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All the Stars are Closer

Sunrise Fog
06-12-2022, 03:43 AM (This post was last modified: 06-12-2022, 04:29 AM by Boa. Edited 1 time in total.)


Run and never take your bloody 
paws there ever again.

 A beast of strength and powerful flame-hued paws ran; sprinting through the plains, fog twisting and curling around his lower legs, enticing him to return to it as if he were but a simple shadow that'd be crushed by the light of the climbing sun.

 But like his homeland, he wouldn't return. He couldn't. He killed them, how they had killed her. How could he show his face there again? There wasn't even anyone left to see him. Why would he want to be alone? It was all his fault. Maya would be so disappointed. He'd killed them all. He ruined their lives.

 Shaking his head angrily, the monsters gait slowed to a halt, stretching his neck to the sky and letting out a roar that echoed off of the other sounds, making it louder, more powerful, like his claws being brought down on his family. I'm sorry.

 As the fog curled and twisted and the sun climbed the brightening sky, a dramatic cast of half-shadow half-light was brought on the tiger, a long silhouette stretching tall below him. With a grunt, he collapsed, tired and alone, with no one to comfort him. Not even Maya. They killed her. Boa believed they all deserved what happened to them, but he knew Maya would say otherwise. Just because they hurt me didn't mean you had to hurt them, she'd say, and Boa would shake his head in frustration. 

 But now, she was gone. Nothing but the memory of her remained. And the blood of his family on his paws. With a sigh that almost brought forward a sob, Boa began meticulously grooming his paws. The metallic taste made him recoil, though, and he quickly abandoned the action.

 Maybe someone had heard his roar, maybe someone were on their now, or maybe Boa would be alone.
I miss you, Maya.

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06-12-2022, 04:51 AM (This post was last modified: 06-13-2022, 04:18 AM by Mei. Edited 2 times in total. Edit Reason: added ecologist & combo skill tags )
[Image: unknown.png]
the ocean priestess had torn herself away from the coast days ago. out of her element, she felt exposed— nude. she moved with her rawboned body close to the ground, tail tucked under her as if constantly under threat of attack. grass caught in-between her toes where sand normally prevailed as she trotted cautiously across the land, at least making good time.

but good time to arrive where? wherever her family was. family was about the only thing able to drag mei from her secluded island. for as much as she loathed being inland, there was no point in locking herself away if she could not at least be surrounded by the few she trusted. even if she had only a snowball's chance in hell of reuniting with her sisters, her cousins, anyone, she had to try. so here she was, utterly miserable and lost. after crossing the shallows of a river (and washing off the scent of the sea, to her dismay), she found herself in a misty clearing. mei had not eaten since leaving the cosmic isle, forcing her to shift her focus from tirelessly searching for kin to prey. at least she was hidden here amidst the fog, giving her some semblance of safety for the time being.

a feeling that was quickly dashed by a thunderous roar that forced her ears to fall flat against her skull. it was close; far too close. her heart hammered against her sternum, body dropping to the ground. a fear of the unknown gripped her, unable to discern the nature of the creature who'd uttered such a horrifying cry. to her, the source was a monster. it sounded angry, and mei knew she stood no chance against this foe... not that she knew a thing about combat. that was left to her sister ying, who was normally right by her side.

but now, she had no one. closing her eyes, she uttered a quick prayer to the gods above for her safety. if they had sent her to this realm, they surely did not want her perishing so soon. that soothing act allowed her to collect herself, and she opened her eyes again. the fog parted, revealing a clear pathway to the gargantuan feline with a pelt vibrant as wildfire, stark vantablack stripes breaking its outline. it was facing away from her... for now. taking a deep breath, mei slunk away, unable to tear her eyes from the mesmerizing beast out of both awe and terror. however, this would be her downfall, as her paw came down upon a twig that snapped under her weight. mei cursed inwardly, now almost certain her fate was in the hands of the gods.

perhaps this was another test. she must have faith in her purpose here, that they would not let her die. but that was easier said than done when faced with one's own mortality.

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06-12-2022, 05:08 AM (This post was last modified: 06-12-2022, 05:09 AM by Boa.)

This may be the night
My dreams let me know
All the stars are closer.

