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And we fight.

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Dragonford Isles
07-05-2022, 02:42 AM (This post was last modified: 07-13-2022, 08:40 PM by Vendrussel. Edited 12 times in total.)
the beginning of saving the following individuals: @Valeska, @Serenity @Callista @Hawking.

Saved in a separate thread: @Archon,

This event will mark now the beginning of the following fights of the wolves, versus the boars. Majority wolves are of Dragonford, Elysium, and Northfall, but anyone of any pack, or loner status are able to join at anytime.

This is a free for all with guidelines. Meaning, that there is no specific post order, however it is asked to wait until 2-3 people post before posting again.

the boars
@King Gro'Mash @Grimwald @Peaches @Thornson @Zifyne

the fighters
@Kuhn @Harper @Valmúa @Leviathan @Ragnar @Vendrussel @Jun @Vedette @Absinthe @Belial

Now after gathering some forces.. It was time for the march. They would prowl through the mountains until finally someone one way or another led them to the trail, which all would follow. There was a mixture of wolves within the mass, but she hoped it would be enough for them to properly work together and free the prisoner. Unfortunately, they didn't know before all there was even more hidden in the cave. In the distance there was the boars, and even more-so the smell of wolves basking in the back. She would estimate there was around five or so, but as they could not see what was inside.. It was a general guess.

Who else did they steal? It was none of Dragonford members, and neither was anymore Elysium wolves taken ; she couldn't guess who it would be. It ruffled at how surprisingly strategic these boars were. As they attempted to negotiate with her, it was known they were doing relatively the same likewise.

Vendrussel looked back at the small hoard behind, "we should make an opening for them to escape. At the very least, ensure their safety."

ROUND ONE — discovering there is more wolves and a strategy.

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[Image: 50558052_uo2B4WwPjfUHvgV.png] WILD AND FREE JUST LIKE THE SEA
07-05-2022, 09:07 PM
The woman groaned as she laid up against the wall of the cave, letting out heavy breaths with a groan. She was hoping that she would be able to find a way to escape these boars before it was time, but now there was no holding on anymore. Instead, she was about to give birth alone.

Sure, the other captives were there, but she had made a note to move as far away from them as she could before collapsing against the cave wall, wanting to be alone in this. She didn't have a pack to help her, or a mate to stand by her side. For a moment, she let out a soft whimper, mind drifting to think of @Jun, her heart breaking slightly. She knew when they first got together that night that neither of them wanted something more, but now here she was, about to give birth to his children. 

Pulling herself out of her thoughts, she felt a wave of nausea, groaning as a contraction slammed into her. With a heavy push, she let out a soft whimper when she heard the soft cries, though she knew she wasn't done. With another push, she continued to release her new children from her stomach, five of them in total. They were all healthy and crying, though she noticed that one of them was much darker than the rest and for a moment, she was confused. 

With a gasp, she realized the child looked like @Tyr, which made her wonder if the pup would end up being more like him. Nonetheless, she would nose each of light colored pups, 3 male and 1 females, giving each of them a name. "Hikuru, Berin, Kemp." All three of the males. "Mariana." Finally, she would look over at the earthen pup, a soft smile on her lips as she nuzzled the girl. "Callista. My earthen child." She would start to lick all of the pups, cleaning them off as her body shook slightly, in pain and exhausted. But, she couldn't let herself sleep, not with the boars around.

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[Image: a3e702c2-68a1-11ed-83fd-41e4c66def4c.gif]
07-05-2022, 11:13 PM

 Vedette paraded behind Vendrussel in a timely and strategic manner. All of her was on full alert, ears attentive and eyes on the swivel. She tried to keep as best behind Ven as possible, but it wasn't a wonder that she kept towards her ankles like a border collie. If anything happened to her, Vedette didn't know what she'd do. Sure, Ven had survived longer than she had here, but there was this unnerving feeling. The feeling that she felt when she first arrived. A fuzzy puzzle that she couldn't solve and the feeling of the ground being swept out from beneath her. The soldier didn't like it. And it put her at risk, a waver in her emotions when she was marching onward. She was at a disadvantage, putting feelings over the job. 

