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Forgive me Father, For I have Sinned

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10-15-2022, 02:09 AM
The First Northern Council Trial. Judgement for Vendrussel's crime against Northfall.
@Olive @Kuhn @Thraximundar @Valeska @Freya @Vendrussel and possibly @Ira
Any others are free to wonder in and observe, but judgement is to be passed by the council.

Ragnar waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Now, a year since his daughter's death had come and Ragnar knew what he had to do, but knew not what would happen after.

The King spoke to his Regent, who nodded with a mix of sadness and anger. She knew the plans, if this were not to end well for them, if Vendrussel would (and very likely) refuse her punishment. No, somehow, she had managed to convince others that it was Northfall which had done her an injustice. Sindri knew one day they all would die. She had just hoped Ragnar would have been at her side when it happened.

Sindri sought out @Ghidorah and Ragnar sought out the mother of his children. Ragnar would kiss the heads of each of his eight newest litter and howl for @Krakarak to accompany him. At the side of his Goddess, @Freya, they would head east- through the Moors and into the Frozen Ground, saving much time by going around Cloudrest until they had reached the peaks of Elsewhen.

It was a beautiful place. One which he had only traveled by in passing when visiting thr Everfrost or his allies beyond. This great lake was cupped by a collection of lower highland mountains, shrouded by great sentenial sequoia. It is here at these foothills that Ragnar sat and tilted his head up to call for those made to gather.

And again, he waited.
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*Ragnar frequently has black feathers woven into his scruff, curiosity of his good friend, Krakarak.
10-15-2022, 10:09 AM
Ira would find no comfort even as additional details of the council came forth. She did not trust these wolves. They were either unknown, suspicious, or held records with her closest allies. Even knowing that passive members from Elysium would be in attendance, she would take every precaution until her doubts were settled. Ira had made no effort to be amongst the first to arrive, though it seemed she would be anyhow. Though the destination was but a couple of days journey, Ira had ventured north first in the company of @Liutheri to seek Shiroshika's answer. Needless to say, she was not surprised, but @Quicksilver had agreed to accompany her nonetheless.

All senses were on alert as they neared the meeting location. Ragnar, and one she could only assume to be another of his many women, were the only others visibly present. It wasn't comforting by any means knowing more could be lurking and inevitably would reveal themselves. The largest question on her mind would simply have to wait to be answered and the passing seconds were deafening. Even still, she would not be the first to make a move.

Ragnar. It was all she would offer for the time being. Last they spoke it was safe to say neither was fond of one another, yet she had been called anyhow to weigh his fate. Above all, he was still a king. A king who had suffered hardships just as she had her own. There was no malice in her tone, not that she particularly held any towards the man, but it was an attempt at a respectful greeting. Until others arrived, however, she would keep her distance and stick to her own. Three may be few compared to the many expected, but it was better than one.

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10-15-2022, 12:38 PM

It was perhaps easier for Freya than most mothers to leave her brood, not being the most conventional mother but before she had left, she was sure to bestow heavy threats to the wolves left in charge of her children's wellbeing. Threats she would be sure to follow through with if anything happened to them in her absence -- ones she knew Ragnar would follow through with too.

She had left her children with kisses and promises of her return, to cause havoc in her absence but to not leave the territory alone. They too would suffer if they disobeyed -- putting themselves at needless risk. Pesky little things, her children.

Freya held no worries or concerns over her place in this council, having been in plenty in her life times before. She only hoped that Ragnar would allow her to do as she came to do and represent Northfall with confidence in her ability, allowing her the floor to do as she could. He would be met with her own fury upon their return home if he sought to humiliate her before the rest. Freya walked side by side with Ragnar until they arrived in the agreed upon place where he sat and called the rest. Freya would glance around, taking in the scenery as she scoped the rest out.

One came, addressing Ragnar only and Freya smiled. Ugly personality was often met with an ugly exterior, strange greys coating her body and Freya was fine to do her job as she came here to do. One of the Packs leaders or council rep, she assumed, accompanied by a man of white and grey. A different smell upon him but they arrived together, so Freya smiled still. "Freya, of Northfall," she divulged, voice a melody. She need not show her true feelings, happily playing the part she need to. They had not asked but she did not care, the grey ones bad manners not a display of her own attitude.

Freya seated herself beside Ragnar and waited for the rest to come out of the woodworks.