 The massive beast had planned to nap, cleansing himself of his sins by only dreaming of his own suffering. He was too afraid to hurt himself, as he had so brutally hurt his kin. He couldn't do it again; Maya seemed to stay with him, his conscious, almost. The tiger didn't want to make his sister disappointed again.

 But as his ears quickly perked to the sound of a crushed twig, Boa raised his head, neck craning to see whatever had caused the sound. The man was on alert, for both danger and a meal, though instead, his gaze fell to a wolf seemingly trying to navigate the plains. Hm, they didn't seemed to used to this. The beast almost snorted, though he quickly rolled his eyes, flicking the tail to see if the woman would notice.

 He wouldn't talk if she just wanted to go on her way, though his tail flick rustled the grass and some leaves of a small shrub. The man kind of wanted the wolf to come over.. but what if she ran? The tiger was clearly an intimidating figure, and he didn't deserve the company of another, yet.. he couldn't help feel lonely.

 If only Maya was here, but she isn't now, so he'd have to find company elsewhere. With a sigh, he heaved himself upwards, studying the wolf. The fog seemed to part around them, as if they were being watched by gods of some sorts, blessed maybe. Hm, Boa needed that kind of thing, luck, a miracle, though he wouldn't be delivered one, he knew. With an awkward grunt, the man shuffled his paws, wrapping his thin, long tail around his feet. 

 Well, words decided not to work.
Instead he was gazing at the wolf with a curious glint in his eye, a single brow slightly raised in an inquisitive manner. What would this wolf be like? Rude or polite? Violent or.. peaceful. The beast knew which ones he preferred, though changing someone wasn't easy. That's why I killed them, a part of him seemed to whisper, though he quickly shook his head.

 Why were they the only thing he could think about? Goddamnit.
Forcibly redirecting his thoughts to the stranger, Boa dipped his head politely, attempting to show that he wasn't of harm. 

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06-12-2022, 06:48 AM (This post was last modified: 06-12-2022, 07:36 AM by Mei. Edited 2 times in total. Edit Reason: ecologist(?) )
[Image: unknown.png]
his large eyes hosting pinprick pupils bore into her flesh like bullets, making her skin crawl. upon realizing she was a helpless creature, however, he relaxed. but was this genuine, or a façade? his mannerisms, like everything else in this world, were foreign & thus lost on her.

a primal part of mei urged her to run, but she stayed rooted in place. perhaps it was out of shock, but she closed her eyes & filled her lungs. she did not like to think of herself as a coward; furthermore, if this was a test from above, she was determined to pass it. & so instead of turning tail like a spooked deer, she turned to face the feline fully just as he had to her. & when he sat, she again mirrored him, sinking back onto her haunches with her tail wrapped neatly 'round her little paws.

“你好,” she started, but quickly corrected herself. in this world, like the last, few seemed to share her mother tongue— unfortunate for her. “hello,” she tried again, willing her voice to hold an air of confidence that was scarcely there, but growing exponentially.

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06-12-2022, 07:08 AM

Is it anything
and everything you hoped

 Was this little wolf... mimicking him? As he sat, the wolf sat. As her curled his tail around his paws, the wolf oddly did the same. Though, it was less graceful, as she had the tail of a canine, and the beast had the tail of a feline. Different prefixes. Tilting his head towards the wolf curiously, he wondered if she'd continue copying, though instead, she spoke. Ah, so she knew the common tongue. That was convenient.
"Hello, I am Boa. Tiger, Beast, whatever you call, I do not care. What your name?"
 The man spoke with a semi-thick Russian accent, words dripping with aggression that wasn't actually present. The mothertongue was a... violent.. language, and even simple conversations could look like brutal screaming matches to onlookers. It made Boa chuckle in an odd way, though he remained silent in front of the woman. While he could care less for 'impressing' a wolf, he still had manners and morals (somehow), and he still acted proper, at least, he thought he did.

 Shuffling, Boa stood, taking a few steps back and bowing down in a stretch, god his back was sore after the endless running for however many days. Arching his back as far as he could go, the beast honestly looked quite majestic as the sun glistened down on him, though his back made.. less magnificent sounds. Cracking and popping, the fur on his back stood on end, still exhilarated after the sprint. 

