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incidental cross

01-08-2023, 05:17 PM
All sour things begin well and this day was no different—M'Jakuna had woken with the sun to wander the border, carefully taking to refresh scent markers as he waltzed along the border, tail swaying at spine level and his head held high as he scanned his surroundings, quirking a thick brow when his gaze fell on the peculiar sight of another.

M'Jakuna would slow his stride in order to call out, "Hello there?"

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01-08-2023, 05:40 PM
^^Hikari did not often see herself as the protector of her family, but yet - here she was, with her second attempt at locating this mysterious man who had captured her sister’s heart, unwilling to let it go. Unaware of their current standing, and disgusting improvements to their union, Hikari had sought back out to find him.

She needed to be able to tell her client something if she asked for updates - which, thankfully, she had not yet, and Hikari would not leave this time until she had information. If she had to cross into their borders, she would - Hikari was not against it.

Thankfully, it would seem that she did not have to. The scent that she had memorized was getting stronger, until suddenly - he was calling out for her.

He was a tall canine, taller than herself and the client of a sister, one who could certainly do some damage, which Hikari would hate, even if she tended to be a little reckless..

“I seek the one Snow-Kissed calls MJ..”

She knew. She knew it was her sister’s nickname for him, - not a very clever nickname, if she recalled correctly, but she couldn’t seem to remember his actual name, so MJ it was.

“That is you, yes?”

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01-08-2023, 05:57 PM
Had this wolf not smelled distinctly of Aika, he would've been off-put by the over-familiarity leaving the lips of a soul he didn't know, would have been more cautious in the way he took this approach... and yet, the thought of this wolf knowing her brought some lowering of the guard he upheld loyally. "Most call me M'Jakuna," he told her, straightening his posture out on her nearing. He was a wolf for context clues and the similarity of coat colors led him to presume this stranger was more than a simple packmate or friend—a sister, if he was so bold, remembering how Aika spoke of her siblings. "And what might I call you?" M'Jakuna said, flicking an ear for, slowly, this stranger's scent wove into something that tugged a memory. Ah, he'd smelled her before, along the borders when her scent was ghosting. His gaze narrowed a little. "I don't think this is your first time so close to the territory... It isn't, is it?"

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01-08-2023, 06:11 PM
^^It came as no surprise when he offered his name, though the way he phrased such things? Oh, how Hikari smiled with the lick of her lips and a chuckle. “That’s nice, but I am not like most people,” the viper would respond, in a tone that suggested even comparing her to anyone else was insulting.

“Hikari Fujiwara,” the viper would hiss, her eyes narrowing; so Aika had not spoken of them, or at least, not in very good detail. He did not know her based on looks alone. Did he even know her last name? So she was secretive about him (to her family) and of them (to him) - why?

“No. This is my second attempt to find you. I was not fruitful upon my first initial visit, over a month ago now.” Hikari would confess, as she was very much above lying.

“If Snow-Kissed is your name for Aika, then what will you call the rest of us?”

In the end, it would not matter.^^

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01-08-2023, 07:50 PM
He had his suspicions confirmed. He hummed his greeting, not particularly amused with her tone or the manner of which she approached as though she was entitled to some mode of address—even as the leader of this territory, M'Jakuna was never so self-absorbed to presume his status was known by utter strangers but he wasn't so easily swayed to confrontation.

"Ah... I see, you're of the Fujiwara Dynasty? I've heard of your pack," he said to her, flicking his tail. It all came together at the mention of a name uttered in the company of only two. "Well, I'd call you her sister... is that right, Hikari?" M'Jakuna huffed, settling down on his haunches to level the field. "What brings you this far from your island? Surely it's not just to find me."

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01-08-2023, 08:57 PM
^^Hikari’s ears flattened almost immediately as he dared to call their Dynasty as lowlife, and pathetic as a pack. “The Dynasty is just that; a Dynasty. Do not insult me, and those of the Dynasty by calling it anything else, Hikari hissed.

Aika sure knew how to pick them, didn’t she? His answer came, not one Hikari was looking for. Oh! He thought himself so clever, didn’t he? It didn’t take a genius to figure out that Aika and Hikari were kin. They looked alike; they smelled like - if he was aiming to impress her, he was failing.

