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10-26-2022, 04:28 PM
FUNNY REUNION TIME: ACTIVATE! backdaing to 10/12/22 in accordance with The Trial™, as @Hank, @Ghidorah, & @Sindri are stationed in the Moors. Tagging @Cassian too ofc, him being Doc's travel bud. ♥

He was pointed northwards, so northwards he would go. There were so many packs around here, it was overwhelming. So far, there'd been no sign of Hank, which was ironically perturbing, given his track record. But Doc soldiered on, circling around the main mountain range that made up this stretch of land.

So far from the southern border of The Edge now, snow dusted the ground here. In spite of the frost, life persisted— thrived even, for the rolling landscape was covered in a dense carpet of violet flowers. It did snow in the northern reaches of Nevada, but most Nevadeans had never experienced it before. Doc was an exception. There was a notable chill that he felt even through his dense, wiry fur. The cold was an unfamiliar sensation, previously being a desert dweller. Doc wasn't fond of it, but having a built in winter coat made it tolerable.

... And if he didn't like it, Hank certainly didn't, either. It was this judgment that led him to go no further north. Only if his search remained unfruitful elsewhere would he venture towards The Edge's northern border. He had to use something to guide his course, and he had little but his intimate knowledge of the man he knew in a past life.

His sensitive nose caught wind of a small group nearby, towards which he shuffled. Maybe they could point him in the right direction.

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10-26-2022, 05:31 PM
Ragnar had finally set off to attend the fancy council thing or whatever, leaving Northfall to stand watch in case shit hit the fan. This was what sucked about diplomacy: it was slow, and ineffective... and boring. He'd been stationed with Ghidorah and Sindri in the Moors, and honestly... he hated guard duty. Back in Nevada, he was usually the one put on watch thanks to having the most erratic sleep schedule known to man. It brought back memories of sitting on a flat rooftop under the darkening red sky, rifle in hand.

It was boring. So, so boring. He was an all-offense type of guy, not defense, and while Hank understood its importance... it just wasn't for him. Out here in the tundra, he did his best to keep himself occupied by starting shit with Ghidorah (their fucked up version of 'sparring' with no safety precautions) and hunting down whatever creatures he could come across. Deer seemed to like it here thanks to the surprising abundance of ground cover, so there was that.

He stretched his legs as much as he could, not wanting to remain too idle. That led to him forming an impromptu patrol of sorts, 'round and 'round in big circles. At some point, a grayscale figure breached the wavy horizon, and he narrowed his eyes. The wind was blowing their way, so he couldn't smell them. They appeared to be in search of something. As they meandered closer, his head tilted the other way, catching a reddish glint from their face. Hank scrunched his brow, stalking closer to get a better look.

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Somewhere in Nevada...
10-27-2022, 12:33 AM (This post was last modified: 11-02-2022, 10:34 PM by Cassian Diorah. Edited 1 time in total.)
The bulky wolf trailed behind Doc, carefully watching their surroundings. He acted like a bodyguard in this moment. A turret on a sentry watching every faint movement. Even the soft brush of a plant against grass caught his attention. This was something he did when in the presence of someone else. He worked himself up into a silly mindset of being a protector, in a sense. He hardly cared for his own well being when he was alone. Especially in this world, one of unfamiliarity and to find new methods of that normality. That's what this was, he'd come to accept and normalize travelling.

His large paws pushed into the flowery grass below. The potent floral scent over rid his usual musk of pine and earth. It wasn't that there wasn't earth here, it just was overpowered by something stronger. The beautiful view of the flowers also plagued his vision, basking his eyesight with the pinks of the field. He didn't know any other color to best describe it. Cassian was never a color wiz anyhow. He just knew the basics, and that's all that mattered to him. He'd rather focus on how it looks, not those little properties that decorated the aforementioned looks. Although he'd be a fool to deny that it was beautiful.

Part of him wanted to question the purpose of them being here, but he mentally discussed against it. He was in no position to judge Doc's wants and needs, so he merely followed. Like a puppy who's owner was trying to leave for work. The puppy didn't understand where or why, they just wanted involved. He assumed if Doc had any protests against this then it would've already been voice to the male of oak and stone.

