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Power, Is Power.

@Arashi <333

Nyra traveled from the Eye. She would stick around most of the time, but on occasion, like tonight, she would wander. 
Looking, seeking.
Probably for things not there.

Like true love...
True purpose.

The Warqueen sat by the edge of the water, watching her reflection, unmoving like a statue.

She was lost in thought, heavily so. But her ears remained perked to catch any sounds around her. 

What if anything, would come of this night?
the staff team luvs u
Totally got a little carried away, :D. I think my fingers got excited while writing. LOL

It was oft a rare occasion for Arashi to actively seek out anything particular. Being caged in by a life to know only one purpose, what more could a guy like him truly want? But now, being free from it all... it seemed like he should have wanted something; anything. Nowadays he roamed around like a helpless babe. Nowhere to go. No one to see or share tongues with. Hell, it was lonely-... even for him, and that says something, being as much of a recluse as he'd been for most of his youth.

A decent amount of time had passed since the hound had spoken to anyone. It's not that he never saw anyone, but he usually would avoid them on purpose. What was there to talk about? If anything, he'd be obliged to pause his travels for a spar or two, but nothing more. What more did he need?

But in this world, some things were brought to life and meant to be spent time on. Today, Arashi found that one thing, whether he knew it right away or not. 

Weaving his way closer to the water, a tall, white figure slithered its way into view. From behind, he didn't quite know what to expect. A gargantuan such as this would have been someone he would have avoided if not already finding himself locked in a combat challenge with. But there was something... a whisper, beckoning him to draw closer. Maybe he needn't say anything? Just look? No... that would too creepy, or maybe even threatening. Should he say something? No... too sudden and abrupt. They were complete strangers. Why should he obliged to approach at all?

Before he knew it, a small, heavy chuff slipped his snout. In an instant, the hound's shoulders tensed. He wasn't sure whether it was due to nerves or just being prepared in case the strange wolf lashed out at his presence. Either way, he had no clue what he'd just gotten himself into. In those waiting moments, Arashi remained stiff, but did his very best to soothe whatever facade he held. It was often barren and cold, lacking true regard. Hopefully this wolf wouldn't take offense to what they saw... if they even cared, anyway.
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The Warqueen jolted ever so slightly when a soft chuff sounded behind her. 

In the silence around her it was almost deafening. 

She didn't whirl around on guard like she might've. Instead, she calmly turned her head over her shoulder to look upon the man who seemed to want her attention. 

A vague whisper murmured in the deep subconscious of her mind. She felt she knew him somehow, from somewhere...
But she didn't remember. Couldn't remember.
Trying to recall the memories she lost still ached...

Nyra watched him with her fiery gaze, inquisitive..
"Greetings." She said, conscious of the smile that graced her scarless features.

She wasn't sure why she was smiling. 

:D <333

the staff team luvs u
The slow, subtle response hadn't quite been expected. 

A voice rumbled; a woman's voice, faint and gentle, despite the mass size and cloak of blisters and blemishes. Something about it drew his attention in even further. He longed to move closer, to touch what he knew he could not. Knowing that in of itself made him angry, a blaze of fury pleading to be lit within his gaze. But it would not. The former stayed, barren and bare. 

“Live near here, or does the water captivate you?” It should have been query laced with compassion, empathy, curiosity, or even humor. But it wasn't. His tone lay still, flat and hollow. 

Why did his body make him a captive to his own emotions? Again, it became an infuriating state. But he would not retaliate. He couldn't.
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Nyra chuckled softly to his question. 
"I live close by. I am the Deputy of Warcrest - Nyra." She responded. 
She would have given him her full title if she only remembered her surname. 
But she only knew of her first one. 
Slowly, she stood, and turned to come closer to the man, interest glittering in fiery-amber hues. 

"How about yourself?" The Warqueen inquired.
She gave a little of herself, it was only fair he gave something in return. 
Even if he played stoic and cold, she was not easily deterred.
the staff team luvs u
Warcrest. An unfamiliar place.

Deputy. An unfamiliar title.

Both new things to him, as were many, it seemed.

“Arashi.” He returned without hesitance. It was only fair, really.

On to the next inquiry. “I'm relatively new.” "Relatively" being used harshly. Technically, he was new, but he would not allow this woman, or any for that matter, know the disadvantages he held. If to be left solo, he would surely be lost. However, how was she to know this if he did not say it to be so? “Looking for somewhere to settle,” He continued, vague with his wording. Perhaps he could have been seeking his own settlement, or perhaps one already staked. Again, how would she know unless specified?
the staff team luvs u
Relatively new.
Looking to settle.

Nyra offered a kind smile and would extend an offer.
"If you're looking for a pack, Warcrest is recruiting." She said, waving her tail softly at her heels.
This man interested her greatly. 
And she didn't want to let him slip away if she was able to keep him close. 

Possessive, already.
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The hound thought to himself tentatively, staring towards the woman with an unknown look. She was eager to offer him a place with her pack, which was something he would have thought to be rare. Surely there was some catch.

“And what's the catch, should I agree?” There had to be one.

Maybe it was that they were in dire need of a firm grip on the territory, or against nearing enemies. Or was it some other reason? Arashi couldn't quite fit the pieces of the mismatched puzzle.
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Nyra huffed softly, a ghost of a noise.
The catch?

"No catch, from me anyway. Unless you consider obeying a tyrannical king a catch." She replied with a hint of bitterness.

Though she loved Satan, he was, indeed, a tyrant. 
And she was making what she could out of being one of his pack members. 
Not that she had been given much choice...
A glimmer of hope glinted in her amber eyes. What did the strange man have to say?
the staff team luvs u
No catch. Really? Arashi found this surprising, but wouldn't question it further. He should be grateful to be so free of worry. Well... almost. While a tyrannical king was nothing new to him, each one varied. The next could be worse than the last, but what did he have to lose?

“Nothing new to me. I grew up with one.” The hound would simply shrug, face barren of any true emotion or concern. 

His father had been a true tyrant, the worst of many. If he could put up with one asshole, why not another?
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Nyra nodded in acknowledgement of his words. 
"The King may have his own terms, but so far it's usually just a matter of pull your own weight." She added after a moment of silence. 

WIth that, she would begin to walk past the man and start leading the way back to the Eye, where Satan would pass judgement, inevitably.
the staff team luvs u
A matter of pulling weight. How hard could that be? It shouldn't be, for anyone, unless they happen to be a lazy lump. And that, Arashi was not. He was a creature eager to stay on his feet and moving, no matter what task he was assigned.

“Mm,” He grumbled in response, noting her warning.

From then on, the hound was simply content to follow, growing even more curious to see what this King was like. Would he be anything like his father? Better? Worse? The odds would not spoil the surprise.
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