 The scent hits her nose immediately, and she reigns herself in, not wanting to get ahead of the jump. The cave isn't far off. The dusk dragon examined the distance between here and there. "Two of us should make a distraction. Charge past the den. The rest will storm to the front of the cave. It will divert those in there enough and give the victims a chance to escape. One of you should try to slip past, in case they're hurt. If we have a healer at hand, they should go. The diractionees can round about and meet back at the front point of the den, try to lose them. They'll need to be fast, though."
Her voice was hushed, but curt still. It seemed to never change, given the situations. Nonetheless, she gives an option, looking only at Ven for her either approval or denial. This wasn't her first time suggesting a plan — not in this life, but in the previous one. She had to tell others what to do — it shakes her somewhat that she remembers the last plan is how she died. But at least she saved the kid. 

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07-05-2022, 11:20 PM
At the moment, the boars were unaware of the army of wolves behind. They were idly preparing for the random to come, and she would sometimes come around to the cave that the other wolves were stored in and snicker at them. Although today, one was filled with blood and the sound of mewling kids came to. Peaches snorted, oinking as she brought the attention to any other boar.

"One of them gave birth!" And chortled, looking inside to see Serenity with her gross young and.. Ewwww.

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07-06-2022, 02:23 AM
Jun had followed the hoard. Vendrussel's calling was something that he couldn't ignore. The political atmosphere of it all had driven him mad, made him sick, and put him through a roaring turmoil. He didn't want to be here, but this wasn't about him, was it? For once in her life, Vendrussel needed something from others. Who was he to deny something such as it?

Wolves of the Ford would follow their dragoness, Jun taking a stance behind her. Vedette stood close by, speaking of a plan that he listened to intently.  His eyes flickered towards her, rose and glistening with red, and then towards Vendrussel. He'd give her, and then Vedette, a curt nod. "I'll go into the den. I can manage some blood and take as many wounded as I can." Jun had limited experience in medicine, but there needed to be backup. Needed anyone to haul them outside of the blasted cave. 

The man would wait, patiently. This plan could work. They had a fighting chance, after all, but a magnetized pull urged him. It guided him towards the cave— his vision at least. He still stood with the Ford, strong and impenetrable, but his ears flickered. Wavering. A scent washed by. 

Yet he thought nothing of it.

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[Image: 50763322_RIaYIznp9flUlSH.png]
korean · common · 3-3-3
does not actually have bangs
07-06-2022, 02:35 AM
The boy, though young, had jumped at the opportunity to help in a war, regardless of the size. He had heard from @Sindri and the others that boars had been taking members from all over, apparently one of their own had been stolen. Instantly, he knew he was going to help, and was thankful that Sindri wasn't against it. This was what he had been training for. 

Following along with other wolves that smelled faintly of sea, he realized quite quickly that they were Dragonford wolves, one was Vendrussel herself. Normally, he would stay away from them, but they were apparently helping out. He just hoped that they wouldn't be assholes about the Northfall wolf that had gotten taken. He didn't know the details, but he was willing to help where he could. 

Silent as usual, he lowered himself to the ground and stalked forward, standing near Jun as he looked between the current wolves. He caught the plan of the other, though he glanced between them all for a moment before speaking. "I'll help with the distraction, I'm fast and I can hold my own long enough if one of them comes after me." He narrowed his eyes slightly as he looked between the other wolves, daring any of them to say that he couldn't.

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He does. He speaks. He thinks.
WARNING: 3-3-3 Character
07-06-2022, 05:40 AM
"What peachie say?", rumbled the massive boar, hearing her say that 'one of them had given birth'.  Sharptooth already make snacks for Gro'mash.

Clodding down the stone cave, the swinegod came to his daughter.  "What has peachie got for Gro'mash...Does peachie weachie find yummy snacks?", he said uncharacteristically soft,  yet his maw told another tale: putrid foaming saliva dripping off his tusks.  Looming over the woman and her young, the swine was trying to figure out which one would taste the best.
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07-06-2022, 06:03 PM
He could smell them.

Grimwald stood strategically downwind, a little ways apart from where Gro'Mash and Peaches congregated at the mouth of their holding pen; the pair were no doubt discussing some new atrocities to commit, which normally would see his own willing participation, but this time was different. He had offered up some half-baked excuse about needing a drink, but he had really ventured off toward the outskirts of their little production to keep watch for their impending guests.

He had made sure to warn @Thornson of his betrayal beforehand. Whatever the scientist thought of Grimwald and his failing loyalty to their King, if he wanted to live, he would heed his warning and disappear amid the ensuing chaos.

The wolf-scent grew stronger every moment.

Only a small part of the shriveled husk he called a soul felt any remorse for his actions, having willfully given the upcoming raiding party precise directions to their location. Honor? Pah! Only to a point. For what was honor worth to a rotting corpse?

