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Canis is a writing community for play-by-post (forum-based), freeform roleplay set in a fictional dream world in the intrusion fantasy genre. Most characters on Canis are wolves; many play elements are focused around wolves and canids, but the world makes room for a large variety of other animal characters such as dogs, horses, cats, bears, deer, and many, many more.

Our community is focused on flexibility, creativity, and collaboration. That boils down to a few important features:

  • There is no set activity requirement to write, though the game also rewards high activity
  • The setting and plot are member-created and staff-supported
  • Writing is collaborative, and so is our supportive community
  • The game is continuously improved to increase fun and decrease stress

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Vanderfell Woods
01-04-2023, 09:58 PM
This thread is for the Medic skill, keep in mind if jumping in!

The scent of herbs was thick all around her as she lay tucked up within her tree hollow of a temporary den, gnawing on a root of some kind that overwhelmed her sense entirely. It wasn't often she truly got to rest so this was a welcome reprieve as she let out a mighty yawn before returning to her root.

the staff team luvs u
In current threads (as of any new ones 11/1), Darcella is missing a good portion of each of her ears; wounds healing but identifiably fresh.
01-07-2023, 06:57 AM


Petra tumbled forward, her legs caught over a well-hidden 'log'. It wasn't exactly big enough for a tree branch, but it wasn't a stick either. She fell forward and hit her chin, tasting blood. The girl had bitten her tongue indirectly, but thankfully there was little damage done. It still hurt so much though, and she resisted a shrill and childish scream.

Instead, the girl forced herself to her paws. Her head swam with stars from the shock. Petra stumbled around, unsteady on her paws, and almost crashed into the den. She managed to steady herself and push off the roots, letting a loud squeak as she fell on her rump. "Oof..." It must have looked funny, but for once she was hyper-conscious.

Her ears burned with embarrassment, hoping nobody heard or saw her.

the staff team luvs u
01-14-2023, 01:51 AM
Oh, fuck.

Oh, fuck!

Was there not a shred of peace to be had in this damned stone-cold, stupid-as-hell, fucking irrelevant mountain? Did she not get any solace away from the piece-of-shit common masses that touted themselves as haughty and important? Fuck no! Fuck there wasn't! Darcella spat shreds of root out, yellow eyes narrowed on the likes of one of those pups that was always scampering around causing her fucking grief.

"The hell'd you do?" she said, pulling herself from her den, belly touching the earth every step of the way until she was up and nearing the girl, muzzle wrinkling in disgust. "Fuck, are you bleeding? Oh, shit, let me see."

the staff team luvs u
In current threads (as of any new ones 11/1), Darcella is missing a good portion of each of her ears; wounds healing but identifiably fresh.
01-15-2023, 03:45 AM

Petra squeaked, eyes wide. Her roan fur fluffed around her neck as she looked down, averting her eyes as the adult came along. It was Ms. Darcella, wasn't it? Yes, that sounded right. She was livid, and Petra didn't know what she had done wrong. All she had really done was slip up and somehow had seen it.

Thankfully, the blood was little. The pain from her biting her tongue was slowly ebbing away, but she felt it throb when she talked. Ms. Darcella prompted her to "show her". Petra winced and shut her eyes, but opened her mouth so the lady could see. She even went 'ahhh!' like a proper medical patient. True enough, little bite marks on her tongue.

But other than that, it was really not as bad as her yelp earlier.

the staff team luvs u
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