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Feels Like Falling

09-12-2022, 10:50 AM
Unsecret - Feels Like Falling

Nefertari had been exploring. She had known her last land like the back of her paw and now she felt constantly lost. She had returned to the mountainous region after hearing of a fascinating forest where blood oozed from the trees. The thought gave Nefertari a smile. What kind of horrible battle had to take place for even the trees to be infected?

Arriving in the forest by way of the northeast after fording the river, she discovered something horrible. Something inconceivable. The wolves she had been listening to had lied. The blood-red liquid coming from the trees was sap, not blood. She cursed and hit the ground. How cool would it have been for the trees to be bleeding? She calmed quickly, realizing how stupid she had been to believe the wolves. Sighing, she decided to explore the forest regardless of the disappointing trees. She came to notice that all of the trees, even different species, had red sap. Maybe something was interesting about this place.


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His need to explore the lands made him come far from where he first awoke.
Passing fields of stone and mountain alike, all in the effort to satiate a curiosity. Or maybe even get back home.

Yet the more he learned of this place, the more it stifled his hope. He would likely never go home.

The tall man stepped into another forest that, on the surface, didn't appear to be any different from the others he had encountered.
However, as the trees wrapped around his vision and the forest consumed him, he noticed bits of red spot the trees.

Like a battle had been fought, each tree seemed blotted and splattered with the blood of warriors.
This intrigued the prince, who stepped up to sniff the oozing crimson.

Yet it was no blood.

No, it smelled like sap.

Erebus leaned back from it in surprise. Even trees with leaves that did not resemble one another bled this way.
The Tenebris scholars would have a field day with this one.

Yet something else stirred beyond the strange bleeding trees, something that sniffed and padded along. Erebus turned his head to look, fiery eyes scanning the tree line.

There was another, a much smaller wolf. Well, not quite wolf. Her fur was much shorter and her face looked foreign.
He stalked her for a while, as normal people do, before finally making his presence known with a chuff.

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09-12-2022, 09:08 PM
Nefertari had been exploring for about thirty minutes before she heard a noise in the forest. Somewhat startled, as she had been observing her surroundings, she realized the noise came from where she was upwind. Looking over, she couldn’t help but be paralyzed by the sight of a huge black wolf. Alarm struck her and the muscles in her legs tensed in preparation to run away. She was fast, after all, she could never beat this monster in power, but maybe she could beat him in speed.

Hold on a second. She thought to herself before moving. He could’ve simply attacked her, he didn’t need to make his presence known. Holding onto this thought she calmed down.

“Hey there, you gave me a good shock,” She replied with an arrogant smile as if she hadn’t just been so frightened she was ready to bolt. Taking a few steps to the side, she got in a better position to hold a conversation where the trees didn’t obscure her view. She still was being cautious. But she was showing all of the signs of wanting a friendly conversation.


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His burning coals for eyes watched her for a while, watched her nervously squirm and come from behind a tree.
Then he stepped forward, into a slow trot before speaking.
"Apologies." He said, dipping his head a bit and closing his eyes.

Once in good conversational distance, he stopped and looked down at her.
"Do you live here or are you just visiting?" Maybe she would know more about these strange bleeding trees, or maybe she was just as curious as he was.

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09-13-2022, 10:22 AM
Nefertari stayed strong under the gaze of the other. She had experienced gazes with much more malice before. She carefully watched him approach. She was sure he wouldn’t attack but didn’t want it to exit her mind completely.

“No problem,” she said, shrugging her shoulders. “I have no connection to this place, I was simply exploring. I heard of the sap and wandered over here.” Her voice was smooth, maybe even a bit cocky. She was growing used to the wolf’s large size and burning eyes. He had definitely startled her to begin with though.


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He made a sound 'ah' and nodded his head in understanding.
"I see."

His fiery eyes looked the wolf-creature up and down. Eyes scanning her pelt and features, now much closer up.
"I too find myself exploring." He began, his eyes slowly peeling off her as he turned and looked out into the forest. "Just be cautious while on your own, there's a disgusting amount of the sun's children who stalk these mountains." His brows furrowed at the thought, especially when it glazed over the idea of Nyra. Though he actually didn't know her name, he could recognize her stupid face from any distance. His loathing for that woman felt it had no end.

"Erebus." He offered his name to the girl, turning his head again to face her. Head dipping slightly in a courteous bow when as he did.

