Compendium Entry North: Northwestern Europe
South: Pacific Northwest

Mild and variable, this landscape is dotted with forests and a complex river system. The remnants of human society tell stories of the long-forgotten past. The land sees light winters and pleasant summers, a highly sought after selection of resources hidden in its intricate details.

Ain't nobody got time for that

@Satchel! Stark and him kind of in each other's presence maybe?

Stark was not happy. In fact, Stark was absolutely livid. His first day waking up in a place where he knew NOTHING and NO ONE and some stampede had almost smushed him. Quite a while had passed, but Stark was internally still going apeshit about it. That white lady had run off in some direction, Stark didn’t know and he didn’t care. The other wolf though, that white male- he’d been around. Stark didn’t know why they were sort of… sticking together? In each other’s vicinity? Stalking one another?

But what did it matter? Stark was not in the mood to go out on his own right now. Stark wouldn’t say this guy was a safe haven, far from it. This guy was like some sort of beacon of company, something that fought the loneliness. In the end, despite being a considerably good boy, Stark had a habit of… hanging out with questionable wolves. Stark didn’t know shit about this guy, and he wasn’t sure if he wanted to know anything.

He let out an angry sigh, loudly, and let himself drop onto the ground, falling on his side. A literal lazy drop. And then he just laid there, and he screamed.


Yes, that helped. Just let out that frustration.

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With no one and nothing waiting for her here, Leonna wandered the forests and didn't dare attempt to move to the mountains just yet. Every now and then she would come across the scent of a new pack settling in the area, the woods were getting quite populated and perhaps pushing north or east would be an option unless she wanted to join one of the many settling groups around... which, frankly, was beginning to get quite tempting if she was being honest.

But not yet.

She wasn't about to be bound to some group just yet when there was a whole world out there for her to explore after waking up here in the most dramatic-adrenaline fueled way. Nor was she gonna settle with the first group that caught her senses either... they had to be perfect after all.

A cry rang out through the woods, catching the citrus coloured woman's attention and she trotted toward it with extreme caution. The cry was nearby originally and so it didn't take long for the earthly sunshine woman to see the portly man sprawled out on the floor in a way that rivaled her own dramatic flares. “What are you doing?” She looked at him with mild intrigue, amusement and vigilance. Stepping just close enough to speak but still holding just enough distance should this turn sour.

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Screaming and rolling around on the ground was one way to get rid of feelings of anger and frustration. Stark had no idea where Satchel had gone off to but it didn’t really matter in the end, did it? Stark was used to having others walk out on him, it had happened before. Did he fucking care? No. Okay, well- maybe a little. He absolutely hated it when people disappeared on him. He despised it. Oh well. He had survived that weird deer onslaught, at least.

It wasn’t long before he was… no longer alone anymore, though. Because a sudden voice called out to him. What was he doing? What the fuck did it look like? ‘’Dying.’’ Stark remarked, letting out a huff and a groan. He laid there pretending like he was on his way out, probably way more dramatic than it had to be.

‘’I just survived some fucking deer stampede and I need to rest my legs. Probably a nap, too.’’ he told her, because that was totally information she needed to know, because Stark had literally… survived a stampede. Him. Portly lazy lad. Okay, well. He wasn’t THAT lazy. Back at home he worked his ass off. But for what? He never received anything for the hard work he did. And since he had no one now to impress- it was lazy time.

‘’Some bitch sent tons of deer our way. I had to run out of there. It was madness. What the actual hell.’’ Yeahhhh. Stark was pretty good at complaining. He stretched out his limps as he said that, rolled his head to crack his neck, since he was feeling awfully stiff and dealing with some muscle aches now. ‘’And what are you doing?’’

There, returning the favor.

Why was this girl so bright, anyway? How orange could one get? It was like the sun had taken a shit on her.

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Ah, yes, how could she be so blind in not seeing what was obviously laid out before her very own eyes? She stood there relatively calmly, taking in the sight with mild interest, even as he said his story she was still a little intrigued by it all. Well, at least enough so to stick around and talk a little more. Things were rather boring lately after departing from that guy she woke up next to.

Who in their right mind would create a stampede to chase after some wolf? One who looked relatively harmless too, a little funny and stuff, but he didn't seem to be a dangerous kind of guy. At least not by the way he was flailing around and whining like some child.

“What does it look like?” She offered a little shrug. “I heard someone whining and came over to check it out, I have nothing better to do.” Not now at least. Maybe someday she would have more interesting and important things to attend to than come trotting along to see whatever or whoever was yelling nearby. “If you're actually dying I can bury you, give you some kind of eulogy. I don't know a thing about you so I can't say I won't toss a few lies in there, maybe embellish a few things.”

There was no seriousness in Leonna's tone as she spoke, simply casual and a little teasing.

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She had nothing better to do, huh? Well, neither did Stark. ‘’Join the club. The nothing-to-do-club.’’ he joked, mostly meant in a sarcastic manner. Stark was so utterly tired and he just wanted to do nothing for a bit.

It was kind of nice, having someone not… making fun of him. Stark wasn’t used to this kind of treatment. Either he got flat out ignored or they told him to grow up or start acting his age or nothing was wrong with him but… this was who Stark was, okay? Maybe he said these things to get a reaction. To have someone return the same type of energy- which this wolf was doing right now.

He smirked at the thought. Him dead and getting buried by some stranger. ‘’Can you say I was handsome and muscular? That feels more fitting of my character.’’ Haha, he knew that wasn’t true, but one could dream. He couldn’t remember last time he’d had some fun messing around with someone. As far as he knew, from the moment he’d been born he’d been feeling forced to prove himself.

With no family left, he could simply be him. Some angsty teen energy in an adult body. ‘’Oh, and I was totally strong and brave, too. No one could stop me.’’

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“I think you might be the President of the 'Do Nothing Club'.” Yeah that was a light jab at his weight. Her light curve of the lips and cocked brow tossed his way was hopefully enough to make light of the tease as opposed to make him all kinds of annoyingly self-conscious. There was nothing wrong with being portly as a loner after all, he had to be a good hunter or something rather, even finding carrion to munch on was impressive enough to keep that kind of weight on without a pack to mooch off of.

“It's possible, I don't see why not.” Pursing her lips as pale blue eyes rolled up as if to see her forehead, she pretended to ponder the 'damage' lying about his muscular physique would do. Obviously nothing, but she had to pretend it would just for the fun of it. “I could even toss in a few tears, that could really sell the melancholic vibe I'm aiming for.” Gently seating herself upon the ground, curling that reddish tail around her toes as she tossed her head back, craning that delicate neck of hers as it stretched over her shoulders all the while letting a paw rest dramatically on her forehead.

“Such a waste of a perfectly flawless male, all women should weep at their unknown loss.” Just to really sell just how practiced her theatrical abilities were, she even had a lilt in her voice as she spoke as if the torment was just already too much to bear. Honestly, she was quite thespian in her own rights.

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