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"A deep, lasting emotional or spiritual connection between characters, typically of a psychic or magical nature."

To find out more about Freya's soulbound adoptables, please look here! Interested? Drop me a message. 
10-15-2022, 02:57 PM (This post was last modified: 10-15-2022, 03:07 PM by Quicksilver. Edited 1 time in total.)
When Ira arrived at the edge of Tsukiishi, Quicksilver was not surprised to see that she'd brought a companion. As he drew closer, however, he was surprised to recognise him as Ira's ward - Liutheri. The druid's recollection of the boy was different from the yearling who lingered at the edge of Shiroshika's claim: he'd grown since his unfortunate disappearance, but the rich salmon shade of his eyes was unmistakeable. He wondered what'd happened to the boy following that fateful day when he'd gone off to see to his assigned task, where he'd gone and how he'd managed to find his way back, but refrained from asking. He simply welcomed both him and Vanderfell's Alphess with warmth, and invited them to rest for a time before they carried on their journey as a trio.

@Reiko, unreceptive to the invite to join the Northern council that'd been extended to Shiroshika through Ira, was less than impressed by Quicksilver's decision to go. He understood her concerns, absolutely, but he had his reasons for deciding to attend personally. To him, it'd look more professional to decline the offer; it allowed an opportunity to glean better knowledge of the packs in their region and most importantly, he felt he owed Ira his company for a while. She did not need him, of course, but they were allies. If things did not go so smoothly, then they had each other to rely on.

Their destination was the beautiful Elsewhen, a place that was beloved to Quicksilver. The vale harboured many a memory shared with @Izumi from before the rift that'd been driven between them, from times of recognition and recovery. He thought of their last encounter as he followed the High Queen through the proud sequoia and acknowledged the uncomfortable lurch of his heart. The druid had enjoyed her smile here, had tentatively tried to see a future with her at its forefront, and despite his own good fortune since the guilt continued to plague him.

It was not the time for reminiscing, however, and the silverwhite lifted his tall ears at the sight of two others - strangers to him, though one appeared known to Ira. Quicksilver moved in closer to his companions, finding comfort in their proximity, and tried to exercise an air of confidence as he dipped his muzzle politely in greeting to accompany the low, friendly sweep of his feathered tail. “Evening,” he said, and glanced toward the she-wolf who accompanied the aforementioned Ragnar. She was an elegant creature with soft features, her furs made of warmer shades much like those of her companion. She introduced herself to them and Quicksilver did not hesitate to share his own name: “Quicksilver, of Shiroshika.”

He realised, then, that he would likely need to repeat it when the rest of the council arrived. That was alright, he supposed. He did not wish to be rude to their present company while they waited, and was content to engage them in conversation should they wish.

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10-15-2022, 07:39 PM (This post was last modified: 10-15-2022, 08:05 PM by Valeska. Edited 1 time in total.)
The trial, which had been anticipated with no great joy in anyone's hearts for several months, had come at last - a long time in the making, yet somehow still too soon.

Valeska arrived looking more subdued than usual. She had traveled quite far over the past few weeks, having just recently completed a leisure trip to Duskguard with her pups (somehow, everyone survived the encounter); @Tallulah and @Urszula followed close behind with @Dimitri in tow, serving as companions during the journey and a quiet reassurance that they would remain unmolested. The High Priestess still felt a touch of nerves traveling alone, even after the Boar King's ultimate demise - Zula was strong and fearsome, while Tallulah was hardy and determined, and she felt much-needed security in their presence.

Interestingly, it was Urszula herself who had first offered to accompany her. Valeska thought it a kind gesture, unknowing that it was likely just so she could make lustful eyes at Northfall's great lord.

Dimitri had insisted upon coming along, all big eyes and pleading tone, and although it filled her with some amount of worry for his safety, she could hardly say no. He wanted so desperately to learn and be of use, and it would be a good opportunity for the child to see diplomacy in action, she reasoned.

Regardless, as she approached the gathering, she couldn't help but marvel at the beauty of their chosen destination. Elsewhen was a place of serene tranquility, the lake a perfect mirror reflecting the stillness of the stars that glittered above; giant sequoia trees ringed its perimeter like stalwart guardians, particularly now as the appointed members of the Council revealed themselves. Under different circumstances, she would have enjoyed the chance to linger and appreciate their surroundings.

