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Blood in the water

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09-17-2022, 11:09 PM
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Satan is usually covered in blood
09-18-2022, 02:15 AM
Nyra was already close by when her husband called for her.
She smelled the tang of blood, fresh and potent especially as she drew closer to the albino man and the freshly dead woman.

The confused, scared cries of pups some meters off...
Nyra approached the litter, they were all semingly about four months old, but not too old to mold...

The Warqueen smiled warmly to them all, motherly.
Nyra looked to the albino siblings, then the others, browns and whites...
To each youth, she bestowed a name.
"Royal, Regal, Virtue, Monarch, and Crown." She would place a gentle yet giant paw before each child as she said their new names.
"I am your mother now." She deemed it so with warmth, fondness.
And it would be done.
Especially for future bodies to the growing kingdom. 
Her gaze flicked to Satan and the corpse of the female....what to do with her...
Nyra licked her lips at the thought of tasting the flesh of the fallen.

Now was not the time, she decided as she shook her head sharply.

Trotting half the ways back to Satan, she muttered to him so only he could hear her "Hide her body somewhere near the Eye, we can feast from her later." 

With that she would return to her newly adopted children with her honey-sweet, warm smile. 
Rare kindness.
Motherly instincts...

For children not her own.
Nyra would make use of them as bodies for Warcrest.
She would tell her husband the initial intent later, for no, he must deal with her decision.
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This is my art, and it is dangerous 
09-18-2022, 02:27 AM

A metallic scent that clung to the air but this was not one of prey, not of an herbivore that the one they had called mother usually brought for them. No this was mixed with the scent if the woman, her brown snd white fur now stained red.

Anger bubbled up as the man thay looked so similar to her and her twin, colorless with eyes of rubies. A snarl ripped from her small chest as she stood rigidly next to her brother, she would protect her siblings from this man if he chose to come after them as well.

With her tail high and her hackles raised she glared at the woman that approached them, she toobwas large and colorless but where their eyes were just as bright as the blood now staining the ground.. hers were yellow. She then began to say she was their new mother and names came down with this new role. She was Royal, a daughter of this woman. Again she growled, still standing before her colored siblings. She did not care that she smiled with kindness, there was still the albino man and he had not looked st them that way.

She would protect.

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[Image: fV1noK6.png] 
09-18-2022, 03:01 AM (This post was last modified: 09-18-2022, 05:13 AM by Regal. Edited 2 times in total.)
Something was amiss. The one of his siblings that looked alike he knew this just as well as he. It was evident by the sense of her aura. It inflicted a negative sense. The boy was not a fan.

Then someone new came before them. A man, large and pale like they. Well, like him and his sister. The others were of different skin. 

Trudging his way forward to his sister's flank, he pressed his chin over her neck, keeping her close to his touch. None would come near here. Not if he had a way to make it so. True, the man was quite large, but that wouldn't stop such a hearted will. He huddled here for many minutes, tiny teeth creeping out from beneath his lips as another pale coat came. How many of them were there!

The man eventually stepped aside. Then the woman came nearer, placing a paw before them all. Each were bestowed a name. His was now Regal. He knew not of what it meant, but somehow it seemed quite befitting. The same for his sister. Royal, now was her name. And now Royal was who he would continue to protect. From all.

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09-18-2022, 04:27 AM
Why was this happening?

Jade had been roaming alongside his mother and siblings, until the situation suddenly took a dark turn. He had watched as a large albino male tackled their mother and clamped his jaws around her neck. And now, she was lying there, her coat now stained with red. She wasn't moving or breathing anymore. It reminded Jade of the times in the past, where he watched her kill prey for them to eat. The way they struggled until eventually their life ceased. Until now, he didn't think something like that could happen to her.

He shrank in on himself as his albino twins stood in front of the rest, trying to protect them.

Not too long after, a woman who also had pure white fur came towards them. She stared at all of them with a warm smile, her yellow eyes radiating with love. Just like his mother once did.

Crown. That was what his name would be from now on. And this woman was his mother. There was something about it that felt horribly wrong. Everything about this whole situation was so difficult for his young brain to process.

Crown stared back at his mother's lifeless form, unable to tear his gaze from it. She was dead. Gone forever. It was an image that would be burned into his mind for ages to come.

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09-21-2022, 08:20 PM
There's blood, and there's slaughter. Diamond's siblings move to protect them. Diamond herself wails a loud cry - she does not understand! She does not talk, she does not accept the words of the dangerous couple near them. Her name is not different, she is not Virtue. Her mother is dead, her body is along the sands below. There is no one left besides these strangers. Untrustworthy, dangerous. Not her home. Not her mom. 

She's crying, but she bares her teeth. The woman has to be a liar. 

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09-22-2022, 11:16 PM

Perhaps mother doth not love he as her other young.
Yet seeing her body there, his heart did not quiver. No beat or skip.

It was a long staring, near eyeless- white-blue staring. Expressionless as though he had not witnessed his caretaker- his mother- the one who created his soul- die. As though her body did not lay limp, drug away by albino white and pink teeth.

His eyes stared, and though he stared for an awfully long and ball drying time, he finally snapped to at the voice of another woman.

She was much like Royal and Regal, coat like a moon-bleached rat. Yet her eyes, piss yellow. They made him unsettled, though his paws wouldn't shift.
Everyone else moved to protect themselves or one another, yet Agate stood with placid expression, body like a statue.

There was no emotion that shifted in him. Nothing worth investigating at least.


What kind of a name was that. Why did she want to change his? What was wrong with Agate?
The alteration of his self-deemed perfection was an insult, though he looked down to inspect her enormous paw as it neared him. Should he be mad? Everyone else seemed mad about the situation, or sad, or maybe fearful. Agate was just confused.

Was he wrong for not being mad?

Monarch kept his questions to himself.

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10-01-2022, 02:29 AM
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Satan is usually covered in blood
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