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09-14-2022, 05:19 PM
A puzzling warning slipped through the other wolf’s mouth. Nefertari turned her head to the side in confusion. She righted herself as he continued, but the words ‘Sun’s children’ stuck in her mind. She refused even to guess what he meant and decided words were better suited for the problem.

“Nefertari at your service,” she said with a sly grin. She added a low dip of her head in respect. For some reason, the air of this man made her feel subservient. He was larger and could easily kill her in a bite, but it was more than that. Perhaps this was the feeling of a pack leader, Nefertari mused to herself.

“What do you mean by Sun’s children? Are they a pack to watch out for?” She asked with blatant curiosity and a bit of worry. If it was a pack, then any loner had to be careful. She eyed @Erebus for any fear on his part.

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Her response made him soon remember the state this land was in. Chaotic, untamed, no law or righteousness. Within it, while ones still ruled and black ones were content with it.
The war perhaps hadn't reached them, though they'd have to be pretty far from the mountain Hyrothisis for this to be true. The Black Hand spread far.

"Wretched creatures." He began, finding a nice seat on the ground. The man still loomed over her, even when he sat.
"You or I are lucky to not have been here for their reign." There was a pained look on his face. Some older wolves, from the start of the war, still held the stories and scars to prove what happened. They were all damaged in some way. Touched by their tyranny.
"The white ones. They treat our kind with foul contempt." He looked her up and down as he said this.

She was much lighter than he but, would still be subject to their cruelty as far as he was aware.
"They are to be banished from the Earth if you are offered the chance."

This he said seriously, though it was but an echo. A memory he repeated, played back again like a broken record. His father uttered the same words to him and his own when he was a boy.
And now here he was, carrying the same message.

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09-15-2022, 01:53 PM
Watching him sit, Nefertari mimicked him. She found a nice sunny spot to make herself a bit more comfortable. Now on her haunches, she listened to him, fascinated. He had interesting rhetoric that seemed to come from experience. She was new to these lands, after all, perhaps the white wolves held down the other wolves as the mountain wolves had in her world. She growled along with his last words in agreement.

She had nothing to do with this war, but she was here now. She still had leftover anger from her past life. She had no outlet for her fury from her youth. Perhaps these white wolves who considered themselves superior were good scapegoats.

Nefertari suddenly remembered Cassius, he had been a nice wolfdog with white in his coat. She frowned, perhaps the new ones were alright.

“These white wolves sound all too familiar. I will not be looked down upon again,” she said angrily. “What do you plan to do about them?” She asked him with a sly smile. She was interested to see if he was the pack leader she thought him ready to be. She had no plans to push him anywhere, she was still nervous in his presence after all. But she might follow if he took the lead.

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He nodded to her in silent agreement but stopped at her next phrase-

"What do you plan to do about them?"

His eyes widened just a tinge. Staring off into the woods, contemplative. He had never been asked that before.
Childhood had been mostly sheltered from them, he had only witnessed them dead or enslaved. The Black Hand and his father kept the world in balance, the land in order.

But here they festered. Like a disease or a mold-

a rot.

Erebus looked back to the woman, his expression changing into something determined, passionate, and maybe even a bit crazy.
Why, he would do what his father and his father before him did,
"Kill them all."

He looked off again, briefly shaking his head before continuing.
"I would be truly mad if I thought I could do it alone, though."

A pack. Much like home. A group, organization, something of a brotherhood. He had done so much fighting for leadership yet, was he truly ready for it? Could he handle the pressure.
He tried not to think about it too hard for fear he would spiral into his own mind.

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09-16-2022, 03:27 PM
The black wolf seemed a bit taken aback at Nefertari’s question. She was surprised too, had he never thought of his own path? With his next statement though, it seemed his resolve was solid. Solid enough for Nefertari to smile sinisterly. If she had faced the mountain wolves with a pack, she would’ve done the same. Now she had the chance to enact her vengeance.

“Of course, wolves acting alone is what gets us killed.” She responded casually, a mean glint still in her eye. “You’ll need more, but I offer my services,” she said with a bow. “I may not look like much at first.” Her words were in response to the lack of any fear from the wolf in front of her. In fact, most wolves didn’t show fear or respect in front of her. “But I’m fast and agile. Use me as you wish,” she said with a mischievous wink, she liked strong men and women after all.