She seated herself close by, and found herself very surprised to see Ira in attendance. Vanderfell had long held to their mantra of isolation, sequestering themselves far up in their mountain home, firmly refusing to dabble in the petty affairs of others - what reason would she have to be here? Vanderfell had no ties to her knowledge of any of this proceeding. Valeska herself was invested in the outcome and fair dealings of the trial - for it was wolves of Dragonford and Northfall both that had come to her rescue and aid, with Vendrussel, the very accused, spearheading their efforts. She did not want to see the woman unjustly slain, nor for the warriors of Northfall to be spurned and cast aside after their generous gift to Valeska and her mate.

But to see Ira - she was perplexed. Nevertheless, if they truly wanted to sit in on this terrible trial, they were welcome to it.

Quicksilver sat near the queen of Vanderfell, a face she had not seen in many moons. He smelled different now, however. He had a new pack-scent, one she remembered lingering near the hunting-grounds of Ullarcraig Run, and correctly surmised that he must be of the Shiroshika pack that lead the murderous attack upon Kuhn.

She felt stricken. Even from their brief meeting, Quicksilver had seemed lovely - softspoken and gentle. Was it his idea? He did not seem war-hungry without reason. She herself only knew of Kuhn to be well-meaning and kind, even going so far as to join as a member of Duskguard, an honorary guardian.

All of these thoughts swirled in a veritable maelstrom within her head, but she kept her expression polite, nodding to each already in attendance. “Valeska, of Elysium,” she stated, though it felt redundant. She glanced up toward the stars, and breathed a soft sigh. “Ah, if only we could all meet under better circumstances! It is a beautiful night.”

Valeska looked toward Freya and Ragnar both, offering a kind smile. She understood how painful this must be, reliving the anniversary of his daughter's death - yet no doubt it was a relief for this night to have come at last.

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[Image: m7jPOzS.png]
10-15-2022, 09:51 PM (This post was last modified: 10-22-2022, 01:30 AM by Tallulah. Edited 1 time in total.)
ooc; bodyguard skill

She was here, attending. Half to support Elysium, half for concern over Vendrussel. The dragon woman had been one of the first she met during her early 'admission' here, and had pointed her to Elysium. She considered it a disgrace if she wasn't here to at least see this through. No matter how messy it could be. She kept close to Ms. Valeska and the others in her community, giving a nod to those who acknowledged her personal presence.

If spoken to — which she doubted; this was not a social event but a summit — she would retain polite neutrality. Her eyes roamed over the growing crowd, unable to shake the ease that something would happen. Something bad. It was like when she had met Vendrussel and talked idly about the situation long ago. Tallulah couldn't get rid of it. She only hoped this would continue to be a civil affair, and not get caught up in heated emotion. She didn't know enough to take any side.

So she remained at an impasse. For now. Tallulah stuck by Dimitri, offering support if the boy needed to be comforted or sit with someone. Due to his Mother attending and being a big influence right now... It wouldn't be a good representation of Elysium if Valeska was coddling her child. Though it was awful valid, considering the circumstances.

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10-15-2022, 10:29 PM
It'd normally be a few more months before he'd be old enough to attend such things. But he's almost five months old now. In enough time, he'll be hunting with the pack as well. The signs of growth are already there, showing gangly legs and a scruffy undercoat. He stares into the circle, watching each wolf approach. He doesn't need to be told the history of the packs to pick up on the tense air between them. He glances between the adults, ears standing upright but the rest of his posture trying to make him look small and not worthy of being noticed.

He wouldn't lie, there are thoughts of grandeur in his head. Thoughts that perhaps his youth can provide wisdom beyond his years, and that the adults would look at him with kindness and adoration. But the reality comes to light as he looks at these other wolves. They won't be ones to approach him and praise his good intentions. There's darkness hanging over, and there will be no room for young prodigies here. And so he decides to do the next best thing.

He will be a good child. He's fortunately very good at it. He stays still, doesn't speak, and decides if he's going to introduce himself, it will be at the prompting of an adult. If he does that, perhaps he will be allowed to sit in on these meetings and learn more of the actions that would befit the man he wishes to be.
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10-16-2022, 01:17 AM (This post was last modified: 10-17-2022, 05:32 PM by Olive. Edited 1 time in total.)
The past several months had been overwhelming, and it was not only because of Duskguard's founding and her first litter's birth. Duskguard was no longer newly-minted, and her cubs were no longer newborns, and just as mother moon's phases came and went from week to week, so did time churn. Eventually, the date of the court was upon them. Without half as much effort as planning the damn thing, Olive prepared to leave with her small group. Then, they departed.

