hoped that Steady could do the same.

When they breached the borders of the territory, Åshe would pivot on her foot to face Steady, a hopeful expression on her face.
"I will signal him," is what she had said, turning back to the tree line.

With a gesture of her head, she leaned backward, letting loose a gentle howl that could stretch across the mountainside of Morðfjall.


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09-14-2023, 10:38 PM
Surely he had died and gone to the seventh circle of hell. Did she mention her pack was at the top of the highest mountain in the freaken universe? Steady's entire body begged him to stop, his muscles trembled with excursion, and he was pretty sure at least one of his lungs was going to collapse at any moment. Was there even oxygen in the air this high up? He had spent months on the plains, and clearly his body was not in shape to be climbing any mountains. 

But, he never uttered a word about the trip. Steady had simply put his head down and pushed through the pain. By the time they finally came to a stop, Steady was breathless and he was pretty sure everything hurt. His haunches made a thud as they hit the ground. Ashe turned towards him to let him know she would call for her Alpha. Steady gave a grunt, and even that hurt.
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09-14-2023, 11:47 PM
Her call drew him down the mountain as surely as the wind chilled Morðfjall's peaks. His pace was quick and sure, spurned by the soft urgency in Åshe's voice. The gilded male was becoming familiar with her call, her presence upon the mountain. It was nice to have someone he could rely on; which wasn’t to say he couldn’t rely on @Rökkvi , but that he understood that his brother was going through… something. What that was, the stareater was not quite so sure of, but he would let his kin sort it out on his own. At least until Rokkvi came to him about it. If he came to him about it.

Such thoughts fell away as he approached the pair, eyes only for the stranger at the moment. He seemed weak. Unsteady. Not a good sign, but Ashe was a healer, the same as himself. Wordlessly, stoically, he looked to her for an explanation.
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09-15-2023, 01:00 AM
Åshe had waited patiently, knowing that Stjörnuáti would make an appearance. If she called, he would answer. It was a simple balance. She would do the same for him if the opportunity arose.

When he bounded down the mountainside, a light smile grew on her face.
"Stjörnuáti" she would greet, taking a step forward to break her paralleled stance with Steady. She looked back towards the darker-colored male, noticing his rather fatigued state. Perhaps she should've been more mindful— these months alone must've taken a toll on his body, his fitness. Had he not been as strong as she thought?

"Ég fann hann einn." she'd say to her leader. "Mjög góður veiðimaður."

She took a glance back at Steady, a smile returning to encourage him about the stance of his arrival. There was nothing to worry, her face read.
"Hann heitir Steady. Hann er vanur hlýrra loftslagi. Ég get hjálpað honum að aðlagast fljótt."

Her eyes had a benign expression in them. A wanting to let him stay. The clan needed more members and more protection against the cliffsides. Their fortress had been sufficient, but the idea of starting her own family had bloomed. She didn't feel safe raising children here, no, not with the lack of guards or protective measures.

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09-15-2023, 01:36 AM
Steady knew his weaknesses and his limits. He knew his body would adapt to the elevation and climate of the territory, given time, but it wouldn't happen overnight. Ashe's called was answered quickly, and Steady stiffened his body slightly in an effort to shield just how much the climb had taken out of him. He forced himself to normalize his breathing. Hell, he'd suffocate before appearing weak in front of the Alpha. Being a forma Alpha himself, he knew better. 

His head dipped in respect to the other male while Asha spoke. He caught his name, but the other words were lost on him. He could, however, read Ashe's expression and it told him not to worry. Really, she was right. For her, she seemed sure he would get in. For him, he simply knew that if the Alpha denied him entrance, Steady would leave and continue on about his way, nothing lost and nothing gained. So, no worries.

He was quiet, and would remain that way until spoken to directly.
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09-15-2023, 02:02 AM
And an explanation she produced. He had been alone, unable to handle the climate of their reach in the north, but able to hunt all the same. How he had been able to hunt if he struggled in such conditions, Stjörnuáti was sure, but it did make him reconsider the male. Maroon eyes cut to him and met those of darkened fire and fading embers, quiet as Åshe continued to speak, though her plea was unnecessary.

Þakka þér fyrir, Åshe. Name, skuggagöngumaður?” For he was not one to lay judgement wantonly, wanting to hear from the male who he was, and perhaps how he'd ended up in such a predicament.

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09-15-2023, 02:45 AM
Åshe dipped her head, hoping that Stjörnuáti would take her words into consideration. It had been more recently that she would drag prospective members to their doorstep— but she imagines she has done good thus far.

She doesn't want to handle a single defeat.

Åshe stepped to the side, allowing Stjörnuáti to step forward and address Steady himself. She drifted to the side, nearest to Steady, watching the interaction unfold before her.


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09-15-2023, 01:07 PM
The Alpha turned his attention to Steady as Ashe retreated to stand next to him once more. Steady's ear flicked as he attempted to understand what was going on. He had heard his name just a few moments ago, hadn't he? Or was the thin air up here making him hallucinate? Very possible. Either way, he would answer. My name is Steady, he replied. 

