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hanabatake o kayotte

Afternoon Sunny/Clear
09-01-2022, 03:08 AM (This post was last modified: 09-01-2022, 03:20 AM by Hanako. Edited 1 time in total.)

she comes to with the smell of flowers tickling her nose. 

oblivion beckons for her to fall back into its embrace, and for a time, she dozes. sleep is peaceful, warming tensed muscles and soothing her troubled mind. these days, she prefers to sleep; to get lost in the world of her dreams, where things are better, where her daughter doesn't hate her and she's not the clan pariah. in sleep, it's easy to forget the harshness of the world outside.

sometimes, she wishes she could sleep forever. 

but eventually, no matter how hard she tries, she can't fall back into that soft, heady space. and so it is with a long-suffering sigh that she allows her eyes to open to the sun's rays.

the first thing hanako sees is color. 

a field of color blooms before her, comprised of rich purples, vibrant greens; sunshine yellows and deep blues. for as far as her eyes can see, the hills roll and roil, fading into the curve of the blue horizon. wildflowers and aster and sunflowers and gentians stretch across the surface of these hills, each more beautiful than the last. she breathes in, lungs inflating with the force of oxygen, and is met by the sweet, fragrant scent of many flowers sharing the same space. 

fat little bees bumble to and fro', flitting from flower to flower beside butterflies, pollenating each flower in turn. it's a breathtaking sight, and for a moment, hanako is struck dumb. she can do naught but stare, mouth agape. 

then, with a flurry of movement, she's off. 

her heart swells within her chest, and though she's not sure how she ended up here, or why, she finds herself filled with joy. 

hanako; 華子: given name, "flower child." 

named, and aptly so, for she was born within the cradle of a flowering meadow. her mother, haruka, the spring flower, was a skilled herbalist and gardener, and she taught hanako everything she knew from the moment the pup could walk. hanako grew to love flowers and plants, for their quiet perseverance and their subtle beauty. she learned to love them for the ways they could help others, the way they allowed her to help others. 

and when her mother died, all she had left of her were the skills she'd been taught. her mother's legacy carried on through her. 

the flower field reminds her of her mother, and of when she was but a pup, skipping at her mother's side through the sea of colors. reminds her of joy and love and contentment, back when she felt safe and loved and sure of herself and the world around her.

and so it is that the joy of a pup fills her at the sight before her, and it is with a soft peal of laughter that she flops down into the closest patch of wildflowers. hanako rolls to lay on her back, and wiggles excitedly, coating her fur in the sweet scent of the flowers around her. the white splotches of her pelt are quickly dirtied, smudged a soft green from the stalks of the plants, but she can't find it within herself to care.

at five years old, a mother and aunt, an adult in her own right, perhaps it's not right or proper for her to writhe in the grass like an overexcited pup. but there's not really anyone around to see her, so, who cares, really?

once the excitement wears off, she turns back onto her side, lowering her head to rest her chin across the lines of her paws. suddenly, she's sleepy again, and once more hanako finds herself settling into a light doze.

if this is a dream - which, she's certain it is, for how could she have ended up here, when she clearly remembers falling asleep in her den? - , then it's a very nice one, she thinks.

note: first post with her! sorry it sucks >.<

the staff team luvs u
09-30-2022, 01:38 AM
Fall had officially come, she could feel the temperature drop, and see within the more northern regions her breath was more ambient. Soon winter would be upon them, and Uriel was worried how she would fare during that time.. She was determined not to hunt, and preferably not to eat meat, for something was greatly unsettling knowing there was the chance they had a moment, where they could talk to her. She couldn't imagine eating someone like Strawberry or Hawking, both, the dame hadn't seen in some time.

Winter brought frozen lakes and lake of fruit — and this was her first winter she refrains from meat.

To try and stall her mind at such a downpour, Uriel attempted to sooth her mind and distract by looking for herbs. As it was autumn, the plants would ripen and gradually change, as now the spring plants were no more, and welcoming what was fall. Her tail wagged with a grin, as she saw what she was looking for — yarrow! White flowers where it's poultice had a variety of uses, such as fevers.. It'd be in use once winter is officially here, and she could help those who visit the glade..

As Uriel was bundling over, she could hear faint giggling, but she was actually quite close to the individual, "oh! pardon me, I did not mean to disturb you."

the staff team luvs u
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