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01-06-2023, 04:17 AM
group thread for @Gala & @Fennec & @Aniketos. proof of formation for application! two rounds. one, bae talks, and everyone 'agrees' in some way. second round ranks are given. third is optional, which is a 'close' or a continued talk I don't mind!

He gathered them, but did not stand above them. There were places to do such a thing; fallen logs or boulders scattered about but he refused to stand above the other wolves. "Thank you for coming." The pack was small in number - part of him hoped for more members before forming - but it could grow in time. The important thing was they were all safe and relatively healthy; the life of a vagabond was difficult at times. He'd have to give each one a check-up later.

The Golden Glade was a suitable spot to start Asclepius. The wide-open location was riddled with cover, but they could more or less see danger incoming before it got there. "Please, feel free to introduce yourselves" He gave the floor to each to say their piece "you will all be part of Asclepius - our community - from here on out. I hope you all learn to rely on each other and support each other" It was all he really asked of them "if you could each state your willingness to join for the others in the group, I'd appreciate it."

He would then step back, allowing whoever to come forward first. A verbal show of support was often a thing to solidify bonds with others.

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01-06-2023, 04:30 AM
Fennec, an eager individual among the rest, wasted no haste the join along upon the summons. 

Asclepius, her home would be called. And those that joined along, would be those she now called family. To each, she would regard with a kind, warm smile and a nod of greeting. Then, when she had seen all, her attention would focus fully upon Baelfire.

First, his gratitude. Then a welcoming invitation to get to know one another. And lastly, a request for each to present themselves as committed members of the forming community. 

Finding no shame in being first, Fennec took a graceful step forward. In front of all eyes, she lifted her chin confidently, gaze solely upon the man who she had chosen followed here. Here, and now, she pledged herself to him and those he would call his own. “I, Fennec, present myself with willingness to join the community in creation.” More, she could have said — but was more really needed? This was what he had asked for, and she had given it.

Now, leaving room for the others to have a turn, she took a step back alongside the others and waited.

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01-07-2023, 06:20 PM

He followed close behind the larger man, unable to confront strangers just yet as he sat, tucked right besides his new… something-figure, he supposed. "Thank you for coming." Baelfire begun, and Ani barely watched, unblinking. "Please, feel free to introduce yourselves," Wait… What? He hadn't signed up for this! Not… talking with strangers! Anything but that! "you will all be part of Asclepius - our community - from here on out. I hope you all learn to rely on each other and support each other. If you could each state your willingness to join for the others in the group, I'd appreciate it."

The first to speak was a woman who went by the name of Fennec, and Aniketos listened along for pointers and tips, fishing for similar things to say. “I, Fennec, present myself with willingness to join the community in creation.” Oh, so it was surprisingly simple. Once she'd finished and taken a step back, the whelp stood, clearing his throat awkwardly. The pup was young, younger than everyone here. They were but a mere child, how could they agree to anything?-- He took a breath. “I also, uh-- present myself in willingness… to join the Asclepius.” And… time to sit down and fret about how poorly that went!

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01-07-2023, 11:30 PM
Here Gala was, gathered with Baelfire along with two new wolves. They were allies he had gathered, she remembered him mentioning before.

It was now time for them to make this pack official. These were the ones she'd be working alongside, from now on. The thought made a mix of excitement and anxiety course through her.

She allowed the two others to go before her. The first was Fennec, a small cream-colored she-wolf. And the other that she didn't yet catch the name of. He had a black pelt and appeared younger than the others, probably still a pup. He seemed nervous, and Gala could empathize with him.

So, it was now her turn. The girl took a small moment to settle her nerves, and stepped forward. She regarded the others with a small smile, then gazed at Baelfire.

"I, Galatea, present myself with willingness to join Asclepius as well."

That was...easier than she thought. And so, she went back to sit alongside the others, patiently waiting for Baelfire to continue.

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01-08-2023, 12:20 AM
Honestly, he was thankful they hadn't pledged themselves to him. Baelfire was still learning how to be a leader, let alone an alpha. A leader was someone others looked up to. An alpha, he always found, commanded respect, and was expected not to give anything in return. He did not want to be that. So, his 'command' was going to be different. He wanted equality and no special treatment. Nothing that was not earned. He didn't want to command and utter rules needlessly.

