Compendium Entry North: Northwestern Europe
South: Pacific Northwest

Mild and variable, this landscape is dotted with forests and a complex river system. The remnants of human society tell stories of the long-forgotten past. The land sees light winters and pleasant summers, a highly sought after selection of resources hidden in its intricate details.

April showers bring may flowers

Early Morning Rain

With spring here, Larke had watched the trees slowly grow new life within them. Their space surrounded by water looked a little bit less sad with the greenery coming back, and Larke was ready for the blooms to come completely. Of course, with spring came the rains with it. Larke didn't mind the rain even if he looked like a soaked dishcloth as the water came from the sky and doused him completely. He'd yet to explore outside of the place the pack started to call home, and even as the call of the wind beckoned him to go, Larke stayed. He could wait until the group was comfortable where they were before he explored more and found more wolves to come with him. The boy knew it was early in the morning, at least with how he spotted the sunrise before the rain came and covered the sky fully. It didn't really matter if any of the others were awake, not really, as he clenched his teeth around the fish flailing in his jaws. 

Maybe he could bring it to one of them if they woke up soon? Or maybe he could munch on it himself. He dropped his catch next to him as he eyed the water surrounding the place, it was nice, even if he was a soaked dog sitting around there. 

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