It hadn't been easy to convince Tiberius to allow her to bring the spotted @Dalmatia with her, for the situation was fraught and the pup was not even half grown. At her mother's cajoling he had relented, especially when she began citing how the event might open her eyes to the laws of society and life itself; that bad deeds do not go unpunished, and that she needn't be so afraid. That it was possible to move through life with confidence despite that danger existed, and that no karmic force ever went unanswered or undeserved. It was a complex notion, and Dalmatia was already learning and growing (as little as she was). Still, Olive couldn't help but appreciate this chance to get to know her second-born a tiny bit better.

She was accompanied too by @Archon, for many of the same reasons. His welfare greatly concerned her after his attack from the boars, and it had reignited within her when he had asked to shoulder more responsibility within the pack. It was the first time that she had seen him as a man, as she wanted to avoid pushing that type of maturity on him until he decided he was ready. Evidently he was ready, and Olive sought to give him a glimpse of what it means to resourceful, even forceful;

a force, an idea, simple and straightforward values that needed to be reckoned with.

Despite it feeling as though they were crossing a never-ending expanse, eventually the Elsewhen yawned before them. Olive sighed to bolster her resolve, scenting the group already within. It was a gathering of friends, supposed friends, neutralities and even those Tiberius once clashed with. The kaleidoscopic variety was overwhelming, a sentiment that was reflected in the faces of all those who had gathered for such a somber occasion. The woman nodded as she glanced around, keeping her head low, her heart thrumming in her throat. She swallowed thickly, so it might not be so obvious to her cohorts.

With a glance that meant more than words, the Priestess signaled for her son and daughter and their guardian @Soledad to stay back, as they were guests and spectators, here to observe, learn and see justice be done. She stepped forward, chirping an introduction.
"Olive, of Duskguard." Olive easily recognized Ira, and even found extreme familiarity in the face of the silverwhite that represented Shiroshika. Valeska and Ragnar, of course, needed no introduction to her.

It was then that Olive side-stepped to allow @Kuhn his moment, to introduce himself in a way that undeniably brandished his new name of Duskguard. His liaisons with Tiberius were not the only awkwardness he would have to answer for, that trip. Here were Northfall and Shiroshika, both who held the tiger in extremely different regard (much that was far from positive). But he was a part of her family now, more than he had ever been, and they undeniably bound by the trials and hurdles that they consistently overcame together. Olive was proud to cede the court seat to the suncat, to rise him up in ways that were not possible without one's pack to back them.

The pale sylph looked around the enclave, and swallowed again.

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10-16-2022, 11:01 AM (This post was last modified: 10-16-2022, 11:04 AM by Dalmatia. Edited 1 time in total.)
She wasn't sure why she had to go, or why only she had been selected, and the fear was bright in her tear-filled eyes even as her mother tried to explain. It'd be an experience, a chance to observe and listen and see the way others worked. To her sisters it might've been exciting to trail beyond their vale for the first time and see more of the world outwith their little Duskguard bubble, but Dalmatia pouted and tucked her tail at the instruction.

Still, she went, because she was obedient. Mother and big brother Archon would be there to protect her, and everything would be okay. The great striped cat escorted them and the spotted girl kept her distance, padding close to her elder sibling and likely getting underfoot whenever she wasn't being carried, for she held onto her anxiety of him. He was not like them, her family: he was big and scary, and although he was a regular presence among them she was definitely taking some time in getting used to having him around.

Dalmatia was tired by the time they arrived, and hung back at Archon's hind limbs as their dam offered an introduction. Thankfully she did not do the same for her little daughter, who was more than happy not to have any sort of attention drawn to her. She peeked through the yearling's legs at the many wolves who'd gathered. Some of them were somewhat familiar, and her blue eyes lingered curiously on Dimitri was a moment longer; he'd visited her home recently with his family, and there was an uncomfortable twinge in the hide between her shoulder blades to remember his awful sister, @Violet.

She inhaled deep, her tail pressed firm to her rump and velvet ears tilted back, gaze wide with terror as she carried on glancing around the faces she did not recognise.

