Compendium Entry North: Mongolian Steppe
South: Great Plains

A stretch of predominantly flat grasslands and gentle rolling hills. This land is susceptible to mild humidity and precipitation with rainfall more likely in the warmer months. Due to the vast openness, high winds are a common occurrence followed by sudden changes in temperatures. The northern plains are harsher than the south.

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Early Morning Partly Cloudy 74° F
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The air that fell upon her skin felt a little chilly today, but not alarmingly so. The grass and soil she treaded on was still covered in morning dew and the thin veil of clouds still had yet to part and make way for the morning sun. It was just a couple hours before dawn hit -- sky wasn't too bright  -- wasn't too dark either. A rare sight for many to wake up to, which is what made the scenery all the more desirable.

The young crane had woken up from yet another bad dream that tied to her old home. The sight of her clan members being slayed, her once lavender-painted home being redecorated with the crimson-tinted horrors of genocide, and the helpless tears that streamed down her mother's face as she rushed her and the rest of her siblings away from everything -- including them. 

Izumi was, quite frankly, getting sick and tired of reliving something she'd rather forget -- and she didn't waste time getting up to leave the spot she'd been resting in to walk for a bit. It didn't matter how early in the morning it was because she couldn't sleep anyway, and the whereabouts of her travel companions was groggily disregarded for the time being. The only thing keeping her half-awake body motivated into movement was finding somewhere to calm her nerves.

Her arrival to the lake was met with a deep breath of condensed air leaving her lips, as if  the sight of water relaxed her mind and soul. There was a familiar enjoyment in finding an isolated body of water to sit beside and meditate and as soon as she found a comfortable spot to lie, she'd begin. Eyes closed, deep breaths in, deep breaths out -- the feeling of her heart beginning to slow down was a good sign, and soon enough the princess began drifting off into a tranced state of calm......that is, until the sound of  water streams was shared with footsteps.....

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