He would rather live to see another day - he and his friend need not perish for the ill-met actions of a selfish lord.

There would always be wolves to slay... another time.

Patiently, like a stone statue, he waited.

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07-07-2022, 08:39 AM (This post was last modified: 07-07-2022, 08:39 AM by Valmúa. Edited 1 time in total.)
 Valmúa had heard the call from Vendrussel, but there was more at stake than the conflict between her pack and the dragons.
 Whatever the case, she had come to the call to arms. She had heard a semblance of "pig" and that had set her firing all cylinders. Rushing to the scene, she found none from Northfall, so Valmúa called to her own arms of Northfall before throwing into battle. After rescuing Olive she knew quite well this was not only dangerous, but an opportunity for spies to find her.
 She howled the moment she found @Serenity's smell. The howl was a clear distress signal, and she did not know what lay ahead.

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Icelandic · Inupiaq · Old Norse · Common
07-07-2022, 05:59 PM (This post was last modified: 07-07-2022, 10:55 PM by Vendrussel. Edited 4 times in total. Edit Reason: skill tag )
"There is two that are safe from this fight. Without them, we wouldn't find the location as quickly and as well.. As a victim. The boar with scars, and the one with the mane." She warned the group that although they were to march, as a deal had been made.. Those two were safe from the realms of teeth. Yet she emphasized 'this fight,' meaning to those who felt unrested and angered by these boars, that there would not be without some consequences ; just one that neither herself or @Harper yet to finalize or decide. It mattered more to safe what was.

Although, Vendrussel was surprised to see a Northfall, much less a child. She knew this one, maybe not closely, but remembered when they ventured to the Frostfang Vale with another. She narrowed her ocean view on them, "no," and shook her head, "you are young, too young without strength and a sacrifice we shouldn't do if something went wrong." Perhaps a bias was pulling through, but she felt uncomfortable to let on of their young within this battlefield. If anything were to happen, most likely she would be blamed, even if the dragoness understood his ferocity want to help — she rejected his path. She knew not of how they trained their young ; and yet when she was young, she knew quite well she would be thrown into this battle to dusk, to dawn.. But was Northfall's training adequate for such?

He wasn't even a yearling, "although that doesn't mean you cannot help."

Vendrussel's ears flickered, the sound of a wolf calling was faint in the distance, but they were within reach to hear. By no mistake was it for the calling of Northfall, and she turned to look at the younger one, before turning back to her wolves of Dragonford, "As they have attacked us before on the brim, I don't know whether them coming will mean. Remember that the safety of those captured, are more important then fighting between wolves." She wouldn't put it past them to squabble while rescuing others. The pride of a greedy man was great, even if it came to the cost of allies ; after all, his arrogance came to the cost of his young. Many who continued to wander at the brim, and consequences were met. Although it was on her means, they had attacked her pack.

Vendrussel lightly raised her head, the smell of blood was within the air and she could.. She could hear the sounds of whimpering, in the distance. Her fur rose, "there are pups." But she didn't want to utter if they were newborns, as that factor deeply changed the tides of the vile deeds of these terrors of the coast, "Vedette has a point of a direction," and she looked at Leviathan, "if you truly wish to, perhaps you can grab the young while the rest of us usher the others out and act as a wall." If he was with numbers, his safety would be a bit better, as well as on her concious. At the very least then he could be within the mixture of those who needed help if something did happen.

It would be hard to truly move depending on the bunch, but.. At the moment they could use all the paws that was needed, especially as now young blood was within the mix. She looked at the group, awaiting for any to speak up of what role to take, "I'll be within front of the charge after the distraction."

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[Image: 50558052_uo2B4WwPjfUHvgV.png] WILD AND FREE JUST LIKE THE SEA
07-07-2022, 06:31 PM
Blinking slowly, painfully, a silver heap of matted fur roused itself against the far wall opposite her fellow prisoners. She couldn't say how long she had been dipping in and out of consciousness after being thrown against a boulder in Fate's Respite; if the growling of her stomach was anything to go by, it had least been a few days. She remembered waking at some point and remaining lucid long enough to hurl Russian insults at the disgusting beasts who held them captive, but-

Her eyes widened as something clicked.

A few days.


