Compendium Entry North: Mongolian Steppe
South: Great Plains

A stretch of predominantly flat grasslands and gentle rolling hills. This land is susceptible to mild humidity and precipitation with rainfall more likely in the warmer months. Due to the vast openness, high winds are a common occurrence followed by sudden changes in temperatures. The northern plains are harsher than the south.

i'm still sick?

I want to be good, but being bad is so much more fun. And yet I can't bring myself to kill a rabbit. The fucking rabbit.

She was running with someone. She didn't know how she got here, what they were running after. But she felt compelled to keep placing one foot before another. The air smelled like rain. A scent indescribable and yet known to every being. She looked to this wolf, this companion.

Dreams never make any sense. Somehow, she saw every version of this wolf within the same instance, the same moment. Blue eyes, a pair of silver eyes, and then.... they were yellow. And their owner was covered in brindle.

Evil asks nothing of you. It requires no courage, dignity, or willpower to turn your back and allow the world to decend into chaos. It requires no strength to self destruct and fall into the hands of addiction. Because that's what evil is. It isn't purpose or personality. It's a disease, one which you actively turn away the cure for. It is failure.

Flower petals hugged her sides as she lied still among the field. The dragon's eyes softly opened to reveal the fire beneath, and yet she jolted upwards devoid of any grace or gentleness.

Where was she? What happened? This wasn't home. She wandered away from the wildflower field, not towards it. This couldn't be home. The flowers didn't look the same and the canyons were gone.

Well fuck, ya wake up in a weird ass place and your favorite fucking canyons aren't even there to greet ya. Fantastic.

Wait. Where was Endre? Had she not died? Shit, if she was still alive, then that meant Endre was still out there somewhere. She left him so she could wander off and die alone, but perhaps it was just a dream.

Wait. Were the Saints even real? Was that a nightmare?

Where was her family?!

Her face was filled with panic, eyes wide as she walked in tight circles as if taking in her surroundings. In reality she was just getting dizzy and needed something to relieve stress. Walking in circles was fun.

And then it hit her. The wounds had healed but the scars were still fresh. Sasha's attack. So it was real.

But this wasn't Teekons. So where the fuck did the tornado throw her house?

No, this had to be Teekons. She hadnt walked far enough to end up outside of the area. Maybe this was a flower field she never came across until now? No, not that either. She remembered collapsing in a pile of dirt. Fucking sucked. She was aiming for a lake but didn't get there in time. Her face settled for dirt.

And where was...

"Where are you, Kynareth fucking Deagon!?"

Was he going to ruin this time too? Leigh's life ended when she first walked down those mountains and that tiger piece of shit was all like: "Hey, you from around here?"

The woman still loved that piece of shit though. In a weird "I hate you but love you but hate you more" type of way. So where was he? He had to be here somewhere. That wolf would surely pop up like a daisy.

"You ruined me you good for nothing dipshit! I know your there. Ohhhhh I know you're there."

Inside, Leigh felt powerful. A little insane, but powerful.

On the outside, she was a grey and beige wolf spinning around with a threatening stance yelling at flowers.

But, she stopped. Eventually. Huffing and out of breath, the she-wolf fell onto her hindlegs in exhaustion as she forcefully inhaled air.

"Wait. I better not still be sick."

She coughed.


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Okay, so maybe Holly was a little bit lost. She'd somehow lost Skuld in her exploring of the plains, since she'd not left the area yet. She knew she could find her way back to him later, but still, it was a little scary to lose the one things you found familiar. Especially for Holly who clung to those things like a lifeline. Still, if she tried hard she could track his scent (if it wasn't completely erased) - so she kept to herself and kept to the plains. The meadow was still pretty, and the flowers were even prettier, but it didn't stop her from worrying. Would any of the others appear too? She hoped they would while she was still here. Or that they found themselves near Skuld and Fawn. The two of them could take care of their friends if someone came up, but as far as she was aware neither of them knew healing like she did. Another worry to add to the plate.