“Ah, but there is one thing to mention. The white wolves- er- Sun’s children that have just arrived in this land. I met one and he was clumsy and vulnerable, unsure of his surroundings, not yet infected by the ideals of others. Perhaps we can use them in some way, servants or something.” She was simply musing, not yet sure about her words. @Erebus might cut her down swiftly. But she enjoyed the idea of keeping Cassius alive in servitude to her. He had been quite kind after all, he would make a good servant.

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He liked this little monster, and smiled in response to her wink, a chuckle coming from the depths of his chest.
"I'm sure the Goddess in the Moon would appreciate your strength." There was a steadfast sincerity in his voice, and the man gently leaned forward slightly as he spoke.

Though his ears perked to hear her continue, weighing her words with the most wisdom he could unbury.
"I would allow it... but they are to follow a strict set of rules, as are you." He nodded in thought, bringing a paw up to further accentuate his turning gears.

"They are lesser and you must treat them so. And if anyone else decides to take upon a servant as well, they are not to communicate without direct supervision- if at all." Erebus gave the woman a serious eye, but it almost looked as if he were suggesting things she must already knew. A sort of "obviously" and matter of fact tone about his voice and expression.
"The pale ones are evil creatures and will conspire with one another at any chance they may get." The tall dark man concluded, and looked at her as if waiting for a confirmation, that she indeed heard him well and would heed his wishes.

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Rules certainly weren’t Nefertari’s favorite thing. But she would follow them as long as they made sense and were beneficial to the pack. She had never been in a proper pack before and excitement was growing in her chest. This man would shape them to his ideals, and shape her. Nothing could be better. She had waited for this sort of structure her entire life.

“Of course, rules are necessary for all. It keeps wolves in their place.” She said with a cocky smile. “I am not above them.” -and neither are you, she kept from adding. The smile faded from her face as her expression turned serious. A leader had probably even more rules to follow than her, after all, he had to be fit to lead from each wolf’s point of view. She already saw him as a leader, his intimidating form, his strict standards, and even the tone of his voice.

“I will agree with you whatever you might choose,” she said in a compliant tone. She didn’t want to get on this wolf’s bad side. And although she had just met with @Erebus , she decided to believe in him and his convictions. She could be arrogant and mischievous at times, but she also planned to be loyal. She wanted to be someone Erebus could trust. “If they are too unruly for them to serve us, they will already be herded for the slaughter.” She said with a laugh. He was a bad influence on her. She liked it.

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He smiled, toothy and wide at her final joke. The man stifled a full laugh, and instead let loose a modest chuckle.
He liked her fire, and saw the budding flower of a loyal flame in her eyes. His chuckle having died out, he nodded in agreement.
"Yes, death is the best mercy we can offer them."

The man stood up from his comfortable sit, looking down at the woman with a smile.
"If you intend to linger here, know that I will likely return." His eyes drifted off of her to stare among the forest, one can almost imagine hands on his hips as he looked at it like an old house. A fixer upper with potential.
"The red sap of this place reminds me of her passionate light. I think this is a noble forest to reside in." He referred to the coloring of the red moon, the most sacred shade.

Erebus looked back at Nefertari, awaiting any further comment before he said his farewells.

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Nefertari enjoyed eliciting a laugh from the man. Nefertari nodded at his sentiment. He seemed to prepare to leave. Nefertari could understand, that lingering too long in one place could be painful as well as dangerous. She would meet him here again at some point.

“I agree, it would make a good stronghold for those that know it well, I will continue exploring it,” she pledged. Then with another bow and a mischievous grin, she saw him off. “Goodbye my liege,” She said jokingly but her eyes were serious. She glanced over @Erebus one more time. Then she trotted off into the forest to explore more of its odd ways.

-Exit Nefertari-

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"my liege.."

The sentiment rolled up and down his spine, it shivered him so. He felt the instinctual need to ruffle it through his thick fur, so it may spread smoothly to the rest of his limbs. Though the man held himself steadfast, and cooly decided to hold all emotional outbursts till later. Simply nodding to the smaller wolf as she went.

He too stood and took a deep breath. Something had happened here, mostly in his brain. A creation of an idea, the spurring on of the deep primordial need to rule.
Erebus liked this. It was a most enjoyable outcome.

The man thought it best to rush back to the Everfrost and inform the queen of his eventual leave. All ties should be best severed now, before he grows attached.

Nodding to himself, as though to confirm with the inner-Erebus that he was ready for the journey back, the man took off into the bleeding woods. Only pawprints in the dirt to leave evidence of his wake.

-Exit Erebis

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