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[Image: dfhr3zq-05b1ac4e-191d-4c9e-b140-89feee27...4ir66ZPqxk]
10-30-2022, 11:08 PM
It was her group which the two loners scented out now. A group made up of herself, of her son, Hank and Ghidorah. They had kept along the area of the Alpine Moors as they lie in wait, though perhaps Ghidorah had went off a bit to check around the Brim to see if any activity was stirring about there. Hank and Einar were making rounds and all the while Sindri sat, her yellow eyes cast into the direction of Elsewhen. Tired, yet restless, Sindri kept on high alert. 

Ahead within the open rolling hills of the Moors, was a pair. Two men, both tall and stocky yet once quite so larger then the other. A giant of a wolf, much as Ghidorah and @Chantico both were. It mattered not, for Sindri was still quick to assert herself within this land as her body lifts up from her sitting and stature placed into a dominant nature. The little woman comes bounding up at the large, dark side of Hank, one of the few black coated wolves within their ranks. With he at her side, she felt even stronger, just as a pack should. A woof sent off into their direction, like a 'Hey, who are you!?' more then anything else.
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11-02-2022, 04:25 AM (This post was last modified: 11-02-2022, 04:29 AM by Ghidorah. Edited 1 time in total.)
Man, waiting was boring. He can only tease and talk to Sindri so much until she threatens to kill him. Deciding to avoid that, since she’s clearly on edge due to the trial, he has mercy upon her this day (but surely not the next, mainly cause comically pissing her off is entertaining). Plus, the guy he’s never met before looks pissed. He thought about messing with him too, but was sure Sindri would yell at him for it. The thought makes him laugh. And yet, Hank, the wolf that gave him that bloody ass neck wound, is also there. He finds no entertainment to be had for now. So, yes, he saunters off nearby to scope out a touch closer to Dragonford’s borders to make sure nothing spicy is happening over there.

Which is also, sadly, boring as fuck.

So he makes his way back, a neutralish (more like slightly grumpy) expression on his face as he saunters back to the area he had seen everyone before. Only to find it empty. The scents are still fresh though, so he moves to investigate. Dropping his nose to the ground and then lifting his eyes to look around for his other pack mates. Which he spots not far off…only there’s two other wolves just ahead of them too.

Finally. Something to fucking chew on.

He sets off in a quick trot, meeting up with them quickly. He hears the alerted bark that drifts sternly from Sindri’s pale form — eyes her down from head to toe to inspect her body posture. Next, his eyes move over the large, dark wolf beside her — Hank.

He moves up between them, uncaring if he has to squeeze his way in. A lopsided, toothy smirk shows on his maw as he zeros in on the strangers.

“Tell me when.” He purrs to either one of them. Clearly his teeth are itching to bite and his snake-like tongue is eager to taste the sweet richness of the strangers blood. He doesn’t act yet, but if they give him even the slightest reason to, he will.
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11-06-2022, 07:21 PM

Cassian's protectiveness was pretty cute, honestly, overzealous as it may have been. Doc couldn't fight back a smile as he watched the behemoth of a man almost comically stare down every bit of flora that brushed either of them wrong.

Turning back to what was up ahead, his smile fell when he saw a pair of wolves standing tall shoulder-to-shoulder like soldiers. He stopped a few feet away, not wanting to risk setting them off by overstepping. One of them gave a low woof that demanded an answer for their presence here, while the other just stared at him with piercing hazel eyes. They were beautiful, almost feminine and in contrast to his enormous, muscular build. Numerous scars ripped through his fur, exposing the skin underneath. Doc's heart flipped in his chest, and he swallowed.

Could it be?

He was afraid to utter the name and be mistaken. But he had to know. He had to. “Hank?” Doc tentatively asked, his voice a murmur. A blueish man of truly mammoth proportions quite literally squeezed his way in-between them despite his size, staring he and Cassian down like prey. He murmured something to his comrades, no doubt looking for trouble. This could turn ugly, and fast. He was willing to bet they all had fighting experience, and they had the numbers advantage. Doc needed to de-escalate, even if he was sadly mistaken about the darker wolf's identity.

