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The Order of the Frond

Evening Sunny/Clear
01-03-2023, 11:07 PM (This post was last modified: 01-03-2023, 11:08 PM by Barbosa.)

She had awoken in this garden of eden a few days prior, eloping into it's wilderness with the wonder of a child and an open mind to accept the alterations that came with a new life. She'd passed on in her last life, an old lady with a fulfilled life. She had been surrounded by those who cared as she passed on, faces smiling with sorrow as they discussed her wild stories - or what she remembered of them - until her final minute. A Husband, children and their own offspring in full. Barbosa had created a united front and one she would greatly miss in this new form.

There had been whispers of such a phenomenon happening amongst the Frond. Utterances of folks rejoining the realm of the living on the other side of the earth with a whole new body ready to use and continue to spread the word of their organisation. Perhaps this time, she had been so lucky as to rejoin the land of the living.

In truth, she had been tired when she'd passed. A retired woman happy to live her life out beneath the oak trees of her home. To know she'd have to travel around once more - well - selfishly, she didn't wish to endure such an arduous task. She'd pondered if it were her old bones that had grown cold and achy, her joints stiff and unwilling in the winter months. It took a few hours and still, the days had gone on, where she spent the time working out this new bodies limits. Young. Supple. She remembered the feeling well and with similar weight behind her, it wasn't too hard to grown used to the way each movement felt behind her intentions.

Something she'd noted, while travelling to a small spring the ample woman had come across while exploring the east of the jungle, Barbosa had noted that her pelt had changed. She'd shed the darker shades of her rich brunette pelt in exchange for more blonde. Even the browns of her pelt had changed in tone, ashier, though still in dark contrast. She looked innocent with her big doe eyes, violet in colour. Hidden amongst her ruffled chest was a blue, crystal dagger, one that didn't seem practical of sorts but ceremonial, or at least a treasure that was gifted. She'd never once seen it before she'd awoken but now it danced in her hair, reflecting the suns light in her utopia of permanent summer.

Exploring the jungle was easier said than done. The flora around her was dense, unkept and wildly beautiful. Flowers bloomed and trees grew taller than the mountains. While Barbosa knew she'd have to move on from there soon, she'd made herself a small home within the hollow of a fallen tree, it's end buried within the ground offering only one in and one out. It felt secure from the wild cats she'd scented in the territory and while there was the ghosts of other wolves, she hadn't smelt anyone nearby, not recently anyway.

Her log was situated under the branches of the pink Ipê, a pair of them either side of the hole she'd slept within. Their branches were interlocked and the blossoms often scattered themselves across the floor if a breeze came through the forest. It was nigh on a mile from water, not too close to see traffic but close enough that she'd not have to trek to find it.

Just follow the forest floor, loop under the fallen log, veer left to go through the wall of vines and you should find it past the huge tree trunk.

It was a mental note she'd save for later.

As for now, she had settled atop her fallen trunk, the sun setting from above the break in the canopy up top. It grew darker within this jungle much earlier than the normal winter sun. There would only be approximately 5 hours of light until the shadows stretched. Barbosa would take this time now to clean her fur, stretching over her shoulder, so much so that it lifted her paw, to groom the longer hair along her back. Bird songs sang in the distance, undisturbed and soothing in the final hours of the day. Tranquil, serene, though soon to be replaced by the vibrating of crickets and the more predatory critters. It was a vibrant world in that jungle and one was often lulled into a false sense of security.

You had to remember it was survival of the fittest in life and no matter the surroundings, there was always some starved, depraved animal lurking in the shadows, hunting their next meal.

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