"I, Baelfire, pledge myself to you all, and any members who may join us in the future" He rumbled from his spot "I claim the title - Mender of Asclepius" He turned to look at @Fennec "I gift the rank of Cultivator to Fennec" and now he looked to @Gala and Aniketos "I gift the rank of Student to both of you." He knew Galatea wanted to learn, and eventually teach when she mastered her skills. He did not know what path @Aniketos wanted, so he gave the lad a chance to find it.

"Welcome to our new home."

He let it ring in the air. His voice is deep but warm. It had been a few months and some broken thoughts about not achieving this... But it was almost done. All they had to do was make it official. "I will take on Galatea as a Student, and I allow Aniketos time to find his footing as my Ward. Eventually, I will assign you a suitable mentor. Unless - you have no qualms about Fennec teaching you about hunting and scouting for now?" He asked the boy directly.

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01-09-2023, 02:53 AM (This post was last modified: 01-09-2023, 02:53 AM by Fenn. Edited 1 time in total.)
All had done their part, as far as bearing witness to each other towards their joining the new community. Fennec was rather pleased that all had gone smoothly. Not to mention quickly—

But just when she thought all was done, Baelfire spoke up above the crowd once more. Each were given their new respective role. Hers, as she expected it might be, was that of a hunter and partial scout. He had chosen well. Or so she believed. This was what she enjoyed to do most, and so she would continue to be able to do.

Cultivator.. Fennec hummed quietly to herself, getting a taste of the title upon her tongue. She rather liked it!

Turning her attention back upon Baelfire, the woman nodded her head, accepting the role in some sense. There wasn't much she could say, but she figured no words were better than any. The man likely had more to say, or perhaps nothing at all. Either way, the quieter she was, the quicker they could get through this. And— the quicker they could get to establishing their new home.


A surreal thing. But so real, that it couldn't be accused of being fake.

It really couldn't get any better than this... Could it?

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01-14-2023, 01:50 AM
After all three of them had stepped up to speak, Baelfire gave them all their roles within the group. Fennec was a Cultivator, a role the woman had yet to know the details of. She thought it had a nice ring to his. While, Gala and the pup were now Students. As the man had discussed with Gala earlier, he would be acting as her mentor.

Once she fully processed everything, she gave a nod of acknowledgement. This was her new home. That fact alone caused a warmth to settle within her heart. This is a place where she could belong and learn to better herself, and she hoped that any members they'd get in the future would find a place to belong as well.

This would be the start of a new chapter of her life. And who knew what it would bring?

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01-14-2023, 02:43 AM
pp permission given by flowerboi for aniketos' answer

He knew @Aniketos would rather shuffle around Baelfire for a bit longer, but the boy had to get used to the idea of other wolves around him again. Eventually, he relented to the suggestion. "It won't be forever" Baelfire said "unless you wanted it" He assured his ward "it's important to teach our youth how to hunt, and Fennec knows more than me about such topics." He glanced at the pale woman with a nod.

To Galatea, he added. She looked a bit momentarily confused by the rank names. "Fennec is our first hunter, though the term also applies to scouts. When I'm not around or teaching you, I'm sure she would be delighted to take you exploring." The gold woman had a skill in such areas, be it more scout-focused than hunting. But more hunters would surely come in time. It was more pressing to gather a sense of community over forced orders anyway.

He looked almost proudly at them all. Baelfire was not one to visibly use emotion, but even he could not deny the warmth. "Winter is difficult for teaching, so take this time to adjust to the Glade and each other, please. Come spring, more growth, and prey will offer us more options" He glanced around them "until then, treat outsiders and visitors with some level of polite caution. Other packs in the area may approach us, but we will retain our No Alliance rule - with courteous manners."

He dipped his head, unwilling to force conflict on the three. 

"If anyone needs help finding a den or somewhere warm to sleep, let me know. You're free to do what you like. Thank you... for believing in me."

/fade end

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