“I'm not sure what's going on here, but we don't want any trouble. I'm just looking for my... comrade.” His eyes drifted back towards the man in question. What were they, anyhow? His relationship with Hank was long and complicated. They fought, they disagreed, but they always made up. And spending so much time together— albeit in a hospital setting— allowed him to see a side of Hank no one else ever saw or even thought possible; a softer side.

And he missed it.
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11-06-2022, 07:40 PM
The strange pair approached, and Hank's intense gaze was fixed on the cause of that red glint he'd spied. The unmistakable eyewear.

The goggles.

Those facial scars, which bared his teeth to the world. They never looked so beautiful.

And then he said his name: Hank.

“Doc...” He uttered, gawking as reality took its time to sink in. Brain stuttering like a dusty machine, Ghidorah shoved his massive ass in-between he and Sindri, but it hardly phased him; nor did he register the words he growled out. The outside world didn't exist. It was just Doc. He was blabbering away like he always did, but he wouldn't get to finish.

“Doc!” He near-shouted, body shocking to life as he closed the distance between them and bowled them both over. He couldn't do much by way of a hug with these annoyingly inflexible forelegs, but he tried his best. His tail waved violently as he rested atop the one person he actually wanted to see from his past, pulling his head back to just stare and soak in the sight of him. Doc was here, this was real! Hank was no wordsmith, so he didn't bother. Doc would surely do enough the gum-flapping for the two of them. He'd gladly listen to him prattle on all day. That was one of many things he'd taken for granted before showing up here.
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Somewhere in Nevada...
11-06-2022, 10:54 PM
Admittedly Cassian was shocked by the sudden situations. The sparse moments before the joyous reunion and the group of pack wolves had meshed too much within his mind, causing a temporary pause inside his head, resulting in him staring dumbfounded in the blank space between where Hank and Doc laid, and where the other two pack wolves stood. His eyes clouded for a moment as he rewound what exactly had just occurred. They approached a large pack wolf, and then another who barked a symbol of warning, and then one more who slithered his way in-between the two former pack wolves. Then names were exchanged, then they tackled each other in a familiar embrace. Got it.

Upon Cassian fully registering what was happening he looked back to the pack wolves, opting to take in what expressions they had, as he tried to see how they felt about this whole thing. Cassian for sure knew he had a vaguely confused expression on his face, and that he overall held no clue to the two's relationship, or at least what it was exactly. A friendship, at the least, although he'd have to further examine to see if he was wrong in varying parts of the scale.

Subconsciously he remained alert. Even with Hank and Doc's fraternization he knew nothing of these wolves who smelled heavily of a group. What could be three in this moment could turn to a whole battalion in merely a howl. At least with his experiences. Unpleasant ones at that, which truly made Cassian's inner anxiety hit its peak.

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[Image: dfhr3zq-05b1ac4e-191d-4c9e-b140-89feee27...4ir66ZPqxk]
11-08-2022, 10:11 PM
Ghidorah, quick to throw himself into any fight, came trotting over, squeezing himself into a placement between her and Hank that caused her to snarl and rear her head toward him, biting at his upper leg. All mouthy and ready to go just as she. He had been a war God in another life, after all.

At the sight of they three, the shorter man of the two looked hesitant, he spoke up of looking for a friend of sorts and not wanting any trouble. He, seemed to know Hank and Sindri tilts her head as she comes to take note of the odd thing on his head- a similar looking thing which Hank once has himself. Man made trinkets did not last long in the wild, though Sindri did not know what this was.

Then, Hank was charging towards this 'Doc'. Apparently, they knew one another and were friendly too. A single ear turns back and a brow quirks. Then, she sits with a huff, feeling that as quick as the threat had come, it had passed.

“Doesn't look like your gonna get your pound of flesh from either of them.” The accented woman's voice is edged with a grumble. But, maybe, Hank's friends had arrived at a very optimal time. Maybe he would stay. However, there was a possibility Hank would leave with him, too.