She leapt up on unsteady feet, claws scraping noisily against the stone floor as she felt her breath catch in her throat. Days. Amaranth had no idea where she was, Mordecai was either mangled or dead, and her children were abandoned, left with their only other parent who could hardly feed herself. She loved her wife, but it was no secret that childrearing came far more naturally to Valeska, and the thought of her mate ambling about the earth without a thought for their pups while assuming Valeska was on the job filled her with dread.

Distant mewling echoed from the other side of the cave. Her ears swiveled.

Oh no.

The boar-king loomed threateningly over Serenity and her still-damp litter of pups, their wriggling bodies squirming against the cold ground as they cried helplessly for their mother's milk. Gro'Mash laughed, licking his lips, bits of spittle flying out wetly against the stone surrounding them.

Valeska felt her blood run cold.

“N-no...” she squeaked out in a whisper, the horror of what he was about to do coming in full realization. She willed herself to take a halting step forward, but remained rooted to the spot. If she moved too quickly, he might crush one by accident...

The silver wolf swallowed the lump in her throat. Her fur bristled instinctively, lips curling back in a snarl. She had to stop him. She had to fight. She had to save them.

The boar laughed again, bending down toward the child closest to him.


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[Image: m7jPOzS.png]
07-07-2022, 07:24 PM
The woman heard the cries that were new in the cave, not one of a creature that they had stolen previously. Not long after, she heard Peaches call for them, telling them that the pregnant bitch had given birth. Wonderful! They would make wonderful snacks. 

Moving over, she saw the king looming over, a sadistic smile on her face. "Feasting time." She said crudely before moving to stand by Gromash, licking her lips greedily as she stared down at the nuggets. She gave the mother no mind, knowing that she would be weak after giving birth only moments ago. 

She would however, look over at the other female that dared to speak up to them. The woman would snort slightly as she laughed. "You really think you can do something? You've been unconscious for the past few days. You're just as weak and pathetic as the snacks in front of us." She enjoyed taunting the weak wolves, letting them know that they were nothing in comparison to the boars.

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07-07-2022, 07:41 PM
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07-07-2022, 08:12 PM
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07-07-2022, 08:33 PM (This post was last modified: 07-07-2022, 10:56 PM by Vendrussel. Edited 3 times in total.)
round 2, the fight!

Laughing, blood, milk, and crying. Her heart thumped, tensions grew and yet moral suddenly felt it lowered, "Distraction is thrown, we charge." Even without saying that, Harper had already charged forward, and yet it was now much needed. Vendrussel raised her head ; a howl sounding out of a declaration of war and gathering of the pups. Northfall or not, Dragonford enemies, and overall Elsyium ; there was now young within the mixture and the smell of blood and milk high in the air the moaning of cries. At the point it was, it was time now to charge forward within a vengeance and a saving, "something happened."

Someone was crying.

How many were among them right now? How many were still coming? Her fur rose and alongside of Harper's words, did she charge as well. The two upon taking the lead and a look toward Vedetta ; for although she tried, time could no longer be and the thoughts of a distraction was throw into the air — most if not all the boars were within that cave, doing something to them.

The smell of how many.. One, two, three? A deer flasked within the mixture, and so they charged forth ; but her goal was not to tackle that of the boars. But instead straight into the cave where the victims were, and pray to said Ancients they were not too late for what had occured. All she could do during the meanwhile of running toward, was howl toward everyone and anyone.

Maybe they would hear her howling and know they were here, and coming.

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[Image: 50558052_uo2B4WwPjfUHvgV.png] WILD AND FREE JUST LIKE THE SEA
07-07-2022, 09:08 PM (This post was last modified: 07-07-2022, 09:11 PM by Kuhn. Edited 2 times in total.)
The commotion was not hard to hear at this point, the howl of wolves rang out in the lowlands of the mountains. One voice was Valmua's. Though he could not howl himself, he knew what these calls meant: war, conflict.

@Archon had told him everything, and before long the two where off headed towards the battle. The young wolf was impressively resilient, choosing to fight despite his wounds.

Making good time with paws thundering under them, eventually they found themselves at the line of battle once more. It was alot like the last time a group like this had gathered: the wolves just ran in with a half baked plan.

As the main group made a full rush towards the mouth of the cave, the big cat running in from behind lept up on the rocky crags above the mouth of the cave. Crouching down, ready to pounce, he would help cover their escape.
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07-07-2022, 09:51 PM
 His days were a haze of misery, anger, and pain. He'd resisted and fought as much as he could but the boars had beat him until he relented. Archon... his friend... his best friend in the world. He was dead. He had to be. They had taken him away and he was too weak to do anything about it. His antlers were still so soft and so pliable... useless. He felt useless. He could help no one here and so, lay near to his Aunt Valeska. His head was down, his back to the cave entrance. He didn't want to see them, didn't want to be reminded of his weakness. His friend's death. He wanted nothing more than to kill them but knew he could not. What more could he do but lie here and wait for something to happen.