Anticipating further questions, he added, I am a skilled hunter, but my expertise is as a protector. He hoped he could preempt any personal questions by listing his skills ahead of time. That is what mattered most, right, that he could provide for the pack?
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09-15-2023, 10:49 PM
To hear it from the wolf’s own mouth had always been Stjornuati’s way. He saw the confusion flicker through and away and chose not to address it, feeling no need to explain himself. Instead, he stayed quiet so as to let the man speak, internally pleased that he did not have to ask the questions he ended up asking most.

The mountain deserved more teeth and claws upon its slopes, and Stjor was of a mind to accept him on this alone. There were other things, however, that required attention before such a decision was made.

“How did skuggagöngumaður end up alone?” was he run out? Left behind? Or had he just been dropped into the world on his lonesome like so many others?
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09-15-2023, 10:55 PM
Åshe remained confident in her stance, position unwavering as she stood bravely at Steady's side. She had faith, undeniable hope that Steady could learn the ways of the víkingur.

He could be part of them, he just only needed to open his heart. Only a little bit.


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09-15-2023, 11:58 PM
Steady had tried, and failed, to avoid any questions about his past. It wasn't that he had done anything bad or that anyone was out for him, he simply didn't want to relive the heartache of the past. He was quiet as he considered the question. He, of course, would not lie, but he simply wasn't ready to tell his story yet. 

He took a breath, and it escaped as a sigh. With respect, Alpha, he began, his voice soft. I assure you that I bring you no drama, and that I would be loyal to your pack. He paused before adding, But the reasons I am alone are private and I don't wish to discuss it. Steady's would not budge on this particular front, but he understood if the Alpha rejected him. He had a pack to protect, and Steady was a stranger with obvious secrets. While Steady knew it wouldn't affect the pack, in the Alpha's eyes, it would be a risk.
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09-18-2023, 06:25 AM
It was an answer that the stareater could — and would — respect. It was what the mountain’s foundations were built upon. New life, new loyalties, strong bonds. And how better to forge those than let the trust be built, brick by brick? There was little point in trying to force such things.

He would not make the man sweat while awaiting an answer, for there was little time for silence between his words and Stjornuati’s own. “Hrafnsvaktin will give you new life. New name. Past is behind you, yes? Fjalla in the front.

Winter comes. Create home for yourself here. Find this one when skuggagöngumaður is ready to learn about the mountain.”
His approval and acceptance were given with little fanfare. There was no display of aggression or dominance, for if he had needed such actions, he would not want the man’s presence anyway.

There was one last thing, however.

“Know this. Hurt or betray any that stand with you now, you find swift death.” Maroon eyes stayed locked to Steady, waiting to make sure he understood.
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“Common tongue” | “native tongue (icelandic/old norse) in [q=#9e5d53]”
09-19-2023, 01:50 AM
Åshe would glance back and forth from both Steady and Stjörnuáti. He declared he didn't want to relive the fractals of his past— fine, Stjörnuáti had agreed, but it only piqued Åshe's interest further. What was it that he had been hiding? Such desperation that he was willing to deny Stjörnuáti the pleasure of knowing.

She wouldn't press it. She still believed he had what it took to be a víkingur. She paused at Stjörnuáti's words, looking back to Steady. The Matriarch eagerly look to him, wondering what his response would be.


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09-20-2023, 12:24 AM
Immediately, the Alpha assured him his past did not matter. Steady almost nodded in agreement before he heard the words new name. He wasn't sure how he felt about that, but seeing as how there seemed to be no chance of his past coming into the present, he may as well embrace it. 

He bowed his head slightly in a silent thanks to the Alpha. He would ensure his thanks was shown in the work he would put into the pack, as he was grateful they were taking a chance on him. 

He was about to turn his gaze to Ashe when the Alpha spoke a warning. I understand, he said simply. Steady actually appreciated the threat, as it showed just how much the wolves here were important to the Alpha. He himself would have given the same if he were in his position again. 

Believing this acceptance meeting was over, he looked to Ashe. Could you show me around a bit? While has tired, he wanted to get the lay of the land a bit before finding a place to rest.
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09-20-2023, 09:25 PM
As Steady was now a candidate beneath Morðfjall's watchful eye, she had a duty to show him the ropes. The corners of this hellish mountain and all that lingered beneath it. She turned to Steady when he had to her.

He willed her for a tour. Åshe nodded her head. She turned back to Stjörnuáti, dipping her head with a grin, before she took to the brush of the forest. She waited there, eagerly, her tail swaying from side to side. Her eyes drifted to Steady, urging him on with her head.

A new member of Hrafnsvaktin. He had a lot to learn, but Åshe was willing to teach him. To give him a home and no longer simply be alone.


will create a new thread with Steady!

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09-21-2023, 05:02 PM
Satisfied, Stjörnuáti nodded and took his leave. There wasn't much more to the interaction for the moment as it was; he'd find Steady another day and further indoctrinate him into the ways of the mountain.

/Stjor exits stage left

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“Common tongue” | “native tongue (icelandic/old norse) in [q=#9e5d53]”
09-21-2023, 07:32 PM
Fading this out and archiving!

For Steady, the easy part was over with and now came the hard part. He didn't really know who he was now, after her. He would find out, given time. 

He would follow Ashe quietly as she showed him around the mountain. Once the tour was finished, he would find a secluded spot to rest before beginning his duties as a pack member.
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