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fragments in time

Sunrise Sunny/Clear
05-18-2023, 02:20 AM
maybe @Aerys or @Elke ?! Tags for ref!

After wandering with @West Tyree and getting a good idea of the bison herds current number and status, Leta had a mind to inform another of the packs potential new bisonhunters to be, @Medvjed. She would share the information with @Osiris too. She was feeling antsy of late, though not necessarily a bad sort. She felt, though, the curious eye of @Hydra upon her. Though Leta had an inkling of what this feeling might be... she did not want to guess at it, and give off any false alarms before she was sure.

But this year, Hydra did not snap her out of it! She had gained the approval of the matriarch, and was glad for it.

The scents of another distracted her from her task. Humming a soft song (without really being aware of it) Leta turned after it with a skip in her step.
the staff team luvs u
05-20-2023, 12:32 AM
Hopefully you don't mind me snagging this ^^

The dark-coated male had found himself re-wandering the world around him. Many things had changed from what he had last remembered, and yet so many things hadn't. Part of him had wondered if any packs had made it through the strange fog that had encompassed the land. That is, if anyone had even gone through the same thing. But part of him thought that would be the case in light of the many changes.

Along his travels, a rather large mountain caught his attention from far off. His innate sense of curiosity made him want to explore, even moreso when the scent of a pack started to linger on the breeze. A small smirk started to crawl across his features, increasing the speed up to a quick trot. He only stopped when he came across a more distinct border, pausing momentarily as he considered what to do. But very little would stop him from simply doing what he wanted. And so, Icarus crossed the border at a steady trot.

He was following the scent of a particular wolf, though he hadn't a clue who he was following. But not too long after he caught the trail, it seemed the other was sniffing him out too. From between some bushes, he saw the figure of the female, a shorter mocha-colored wolf. She seemed to be humming a little tune to herself, and almost skip to her step as moved along. He allowed his smirk to melt into a warm, welcoming smile, forcing himself from between the bushes quite loudly.

"What a beautiful régler," he mused allowed to her, stopping once he was free of the brush. Some debris clung to his fur, but he didn't care for it just yet.

the staff team luvs u
"And oh, my tongue is a weapon."

Icarus is a 3-3-3 rated character.
[Image: 56337817_dKss2wYVrbtU4CN.png]
05-22-2023, 01:23 AM
Coming too!

The wolves had awoken to spring. Elke had her first true experience with it last year, having stayed huddled in her den that period and refusing to leave. Time and time again she had seen other females within the ranks go through this change, which meant that often new pups were on the way. Her uncle, however, had not returned after their new awakening. Elke was unaware of Hydra's plans, but wondered if this would be the year her cousin and mate might have pups of their own.

Elke followed Leta's song, a bundle of camomile in her mouth and tail waving happily behind her. Once again, Elke would not have a family of her own but was excited for the new puppies to come for her to help care for.

A sudden pause though, as she comes to Leta and- who was this? She lowers her head and drops the bundle of flowers. Slowly coming to approach Leta's side, she greets her quietly by pressing her nose to the woman's shoulder, but her eyes never leave the stranger. Was he... new here? He didn't have the tale-tell marking scent of another on him, signaling his new placement in the pack. “Hello...?” The question of 'who are you' gone unspoken even though her eyes said as much.
the staff team luvs u
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