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10-16-2022, 01:53 PM
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10-16-2022, 07:36 PM
Choosing not to ask to many questions about the trial, the cat didn't know what to expect from this place.  Not knowing who was going to be there, or the details of how it was organized.  As they walked onward he still didn't ask to many questions, choosing to defer to Olive's judgement. Somewhere along the way, from the corner of his eye he could see how Dalmatia avoided him, using her brother Archon as a shield. Typicaly, he might lean into it, and try to make headway with the girl. But, at the moment his mind was two busy working behind his eyes.  He knew this would be quite the large group and he had to prepare himself for it.

Upon arrival he let Olive walk him in, having her walk ahead.   Not only did the air here carry the familiar scent of many familiar souls, it contained the stench of Vanderfell and Shiroshika.  "Kuhn, of Duskguard.", he projected, taking a confident step forward as Olive opened the way for him.   His feline gaze scanned across the cast of participants, his expression cold and serious.  As his eyes passed over Ira and who he presumed was the representative of Shrioshika, a rage bubbled shortly inside of him.  Digging his claws into the earth, his eyes moved on, he made Olive a promise, he had to represent his pack now.
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10-17-2022, 08:23 PM (This post was last modified: 11-07-2022, 10:32 PM by Urszula. Edited 1 time in total.)
It had been a while since Zula had set foot amongst the neutral territory of Elsewhen and it was a sorry sight to be apart of something so serious when she returned. Aside her kin, she settled on the other side of Valeska and her son, opposite to Tallulah. The sentry kept her expression stoic, almost grim, as she surveyed the crop that had appeared. Many from packs she'd smelt or met previously, but to see familiar faces from Valeska's wedding allowed her to breath easier. However, she continued to keep her guard up, uncertain of the foreboding council. Her packmate's safety came first. If anything were to happen as Tallulah had spoke of, they were the first folks Zula would be getting out of there. 

Her gaze cast around, a tiger she'd smelt before - met even, though not personally spoken to. He continued to pique her interest, though this time he smelt of many more scents. He'd formed an alliance she supposed, like she with Elysium, to this pack of his. Duskguard. Yes, she'd been there before... Wasn't too fond of their leader, but the woman, Olive, was here too. 

Steadily, she removed her icy gaze and dragged it along the unfamiliar faces before falling on the Northfall King, she appreciated his blonde coat for naught but a second before huffing through her nose. Childish, her jaw gritting with distaste as butterflies fogged her brain and tortured her stomach. Interesting reaction. He was okay. Pathetic really. A leader, who was strong and very capable, a man of power, exuding it. Disgusting. She hated men like that, big and buff. Powerful, except they lacked the balls most of the time. 

It intrigued her though, and without realising, she found her delicate gaze often drifted back to him with scornful eyes before dragging them away to meet the next do-gooder, torturing them with her icy watch.

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this characters thoughts, feelings and opinions do not reflect my own.

10-17-2022, 09:02 PM (This post was last modified: 10-17-2022, 10:09 PM by Vendrussel. Edited 3 times in total.)
Vendrussel has brought the entire pack, all PP'd, to old to young. Anyone who has yet to be officially doctrined in via the Dragonford dive will be not included at this point. Members from Dragonford do not need to reply especially at how big the thread will become, but it's inferred they are there. Anyone can note they are visibly seen in the distance. Adults, children, tiger, and a fox.

@Altair @Chasm @Villentretenmerth @Valtyr @Absinthe @Ghost @Olympia-Elune @Mirchë @Saxa @Campion @Vedette @Jun @Baelfire @Lóki

Now the time had arrived ; where Vendrussel through every step has told of the Ford of what was to come and what should they do. Thoughts to leave, to disband, to lay down and fight.. There was many different opinions, but all in the end had the same bond of loyalty they presented not only to the dragons that they were, but to her. She was proud of them, and so she wouldn't run from it. Raising her head high, she summoned all within the pack, to the youngest, to the oldest, for they were would in the end, decide everything together. United as a strong front, although she was not naive or ignorant, knowing how it'd look to the others.

Though whose to say while they were away, something would happen? She was determined to not only prove a strength in bonds, but for the safety of them all. She was reluctant to leave far from the isles on these looming months, and for half to remain and some to leave.. They attacked once, their words of choices constantly in an unknown loop for the aggression before the sin — there was no trust, and only safety if they came together. Safety, and trust of their ford.

