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Canis is a writing community for play-by-post (forum-based), freeform roleplay set in a fictional dream world in the intrusion fantasy genre. Most characters on Canis are wolves; many play elements are focused around wolves and canids, but the world makes room for a large variety of other animal characters such as dogs, horses, cats, bears, deer, and many, many more.

Our community is focused on flexibility, creativity, and collaboration. That boils down to a few important features:

  • There is no set activity requirement to write
  • The setting and plot are member-created and staff-supported
  • The game is continuously improved to increase fun and decrease stress

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I'd turn the music up, get high and try not to listen

Vanderfell Woods
04-28-2023, 03:18 AM
Oli had not visited her mother, @Ira for many days. But she had a thirst to learn. One that could not be driven away without first quenching it.

“Mother—” She called softly from outside the den her mother and father shared.

If this was a poor time, Oli would return later. But if not, her mother was sure to be drowned within while the (almost) yearling begged for knowledge.

All was done with good intention, of course. Though, perhaps some could not see past their annoyance of her persistence.
the staff team luvs u
05-22-2023, 11:12 PM
sorry for the wait thanks for starting!! going to keep this dated to the start of the thread so Ira is only halfway through the pregnancy/starting to show

Life had grown slow yet busy all the same. A blessing from the gods perhaps, though she mused few questions to their will. It did no good to challenge them, and for now whatever shift had occurred had only been seen as a blessing. Life stirred within her belly, she could feel the movement now that her stomach had settled. The thought of her den lined with another litter of small paws warmed her, but there was much to prepare in their wake.

There was still time before her broods' arrival, but it would not stop her from tearing old moss from the bedding she shared. A task she would undoubtably do several times more before her children slept on it, but one she felt required to upkeep now more than ever. The days will pass fast and the less work for her in the final weeks the better. The roan woman was staring at her work when a voice snapped her from her focus. Olivier. Short as ever, but there was no denying a mother's love in the way she spoke her name. What is it?

the staff team luvs u
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