“Anything unusual near the Brim?” She asks Ghidorah then, wondering if any activity that seemed out of the normal had been spotted by the islanders. Hank and Doc were left to reunite.
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11-24-2022, 12:44 AM (This post was last modified: 11-24-2022, 12:44 AM by Ghidorah.)
He saw the wolves and immediately wanted to taste them — not in a sexy way — more like a tear your flesh out and sip your blood out of a wine glass type of tasting. So he slipped between his two pack mates. Hank clearly didn’t give a shit, too distracted by whoever the other two were. Did he know them? How odd.

On the other side though, Sindri’s smaller form doesn’t take to kindly to being bumped over. He’s quick to catch her teeth. Only reacting with a smirk as he tucks his chin to stare her down with a look of apologetic humor.

“Calm down, sweet thing.” He’d growl teasingly — obviously sarcastic but not in a particularly rude way. A lopsided smirk lines his lips. He loves fucking with Sindri — it’s like a guilty pleasure of his.

And just like that, Hank is running to the strangers. It take Ghi’s attention as he tenses momentarily, assuming the man is moving to take a chunk out of one. Instead they’re met with a more than friendly reunion. Which has him raising a dark brow, head moving high into the air in confusion.

Sindri outright plants her ass on the ground. Words falling from her lips as she watches them too. Doesn't look like you’re gonna get your pound of flesh from either of them. She sounds disappointed. So is he.

He relaxes along with her, watching the scene before him curiously. Waiting for any sign of betrayal from the stranger two just in case he needs to jump in. Sindri once more breaks his intense concentration with a casual question.

“No. Nothing. Unfortunately.” He answers back drably. “Would’ve rather killed these two, but it looks like we’ve got friends among us.” Those words are said with a teasing lilt, obviously disappointed in not being able to eat one or both of them.
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11-29-2022, 05:20 AM


Awash with emotion, he felt like he could weep with relief in that moment. Before he could get another word out, Hank bowled him over, squeezing an oof from his lungs. They landed with Doc on his back and Hank above him, carelessly shoving all of his superior weight onto him. But he hardly cared.

Chuckling breathlessly, with a strained voice he said, “It's good to see you too, Hank.” Doc smiled, crinkling his eyes. His tail joined Hank's in wagging like crazy. Thoughtlessly, he leaned his head into Hank's chest, burying his face in the wiry fur. Many scents lingered there, but at its roots was just him. Familiar, warm Hank. Having his nose in a bunch of hair made breathing even more difficult than it already was, reminding him that Hank's huge ass was still on him.

“I can't breathe, you damned oaf.” Doc swatted halfheartedly at him with a paw until he relented and allowed him to sit up. “Are Sanford and Deimos here with you, by any chance?” He wouldn't hold his breath on it, but he had to know.

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11-30-2022, 01:19 AM
 Cassian remained stationed where he was, watching both of the scenes around him with a keen eye. His expression still was slightly confused, but he'd just come to accept this at this point. Everyone over here must've known each other in some form, but to him the other two pack wolves didn't seem to be aware of the situation either.

 At the heart Cassian was an introvert. There was no doubt about it. He knew he struggled with words at times, and especially in a situation like this he just couldn't fathom what to say. Part of him wished to speak out and ask what exactly was happening, but the other half didn't want to end up tipping the two other wolves off. The bluish-gray fellow with the scars just looked as if he wanted the slightest reason to tear some meat. He didn't want to end up accidentally giving it.

 Slowly he looked down onto the ground, watching as the flowers below swayed gently with the wind that pushed the clouds. It was better to focus there than the awkward situation he'd caught himself in. Besides these flowers were almost entrancing as they moved every which way.

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[Image: dfhr3zq-05b1ac4e-191d-4c9e-b140-89feee27...4ir66ZPqxk]
01-10-2023, 07:39 AM
closing this off, apologies for poofing!

He was grinning like an idiot. God, he'd never felt so happy. Relinquishing his weight, Hank sat back on his haunches. “No. But I haven't seen anyone else, either.” They had a lot of catching up to do. Doc showing up when he did was a blessing, since they were doing fuck all here.

They had time.

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Somewhere in Nevada...
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