As she could see and smell the group ahead, Vendrussel beckoned Dragonford to stay behind — a distance, to not bombard them with numbers ahead. An apparent urging they should not appear by any means threatening, to be like the sentinels of Elsewhen and remain firm as they would listen and judge for themselves, what would occur.

She would be upfront and alone, "Vendrussel of Dragonford."

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[Image: 50558052_uo2B4WwPjfUHvgV.png] WILD AND FREE JUST LIKE THE SEA
10-17-2022, 09:22 PM (This post was last modified: 10-17-2022, 09:22 PM by Campion.)

He disliked every part of the idea. Campion gave a stern and troubled look as he stood, with loyalty, some ways away from Vendrussel. He wished they could all stand with her, in support and solidarity. Yet to face persecution alone- someone had begun to hold dear- he almost couldn't watch.

They had a tiger. A fucking tiger. While he had never seen one before his life in canis, he had come to know them. They were pushy and fat, stubborn and rude. The white and cream man's eyes stared for a moment before lingering over the other attendees.

Jesus there were a lot of people. All for the death of some kid? Some disabled, incapable, likely-to-die-anyway kid? He held his tongue. Muscles refusing to ease- ready to defend Ven at any moment should she request it.

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[Image: WF32jc7.png]
The Wild still lingered in him and the wolf in him merely slept.
10-17-2022, 10:09 PM
 Was it time? Was he heading to the right spot? Oh bother, he hoped so. He thought this was what he'd heard from passersby as the "Elsewhen". He probably should have asked Olive for directions directly, ha. In any case, when he smelled the multitude of scents on the wind, he figured he had arrived. He was proven correct when he saw the gathered wolves... and tiger. He knew many but there were also those he didn't know. Probably best. It was his duty to remain impartial to pass judgement.

 So, he walked among the crowd with his battle-hardened and scarred face. He towered over all those he passed and nodded hellos to those gathered as he walked back and took a seat near the Duskguard wolves and Kuhn, whom he would try to give a fond nudge to. Ah, there we go, all nice and arrived and ready for this unprecedented trial. "Thraximundar, of Nowhere." He rumbled in his deep voice.

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10-17-2022, 10:12 PM
 Krakarak traveled with his friend, high above on the wind. Every once in a while, he would disappear beyond a cloud or a tree but he was there. The Watcher, as always.

 When they arrived, he would take his seat on Ragnar's shoulders. The most dignified spot as he glared all around him at the gathered creatures. Pah! Bunch of stupids. It was clear there was no trial needed. Whichever side he was on was the right one.

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"Speaking in Common Tongue"
"Язеьнсхж сх Иьэех ШдхжкебФсиа Шдхжке!"
10-18-2022, 12:16 AM

 Vedette followed steadily beside their commander. The lot of Dragonford, young and old, followed in her tow. It was mostly a silent trip. For Vedette anyway. She kept her eyes trained around them, tracing the curves of rocks and trees, noting them as they kept on. Her eyes were always on the lookout, hackles feathered slightly, and tension racked in her shoulders and legs, showing the muscles that rippled underneath. 

 Once they arrived, Ven signalled for them to stay behind. There was hesitation in the dusk dragon's step, almost tagging along behind her. Never leave a man behind in battle. So, steadily, she stood almost at the base of the entrance, only ever slightly turning her head to look around and make sure they wouldn't be attacked. Close enough to peer and await the verdict. 

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10-19-2022, 05:50 PM

She wasn't happy.

When was she ever, though?

Olympia favoured the idea of bringing everyone from child to OAP so that it would give the right image however she didn't favour the politics of wolves no matter the way they did it. Talk shit get hit, right?

The feline thought that ifthou were dumb enough to do something whilst being self aware you were in the wrong, then well... it was survival of the fittest up in here. A wolf with three legs wasn't one of the fittest, evidently.

It was of no secret within Dragonford that the girl was easily displeased with everyone barring Vendrussel and even if she was upset with the latter, she was aggressive in her tenacity to never leave her off her leash for too long. Because that's how the feline thought -- Vendrussel was hers. When she ventured to the Tundra or further across the mountains, Olympia was oft furious and unapproachable. Not... much different from usual, really.