It would be fine. They were adults and knew they left her back here - but still. Fawn wouldn't be able to drag Skuld all this way if he were injured. Holly was desperately craving a cup of coffee. If she could only figure out what the hell coffee was that would be dandy!

The swear caught her ears - okay maybe Holly did not notice the screaming at the flowers, somehow. She did notice someone who sounded decidedly upset, however. Instinct drew her forward to find the stranger amongst the plants, fur ruffled and looking confused and upset. Was there a cough in there? They could wake up sick?? That was... Moderately concerning, but maybe the stranger was sick before coming here?

"Are you okay?" She questioned, ignoring the eyes of Parsley on her back. The bird would most likely approach when he found the stranger to not be a threat.

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It took a moment for the woman to calm down. There was so much confusion, so much unknown. Leigh remembered the day she first arrived in Teekons. She was awake when it happened, but the transition was still disorienting and strange. But now? She was asleep when her arrival here occured, and she had no idea how it happened. The she-wolf was safe and unharmed, at least that was good. But the whole ordeal was still a mystery, and she didn't like mysteries.

As her breathing slowed, an unfamiliar voice caught the attention of her ears. Averting her gaze towards the sound, her eyes settled on the stranger. Phew, it was someone she hadn't seen before.

Straightening up and taking a few deep breaths to steady herself, Leigh looked towards the other wolf with a faint smile across her lips.

"I'm - Yes, I'm okay."

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Holly could only watch in wait of an answer from the stranger. It didn't look like she was injured - there wasn't any scent of blood, and nothing looked broken from the outside. All of those things were a telling point that Leigh wasn't injured, but Holly would rather be safe than sorry. She wondered what the others were doing, if only Holly could remember who the others were. It didn't matter with the stranger there, and Holly didn't think she'd ever met Leigh before. Her scent wasn't familiar, neither was her face. Holly didn't think she'd be asking this stranger if they met before, based on that at least.

At the confirmation that the stranger was indeed okay, Holly sighed a breath of relief.

"What's your name? I'm Holly." She questioned, tilting her head to the side.

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She didn't recognize this wolf, by either appearance or scent. Leigh could still remember quite a bit about her old life, though there were still some gaps or fading memories. It was always possible she had come across this stranger and simply didn't recall. Despite that, the woman was still confused as ever. It was still a mystery in regards to how she arrived here. But perhaps this unfamiliar face was in a similar boat, and maybe they could help each other out. The she-wolf wasn't opposed to making a friend or two.

"It's very nice to meet you, Holly. My name is Leigh.

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Leigh, Holly had never met her before. At least the name didn't match up with any that kept running through her head. She couldn't see their faces though... Just shadows of something she'd forgotten. Perhaps trying to find them would be a good idea, and going to where her, Skuld, and Fawn planned to go would be the start of it. Of course, that meant getting away from the plains first, and heading north. After this, she told herself. After this I'll go catch up with them. She didn't want them to get too far ahead anyway - it could potentially be dangerous to get lost alone without either of them being near.

She didn't know how to ask about how Leigh ended up out here, but she supposed asking questions and sharing information was the best way to get things done. Besides, Holly had the distinct feeling of wanting to make sure the woman was okay. Or anyone, really. Most deserved that much.

"Do you know how you got here?" It was a simple question, but Holly figured it wouldn't take a simple answer.

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It seemed that Holly was just as lost as she was. At least they could be confused together. This land was still strange and unfamiliar, perhaps dangerous even, and although Leigh wasn't planning on having a traveling buddy quite yet, she was more than happy to talk and try to figure things out.

"No, I don't. I just woke up here, and this place doesn't look like home. Do you remember?"

Maybe there would be a pattern. Maybe there was some sort of consistent detail in each wolf's story regarding how they ended up in this place. Had they all been kidnapped? Were they all dead? Were they transported to the future? Leigh was curious, ready to find out, for she didn't enjoy the unknown and always sought to solve a mystery. It was always a little fun to figure things out before anyone else and decare you're smarter.

"I haven't seen anyone or any place I recognize either. So it doesn't seem that I just walked and fell asleep."

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