 Coming back to sitting, the man watched the wolf, as he had been before. There wasn't much left for him to do, though the fog was starting to disperse and the sun was still slowly climbing up the sky. With it being only so early in the morning, it was unlikely there'd be any prey out, but perhaps he could go catch something. 

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[Image: unknown.png]
the beast replied, voice thick with an accent very distinct from her own. it was guttural & aggressive, & mei could not tell if that came with the native language he spoke or was merely a result of his own gruff vocal chords. she wondered: did his mother tongue originate with his kind? it was... fitting, she admitted to herself, insensitive as that may have been. it was comforting, meeting someone else who wasn't terribly fluent in common. that had always been a source of self-consciousness for mei, despite her stubborn disdain for speaking it.

he introduced himself as "boa"— a simple name, thank the stars. speaking of, it seemed she had more than that to thank the stars for. she was still in one piece and, what more, holding a civil conversation with a being that wielded power leagues beyond her own. this in tandem with her savior being another behemoth only strengthened her faith. what more, both were creatures she'd never seen in her past life. her whole experience since awakening thus far had been nothing short of magical.

“i am mei. nice to meet you,” she said with a little smile, nerves settling substantially. the cat stretched himself taut, spine curving and popping as it did. her attention was drawn to his massive paws: feline killing machines tipped in razor-sharp needles. they were stained red. had he made a kill recently? it was a good thing he was comfortable & possibly satiated. “what bring you here?” she asked conversationally.

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06-12-2022, 08:46 AM (This post was last modified: 06-12-2022, 08:47 AM by Boa. Edited 1 time in total.)

Or does the feeling 
haunt you?
I know the feeling 
haunts you.

 Mei? Hm, that didn't sound like a particularly common-tongue like name, though it didn't sound mothertongue either. Perhaps it was different? That would make sense, there were different parts of the world, of course, but Boa doubted she would remember, if she awoke here. The beast had ran, ran and ran from his homeland, before passing out and re-awaking in official Canis land, some of his memories still intact. I killed them, I hated them, they hated you. I'm sorry. Blinking ferocious, yellow eyes, the tiger listened to Mei's next question.
 'What brings you here?'
 Shuffling uncomfortably, the flame-pelted beast cleared his throat, a thick, guttural sound emitting from his maw as he though of words to say. Well, he came to escape, that was true. But how to explain what he was escaping from? No sane creature would say themselves, at least, that's what the man thought, but what else could he say? He ran away from home? The tank held back a chuckle, saying that would make him sound like a tiny, rebellious cub. He was grown now. But.. he had to say something.
"I ran, from home to here, Canis, because I'm beast; monster. I cause harm, and I hurt. 
Kin, Maya, she would be mad with me. I did bad things. But, kin hurt her, so I hurt them,"

 Simple, blunt, just as he was. Boa lifted a paw, gazing at the blood-soaked claws with a distantly somber expression on his face. He.. regretted it, at least, that's what he thought in the moment, but the beast knew he wasn't right for what he did, no matter how he acted. Maya would be disappointed, mad, sad, and it was all his fault. If he had actually managed to escape with her instead of getting caught, they both could of come to Canis, but he watched her die. They.. killed her. So the man enacted revenge.

 As images of the massacre and his mother and father and brothers and sisters and everyone flashed through his head, the tank dipped his head to the ground, sitting in silence as the fur on his back and tail stood on end. He was a monster, he could hear Maya say it in his ears. Monster, monster, monster monster, but he watched her die. He was forced to watch...

 ...Shaking his head in refusal, Boa wouldn't dare to think about the screams that twisted and curled around him at night, and instead turned his gaze back to the wolf, taking a large breath before sighing heavily, letting go of a tension that he hadn't been conscious of building. 
Boa was tired.

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[Image: unknown.png]
what she believed would be a simple conversation started quickly became dark. she frowned as boa explained the plight that had brought him here, brows furrowing with concern. was that the reason behind the blood on his paws? she repressed a shiver. mei was at a loss for what to say, knowing she had to tread carefully with the apex predator's trauma so fresh. she swallowed.

“oh... well, if they were hurting her, i don't think you are a monster for returning it,” she tentatively offered. if she had the same power he wielded, mei would have done the same to anyone who hurt her family. she wished she had not been so powerless at the hands of the men who abused she & her sisters all those years ago, when they were so young.

