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Canis is a writing community for play-by-post (forum-based), freeform roleplay set in a fictional dream world in the intrusion fantasy genre. Most characters on Canis are wolves; many play elements are focused around wolves and canids, but the world makes room for a large variety of other animal characters such as dogs, horses, cats, bears, deer, and many, many more.

Our community is focused on flexibility, creativity, and collaboration. That boils down to a few important features:

  • There is no set activity requirement to write
  • The setting and plot are member-created and staff-supported
  • The game is continuously improved to increase fun and decrease stress

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x May 27: Haldis has disbanded
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already know we will crash and burn

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random prompt; You come across a flower that strangely enough has no smell within a shaded area. There are no others beside it. A rabbit is directly staring at you and will not turn away until you are far away from the flower.

Coming this way wasn't his original plan but, the horses were only on the other side of a few hills and the dog was just darn tired of staring at them all day. Sure, they were beautiful but, they also didn't do much. Eat, poop, sleep, and walk around were their usual activities. Boring activities.

It wasn't very warm out, kind of chilly actually but, the Borzoi still stuck his nose in the shade under a tree, just out of curiosity. The delicate petals of a flower tickled his nose, yet not it's scent. The dog back away his head and looked down to inspect it. Playful mixtures of soft lavender purple and white, with rounded green leaves that yearned for a sun that the tree would not allow it to obtain.
He wasn't a Warm-Blood so, he chalked his confusion up to just ignorance. Most plants he knew very little about, if at all.

As he sniffed about however, a familiar scent that fired up his blood came to be. The dog lifted his head, eyes ready and inspecting. A hare!! And surely there was, with ears facing him and eyes equally as open. Dove stared back at it, confused. When rabbits knew there was danger nearby, they would either flee or lay down so flat you could barely spot them. Yet this one looked at him as if he were the rabbit acting strangely.
Dove barely gave it much of a thought, however, before snapping off at breakneck speed after it. Long and slim legs and body carrying him quickly through the grass, the hare only getting by with sheer agility- though it clearly wouldn't do them any good for much longer.

the staff team luvs u
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