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Disco: Sourwood Foothills


Sourwood Foothills

Mountains Territory

Located in the shadow of Stone Mountain, the Sourwood Foothills are named for the expansive groves of the trees from which it gets its name. Defined by its gently rolling hills which slowly give way to the steeper and rockier footholds of true mountains this is a gentle and beautiful expanse of forested land made up of shallow valleys and hills that gradually climb in elevation the nearer they come to the high peaks to the west. Seasons bring diverse and dramatic change, thanks to the Sourwood trees that dominate most of the area. In the spring the hills are filled with the sweet scent of the bell like white blooms that make the slender branches of the trees hang heavy, summer brings vibrant green leaves, and in autumn the leaves shift to brilliant reds, golds, oranges, and purples until they drop baring the delicate branches of the trees to the stark winter sky. 

Map here, territory circled in red:
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Now what?

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In the mean time, there is a new prefix for Sourwood Foothills available in the Mountains biome :)
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