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06-12-2022, 11:46 PM (This post was last modified: 06-12-2022, 11:46 PM by Boa.)

I don’t think
you are a monster
for returning it.

 That had caught him off guard.
 Someone thought he wasn’t a monster? Boa turned his head to Mei, tilting his head in curiosity. Hm, it was.. odd, to say the least, though the beast couldn’t help but give a small, grateful smile. 

“Thank you. Kin had been hurting her long time, started with Mother hitting her after King visited. She was ashamed of Maya.”

 He explained gruffly, returning to a position where he was laid on his stomach, fiddling with his paws as he spoke. While he looked like a tank, his body movements suggested an otherwise weary, worried man. 
 With a huff, the tiger stood, beginning to stalk forwards. With a simple tail flick, he signalled for the other woman to follow, if she so pleased.

 Continuing on he sentence, it felt nice to talk to someone about his past, whether Mei even wanted to hear or not. Suddenly feeling a little conscious of his wording, Boa continued awkwardly walking along.

“One day, Maya and I try to run, get away from home. Get away from Maya getting hurt, but.. kin found us, and took us home. They.. hurt.. Maya, blamed her. So, I hurt them. It.. was not good. I am full of regret.”

 Finally saying it to someone made him feel better, though as he continued walking, he couldn’t help but think Maya would be disappointed. She was the runt, the weakest of the four cubs in their mothers litter, and he had tried to help her entire life. He couldn’t let them hurt her.

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Content Warning
06-13-2022, 04:10 AM (This post was last modified: 06-13-2022, 04:12 AM by Mei. Edited 1 time in total.)
Content Warning
This post contains content that may be unsettling to some readers, including:
  • past mention of abuse
[Image: unknown.png]
he was visibly surprised to hear her say she didn't think he was a monster... what a troubled soul. her frown deepened when boa went into more detail, explaining that his mother had been physically & emotionally abusing this "maya" he cared so deeply for. antsy, as soon as he'd returned to a lying position, he stood again. he beckoned her to follow with his long, whip-like tail. she obliged, falling into step with him, though every stride he took was two for her.

his story was already hitting painfully close to home for mei. but when boa said they had tried to run only to get caught and for maya to take the blame & punishment, it was too much. images from her past floated to the forefront of her mind from the depths like drowned bodies. huā, ying, herself... they were so young when they'd tried to escape from their predicament. they, too, had been punished severely for it. but they had three heads between them, & working together, they'd managed to run & run & run to their freedom. boa & maya had not been as fortunate. shaking herself, the world came back into focus.

“boa... you are not to blame,” the priestess soothed, empathy blossoming from her bosom. “my sisters & i, we...” she paused. a ravine stood before her, & across it was a rope bridge she'd seen many times. this rickety bridge, it always made her freeze when she stood before it. normally, mei did not trust its rotted boards not to give out & send her tumbling to her demise. but boa was already here, having already crossed halfway. he was leaving himself just as vulnerable right now, & he was over twice her weight. so... she took her first step.

“we were the same, in another life. i understand you,” the words flowed from her like water, going easily once she allowed the dam to burst. “but one day, we got out. & we were free...” she drew her gaze heavensward, taking in the beautiful pastel sky. she allowed her lips to curl into a soft, bittersweet smile. turning back to boa, she continued: “i am so sorry maya is not with you. i cannot imagine what i'd do if i hadn't made it out with both of my sisters. i am without them now, & i feel so lost. i only left the sea to look for them.”

a crushing weight had been lifted from her chest. sighing, mei reveled in the feeling. it was freeing. had his situation not mirrored her own, she wouldn't have braved the risk of falling. but she was glad, nonetheless.

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you are not to 

 But he was. It was his fault, all his fault. He was the reason Maya was gone, she shouldn’t of protected her, that only put a target on her already highlighted back. The beast shook his head with a chuckle, gazing back to the wolf. She was a daring one, though he doubted she understood what had gone on when he was but a mere cub.

 Until.. she started talking about her sisters. Were they like Maya and I? He thought, a single brow raising in wonder. Perhaps he and Mei weren’t so different, though she seemed like a more fragile soul. The way she carried herself and the way she spoke — though it was heavily accented — suggested that she was damaged, like him, though she was still fragile.