She slunk among the wolves, keeping to the outskirts with Vendrussel in her sights at all times and visibly looking put out when the other tiger @Kuhn was located. In truth, she didn't hate him. He was quite fun, really, and he allowed her to act as she wanted whilst giving as good as he got. That was... fun, she supposed. Still. He had pushed her off of her throne! She gave him a look, jutting her chin out as if to say 'I'm bigger now, try and push me again' with something akin to a cheeky Grin on her lips. It fell soon enough as she glanced around, tail tip lashing in and out with her anxiety hidden is irritation. 

She kept the two Northfall pests in her view, as well as Vendrussel. She sat, unimpressed. Olympia recalled the extra lecture that she had personally gotten and puffed a huff, grumbling to herself.

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10-19-2022, 07:17 PM
The bird flew alongside her lupine companions, attempting to stay on the outskirts of their party; flitting from tree to tree. The air was heavy with a weightiness that the owl did not truly understand, and it made her uncomfortable. Still, she served the pale Priestess, who herself served the shadow King, and she did so dutifully and without added word or question.

Just as she was taught.

Lounatuuli did not approach, but sat as an ominous presence on a branch nearby.

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More wolves and creatures drifted in from the surrounding mountains and tundra. Olive's jaw remained locked shut, a nervous blend of thrill and apprehension simmering in her belly. The assembly expanded around her, a growing, living, breathing thing unto itself. The court itself was shrouded in a weighty mystery; some were friends, some she had grown to question, and some she had little trust in — but each had been carefully selected, just as Kuhn had been, to represent the collective will of the North. The entire idea, the concept, was intoxicating to her.

When it seemed that most had arrived, a gravid silence pervaded the scene. Olive hauled a deep breath into her chest, then looked over her shoulder to glance at her two children in attendance, drawing a sense of strength and centeredness from their nearness. With them two as her guiding light, the woman strode forward and lifted her muzzle to the wind.

"Leaders of the North," she took a moment to look about the circle, making eye contact with as many as she could. It was then, that she took notice of the wolves that hovered in the distance; their pervasive scent of brine and sea. Olive's gaze flitted to that of Vendrussel, continuing to speak her well-practiced words. "We gather on a most consequential and significant day." Could everyone else hear how loudly her heart beat in her ears?

She thought of Dalmatia and Archon behind her, how they were watching her. Her thoughts shifted to Ragnar, and the daughter he would never see to grow up. With a solemn and serious tone coloring her normal alto, Olive continued.
"Above any other goal, we gather to remember a young life lost. Dear Ynness, Daughter of Ragnar Stormborn, who left this earthly realm almost a year ago today." Her gaze fell, for a moment to the earth just in front of her feet. Then, Olive looked towards Ragnar. She did not stop, speaking directly to him.

"This court convenes to hear her story, remember her legacy, and hold accountable those who had a hand in her untimely passing."

As a Priestess, high order was of the utmost importance to Olive. She found it supremely comforting to think that there was a force out there, far larger than she, that held others accountable to a certain level of civility. It meant deferring strength to others, but it was the whole that stood to benefit. She found that it was similar to the omnipresence of the Gods, though this was tangible, made of flesh and blood.
"Will those serving on the court please step forward, as well as the plaintiff, and those who stand accused?" she called out, taking a step backwards and bowing her head and neck ever so slightly.

"In a moment, we will begin."

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Vendrussel knew what she had done, and the purpose that all was.

Her mind wrapped to what she could do and what could've been prevented, and in truth — if she wasn't so rash to prove dominance, and but a bit wiser then perhaps it wouldn't come to this. Fresh as a leader, graduated as a yearling ; the dragoness was only a few months older then Ynness, but all the more excuses to prevent and what she could say to them all. Information to be given, words to be said and all that could be given on why in the end.. It was a wonder to what would be presented — or she thought the ford had already paid enough. But that defense was to be weighed during another moment.

She knew what she had done, but did he? Vendrussel looked back at the group of the Ford ; they were on edge, they were lightly angry — but kept their cool and stayed within the back.. She smiled at them, before stepping forward in a solemn look, silent until a turn was to be pushed. Bid her time with a raised head, proud and regal that she tried to be, even if her heart thumped lightly.

Anxiety, and yet strange calmness overtook Vendrussel as she waited.