In fact, impressing her would be the only rhyme or reason he wouldn’t meet the end of Hikari’s teeth; but it was too late for him.

“I came to see Aika’s mystery man, and to deliver a message, of course. Hikari had whispered, her voice purposely low; that had been her only warning.

She lunged at him, in clear attempts to harm him; head down, protecting her neck, and mouth open in hopes of grabbing anything of value.

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01-08-2023, 09:14 PM
M'Jakuna's brows knitted together, confusion claiming his features. "I meant no offense," he said. "I speak of yours as I would speak of mine."

If he had a word for her, it fell from the forefront of his mind the moment she sprung.

A threat on the air that was vague where her actions made up for the subtlety.

He would only have enough time to shield his throat, lurching to his paws and tucking his chin to his chest, teeth flashed in a growl  that bled into spluttering snarl as her teeth found purchase of his ear.

Instinct was all that saw him tearing away regardless of the way it blistered something hot and weepy in the back of his head, shaking this way and that. If she made the move to surge again, M'Jakuna would be stanced in a way that told of a returned attack, canines bared.

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01-08-2023, 09:26 PM
^^Impulsive as ever, the viper had targeted his neck, or his face - but he’d moved and his ear had paid the price. He had not fought back, had not even tried to chase her from his territory - which was a little odd.

Hikari shook out her coat and licked her lips, slowly, as she came to glare at him.

“Stay away from my sister, M’Jankle” She had not even cared to learn his name, calling him the fist M’J-like name that came to mind.

“Else it’ll be more than your ear that is ruined.”
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01-08-2023, 09:35 PM
M'Jakuna licked his lips, breaths ragged with the adrenaline of it all, yet to fully recognize even after her statement just how he had been wounded—there wasn't such a time as indexing your wounds in the presence of the attacker.

"That'll be difficult, Hikari," he said, rasping it as he shook himself out, splattering blood in droplets across the forested floor. "Has your sister not told you?" M'Jakuna was being childish, he knew, but it was leagues above the pitiable reactionary behavior of this Dynasty wolf who thought herself dignified. "We're courting... if she utters it, I'll take my leave."

He spit strands of fur from his mouth and snorted. "...but not because of your juvenile reaction."

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01-08-2023, 09:47 PM
^^Hikari almost considered the idea of attacking him again, but knew she would not be so lucky to come out of a second attack untouched — especially not when he was larger than she.

He did not even seem angry that she had attacked him, nor had he questioned the why - and instead, rubbed salt in the wound. They were mother-fucking courting, and the only way to ruin their union, was if Aika wanted it.

Hikari was fuming, growling slowly with the shake of her head. “ I have not spoken to her since she asked me to make you less pretty,” Hikari admitted, with an arch of her brow - though it was really Aika who he was calling juvenile - though it was the perfect word to describe her sister.

Her eyes narrowed and her hackles rose, she gave him a display of her teeth.

“If any harm comes to her, whilst in your care, I will end you and all that you stand for.

Izumi would hear of this.

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01-08-2023, 10:06 PM
There was nothing but delight in the confirmation that she loathed his words; he didn't hate her, no, but he wouldn't be so careless with his behavior as she was. His words were tediously chosen, plucked forth with care and thought.

"She's been in my care far more than this once and never has an ill thing come to her," he said. "You would do best to leave, Hikari. While you want blood, I do not want to harm even you." M'Jakuna shook himself out. "I'll tell Aika you sent for her."

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01-08-2023, 10:14 PM (This post was last modified: 01-08-2023, 10:14 PM by Hikari.)
^^M’Jakuna had been the one with the wound; he had been the one bleeding, but why did it feel like she had lost? Like nothing had been accomplished? She was positively livid; her tail quivering with anger.

This was fine.

Everything was fine.

She snorted, shaking out her coat with a smile, already knowing exactly how Aika would respond.

“See you around, MJ.” Hikari seethed, clicking her teeth together as she took a series of steps away from him, as she turned to make her exit - though she would be sure to leave him a lovely gift later.

/exit hikari

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