 The beast was fragile as well, but.. in different ways. He’d snap easily, tears wouldn’t come. He’d cause pain and suffering among those he deemed deserving of it, though he wouldn’t be lost to sorrow, like Mei probably would. At least, thats what he could judge from her so far. All they knew of each other were names and some of their past, was that enough to be considered friends? Me would be his first in a long, long while. Was she.. a new Maya..?

 Dipping his head as the woman began to apologise, Boa attempted to nudge his shoulder against hers, a brief way of saying ‘it’s okay’, he didn’t need an apology from someone who had only been kind so far, if anything he should be apologising for revealing his tainted past.

“I do not deserve apology, Mei. I am sorry for your kin, and I hope they are out in world for you to find. One day, maybe kin will return.. You come from sea? Make sense with salty smell, nice, though. Not what I am used to, unique; like you. Never see animal with your marking,”

 Just a brief compliment, she was a gorgeous wolf, after all, and would envy any animal who won her as a mate. While he personally wasn’t looking for love at the moment, with Maya’s death being so recent, maybe one day he’d return to Mei. Though, wolves and tigers mixing seemed… uncommon, at least.

 No matter what his and the wolves relationship would be, Boa would gladly seek her out in the future, just to talk to, maybe to hunt with. She seemed a kind individual, and the beast was lucky to meet someone so seemingly compassionate. His yellow gaze softened as he looked over at Mei, though he quickly turned his eyes away, the scent of prey up ahead.

”You hungry? Scent of hare, tail-length ahead, you smell? Hopefully not just mirage, I haven’t eaten in long time.”

 A chuckle escaped the tanks maw as he lifted his nose to the air again, claws sinking into the ground as if it were his prey below him. Oh, how his mouth watered at any sort of prey scent. The man was starving..

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[Image: unknown.png]
boa shouldered her reassuringly, & mei felt a small fraction of his massive strength as his weight was shoved into hers. she shuffled her paws to retain her balance, giggling softly. when she smiled at him, it was broad & genuine, her fear all but dissipated with the mist around them.

the cat was humble, insisting he did not deserve an apology & instead apologizing to her about her own plight. she became bashful from his compliments, slender ears flattening as she struggled to hold his intense sunny gaze. “thank you... if you see anyone who look & smell like me, we are probably related. if you don't mind, ask if they know mei. i would be very grateful,” she requested, needing all the help she could get if she was to reunite with her estranged kin.

the scent of a hare wafted her way. boa noticed it too, asking for confirmation of what he'd detected & whether she was hungry. she nodded. “a little, but i don't need much. you should have it,” mei insisted, keeping her voice low now so as not to startle their quarry. he probably wouldn't need her help (& she doubted she would be of much, for most of what she caught swam or crawled in water), but she would try her best to be of assistance in case the hare slipped from his grasp.

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I love Mei so much, you're so good with writing her <3

Skin covered in ego
Get to talking,
I get involved like a rebound.

 Boa dipped his head, glad that he was able to make such a hurt and seemingly sorrowful wolf smile, it was an honour. He wished he could see Maya smile like that again, though maybe it was best to let things go. It was in the past now, he'd escaped, and soon he'd have to come to terms with the fact that his kin wouldn't return.

 With a nod at Mei's request, the beast would certainly keep a look out. Would her sisters be as kind as her? He hoped so, as Mei was truly someone that he'd love to be around. She reminded her of Maya.

"Of course, Mei. I will look for your kin,"

 Sighing in relief as the woman confirmed that she had in fact scented the hare, Boa turned his head to where the alluring smell was particularly strong. Hm, she wasn't hungry? Perhaps she'd hunted after coming from the sea, perhaps she could hunt crabs or fish. That'd be cool, at least, the beast thought it would be. The tiger was unfamiliar with the concept of water hunting, so it especially impressed him.

"Are you sure? You can eat some if you want. I do not mind,"

 He asked, furrowing his brows in query. What if she was lying? Maya had done that a lot, and that didn't end well. She was already the runt of the litter that their mother had brought into the world, so why would she not eat? It had confused the beast when he was younger, though now he thought that it might be because she didn't want to waste food. It annoyed Boa, though with a sigh, he gazed back to Mei, a slight weary look in his eyes. 