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She hadn't expected a conversation to ensue and one would not come. Instead, the woman at Ragnar's side spoke up and offered her name. Ira merely nodded to @Freya and offered a quick introduction of her own before others soon streamed into the clearing. Ira of Vanderfell Woods. Her title needn't be put on display. Chances were, most would know who she was or were leaders themselves. This was not a gathering to flash rank, so as long as she was given respect, she would reciprocate.

Elysium would be next to arrive, though as she suspected they bore no fangs. What more, there was a child in tow, and they would not be the only young one to arrive at the trial. She was dumbfounded by their presence amongst shaky treaties and a supposed murderer. Never would she think to put her children openly in danger. Of course there was much to learn from an event like this, it was the very reason she had agreed to come as well, but she would wish to see this council well established before she readily put her trust in it.

Nevertheless, their presence confirmed one thing. Arms had been laid down for the night, and Duskguard's word was true.

Ira would shoot a glance to @Quicksilver, the slightest nod accompanied to signal her thoughts, though most would likely miss it unless they had been directly looking for it. There was still much that could go wrong with unknown tensions between each pack, but at the very least she could relax the muscles beneath her pelt. With one concern out of the way, now she only hoped the rest would have half the mind to keep what fragile peace sat before them. @Kuhn quickly challenged her belief as his distinctive pelt broke the clearing. To no surprise, his gaze burned in their direction, but nothing more came from it. A stare of her own was returned, unreadably neutral as ever as he found his place with a new title beside his name that she'd surely note for later.

The last to arrive were a mix of creatures, though she couldn't help but wonder what happened to minimal representatives. It seemed everyone had brought twice the paws she was led to believe would be in attendance, though her decision to bring @Liutheri alone had not changed. Had this been a set-up, she had faith in his legs, and she refused to place more for no reason in a target line until things have smoothed over. Only one spoke from the mass of wolves westward, and she couldn't help but think what a pack on trial would need their numbers in entirety for, unless they had ulterior motives.

Her gaze would linger only until Olive spoke. For the first time since her invitation, she would finally learn more to the story of a murder between packs. To her disgust, she would learn it to be a child who passed at the fangs of another. No wonder Northfall had aired their business. Though she'd reserve the rest of her thoughts until the picture could be painted further. Ira would resist the curl of her lip at such news as she and the rest chosen were called forth. The name was hazy to her memory, though she was sure it to be one of the few Ragnar had awoken with many moons ago beneath her claim. With the remaining details still veiled, she stepped forward.

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As Dimitri stares at Vendrussel. She has an army with her, while every other pack showed with only representatives. As Valeska is called forward, he backs up, slinking closer to @Tallulah. Paranoid thoughts rip through his head. If Vendrussel could take a young life, she could hurt him. And she could hurt Dalmatia, too. He swallows hard and decides to not bring this up to Tal. He knows if they attack, though, he will run. He's not big enough to fight yet.

The other adults look austere. He glances between them, and then awaits the start of speeches. Olive is measured as always, but there's a chance this could get heated.
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She stood still, noticing little Dimitri moving toward her out of the corner of one eye. When the adults finished speaking their piece for now, only then did Tallulah look down at the boy. She gifted him a reassuring smile. He had a level head on his shoulders, and she had no doubt he'd run if something transpired. But if they couldn't get away? She would shield him.

The trial began with introductions, calling on a brief respite to honor the yearling girl. She was not a prayin' sort of woman, else she would have. Her eyes closed momentarily though before flicking upward, staring at Vendrussel as she walked forward. Tallulah's expression remained neutral if the storm-hued woman looked at her. She didn't know enough still to make an opinion.

But the loss, the reveal... A child's death. It had made Dimitri nervous. She resisted wrapping a limb around him and pulling the boy close. He wouldn't thank her to make him seem unable to cope with the problems of the world.

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He would do as Olive said. Raising himself from the company of friends the big cat took a step forward, placing a large paw into the metaphorical ring that had been formed from the denizens of the north. He didn't bother to look back at Ira or the effeminate man accompanying her. There was nothing beneath her eyes, only the soulless lust for power.

From the corner of his eye however, he did see the distinctive white striped pelt of the tiger cub from the southern coast. It would be hard to call her a cub now. It was funny how much she had grown in such a short time. Resisting the urge to shoot her a smug glance, he kept his focus on the others in the council.

If they did not respect the decision here, the children of Dragonford and Northfall would scatter their flesh across the north for generations to come. He intended to show them that.
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