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These Boots were made for Walking

mans is expecting but doesn’t know it yet, this thread is just so i can throw up some pregnancy symptoms and this idiot will eventually come to the realisation! All welcome, looking for WC members <3

 Trekking through the desert during the afternoon was a feat that only idiots would attempt. Luckily for him, Cupid was quite the moron.

 The world seemed to sway around him as he walked, placing one paw in front of the other becoming quite a challenge in itself, but he’d keep pushing forwards. Was this maybe to prove to himself that he wasn’t the obsessive mess he thought he was? Definitely.
 Would he admit that? No chance.

 So, he kept moving, kept walking, and the horizon began to shimmer and wave as if an oasis was inviting him to keep going. Pace speeding from a tired stalk to a hopeful trot, Venus felt his mouth water at the thought of finally getting a drink.


 And just as he got close, the mirage faded. And the fawn-pelted man was left squinting, gazing up at the sky. He shouldn’t of left Satan. Shouldn’t of left the jungle, but he did.
 Because he was an idiot, and stupid, and.. and…

 And.. he dropped. His knees buckled until he collapsed. The sun seemed to drain all moisture out of him, though his bladder still felt like it was about to EXPLODE. He hadn’t even drank anything! How did that even work?

 Cupid was too tired to think about it, but his fur prickled in an uncomfortable warmth that made him unable to even rest his eyes for even a few moment.
 Attempting to burrow into the sand, his paws met a colder, wet-er part of the earth, and a nice satisfaction hit his paws.

 Yes..he could rest here.. for a little while..

Side note, this is AFTER like a stranger in my own life, and will be regularly updated whenever he reaches a new state of pregnancy. Wanna stay as realistic as possible and I do not want him skipping out on symptoms

the staff team luvs u
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