 Maybe even his own death.

 There was a commotion. Boars entering and the sounds of birth. Another haze of events... surely they would leave her alone. Surely they would leave the pups be? They did not, he watched in abject horror at the events. The chaos. Everything was moving in slow motion and yet not. "No..." He whispered, steel blue eyes wide. "NO!" Not the pups, those poor innocent lives.

 That was when the call broke, others were coming. Reinforcements. All the rage that had been building, the despair. Everything. Something was happening and it was now or never. He let out an enraged bugel and sprang to his hooves, zeroing in on the nearest boar which was the female one (@Zifyne) and turning in a swift motion to lash out with his rear hooves, a donkey kick towards her face with all the strength he could muster. This was for kidnapping him, this was for imprisoning his aunt and this poor pregnant woman, this was for killing the pups.

 This was for taking away Archon.

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07-07-2022, 10:25 PM
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He does. He speaks. He thinks.
WARNING: 3-3-3 Character
07-07-2022, 10:44 PM
 He had been warned and thus he knew.

 Treachery. Treason. Betrayal. He cared not what it was, really. He just knew that he was saving his own skin and that his dear friend had kept him in mind. Now that was a real king, in his eyes.

 It was a shame that his makeshift, brutal lab would have to be abandoned. His carefully picked herbs all left to rot. Sigh. Such was a sacrifice for the stupidity of their leader.

 He would carefully navigate away from their hidey-hole. Going away from the sounds of fighting and choas. He would follow his nose to Grimwald and to the general he would dip his head deeply, showing his gratitude. "Thank-you for thinking of me in these trying times," He had thanked him before but he would never be able to repay such a debt. This had saved him from being hunted down by Gro'Mash for deserting. This way, he could make a clean cut. "King Grimwald." And, his loyalty showed to the respectable, intelligent man.

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07-07-2022, 10:54 PM (This post was last modified: 07-07-2022, 11:08 PM by Vendrussel. Edited 2 times in total.)
More of Ragnar's kin were foolish, although she didn't know they were wholly unrelated. He was a child, not even near the size that he could be nor' reached her height of muscle-mass but threw an annoyed snarl at her, before they all rushed forward. He went past herself and Harper, and Vendrussel slide into the cave to see who was there ; Valeska, Serenity, and a deer? Although all eyes were pointed toward the pile of what was blood and mewling of cubs, and she looked at Serenity — she had given birth.

and they died.

Vendrussel flung herself forward, as the Northfall child barked and snapped at anyone who got close she started to circle both Valeska and Serenity, glancing toward the only one who survived, before back, "I'm sorry we didn't make it. But we are here." Even if her words meant nothing, nonetheless to a woman who scorned the dragoness ; she wouldn't let her stay behind with the suffering of what happened. The deer of unknown origins fought against a female swine, and then there was The King and the wretched daughter who stood away, perhaps readying themselves for an attack.

She howled once more ; they had found them, and urged all who were near to come and help within the fight, for no mere' child could protect a woman with her kin. She would block and distract any of the boars while hopefully, the others would swoop in in a helping.

She shielded ; but the Priestess flung herself at the boar that attacked, and she followed — but not in attack, rather to be the wall that would block any of the King's attack to the woman, readying herself for any damage. As many had fought, and some would fall — Vendrussel felt it was least to do to give up a mortal coil of injury as the others sacrificed to bring down the evil of this coast.

The victims had been injured enough.

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[Image: 50558052_uo2B4WwPjfUHvgV.png] WILD AND FREE JUST LIKE THE SEA
07-07-2022, 11:07 PM
There is a lot happening.

First the sounds of a wolf howling, but the boars were having fun in the cave and didn't rush out ; although a few may be out there guarding. Then the snarling, the attack over her papa and the appearance of a ruddy-gray kid and a blue wolf! She oinked, quite aggressively and was stressing out — she wasn't sure where to go, for one second her papa was being cornered with two wolves on him, and then another was blocking the mother wolf, and then..? The deer attacked the other!


Might as well flee.

Peaches tried to book it.

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07-08-2022, 12:35 AM
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