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Canis is a writing community for play-by-post (forum-based), freeform roleplay set in a fictional dream world in the intrusion fantasy genre. Most characters on Canis are wolves; many play elements are focused around wolves and canids, but the world makes room for a large variety of other animal characters such as dogs, horses, cats, bears, deer, and many, many more.

Our community is focused on flexibility, creativity, and collaboration. That boils down to a few important features:

  • There is no set activity requirement to write, though the game also rewards high activity
  • The setting and plot are member-created and staff-supported
  • Writing is collaborative, and so is our supportive community
  • The game is continuously improved to increase fun and decrease stress

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We were born for greatness

09-10-2022, 04:25 PM
For Nightwalker members! Anyone who wants to meet Eldra <3 | Set for hours after she's welcomed back by Vengeance

The Soldier prowled through the trees, mainly sticking to the borders for the first few hours to reintroduce her scent into the Reach.
Strong borders were important, and she was duty-bound to help keep them that way.
Her mind went to the possibility of seeing @Morag or even @Almight as she suggested herself to do, but there was also the scent of pups within the pack, and she as unsure then about if seeing the Consigiliere in person now was a good idea, especially if she was guarding any of their youth...

Eldra hmmed softly in thought.
She decided to head back further into the Reach, sniffing for a cache. Once she found one, she would look for a rabbit, but found none in the food store she uncovered...

With a low rumble, she'd re-cover the cache and begin hunting for fresh prey.
Sniffing through the Reach, she eventually caught the scent of a deer, and took to following the trail of the ungulate.
the staff team luvs u
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