 Giving one last nod in acknowledgment, the titan dropped to a crouch, slowly stalking forwards and giving a small flick of his tail to signal for Mei to do the same if she wanted to hunt with him. Keeping his paws light, the man felt odd stepping with such grace and care, as he was used to chasing after larger prey on the plains. Though, he wasn't unfamiliar with hares, they were just larger rabbits, were they not? He had frequently snacked on rodents as a cub, so surely the 'hunter blood' flowed though his veins.

 When he was only a few paw steps away from the rodent, he pounced, driving his sharp, blood-stained claws into the fat hare with hunger glaring in his bright yellow eyes. With a desperate squeak, the hare attempted to bolt, to run off and duck under a bush, though Boa quickly snapped it up in his jaws, the metallic taste filling his mouth. It was horrible, so he quickly dropped the meal, nudging it over to Mei, just in case she wanted to eat. He didn't mind, though she probably wouldn't be used to land-prey. 

"If you do not mind, you show me how hunt fish? Tiger not sea-oriented, so I need practice,"

 Tilting his head, a curious glint sparked in his amber pools. He wanted to learn how to hunt fish, maybe Mei could show him, though of course, she wasn't obligated to. Maybe.. they could bond. The man had found quite a liking to the wolf, and he'd gladly find her sisters for her, if it meant that she'd like him more. Perhaps he was projecting onto Mei.. quickly blinking, the titan repeated in his head; She isn't Maya, she isn't Maya. He didn't want to admit his fascination with her.

 Boa had never met a wolf before, perhaps it was just that. First experience with a wolf, that was why she was so.. strange (in a good way, though he'd never admit it) to Boa.

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tysm for the stardust & high praise, i cry! this thread makes me smile like a dork every time i look at it. boa is a wonderfully tragic character— you also write really well!! ♥ i'm pleasantly surprised to see how their relationship is developing.

[Image: unknown.png]

she knew boa would agree to help her, but it was still soothing to hear nonetheless. she gave a relieved smile & nodded in thanks.

"are you sure? You can eat some if you want. i do not mind," insisted boa, but mei shook her head.

“you need it more than me. you are big, i am small. i will fish again soon.” he was eyeing her worriedly, doubting her claim; but he didn't press it further. when boa lowered himself into a crouch, she mirrored him, studying his posture & movements in hopes of learning from them. if she was to spend a prolonged time inland, she would need to improve her terrestrial hunting ability.

of course, her assistance wasn't necessary for such a simple creature. boa captured it expertly in his claws, delivering a finishing blow with saber-like fangs. but his bite was but a tag like a viper— he grimaced & spat out the hare, nudging it her way. standing upright again, she tilted her head quizzically. “is something wrong?” she asked, looking the hare's carcass over. bringing her slender snout to its cooling body, mei sniffed it but did not smell anything amiss.

boa asked if she would teach him how to fish, which got her perked up. mei was so glad he asked— she was just thinking of offering, anyway. “of course! i would love to,” she said, excitement tangible in her voice at the prospect of seeing him again. her wiry tail waved gently behind her. “maybe we exchange: i teach you to fish, & you teach me to hunt ground prey.”

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06-14-2022, 10:38 PM (This post was last modified: 06-14-2022, 10:39 PM by Boa.)
Dude thank you for the stardust!!! I love these two that last post rlly made me smile <3


 Well, not exactly.
 The taste of blood had always made Boa physically recoil, ever since from when he had started weaning as a young cub, though after the most recent events.. He couldn’t help but feel as if he were re-living that moment again, even though all he was doing was hunting or eating.
Shaking his head, the beast gave Mei a weary smile.

 Which.. then turned to a more joyful one as she accepted his request. Something about the way her tone was so excited and friendly truly made this tank of fur and flesh feel.. fuzzy inside. Like.. he was cared for.

 Back at home, sure, he was ‘cared for’ but only after it was revealed that, yes, he was sired by the king at the time. He was also the largest of his litter, so of course he’d be treated specially. It made the beast want to sink his claws into the ground, though Mei kept him from boiling over. He should really not have to rely on others so often.

 As his new-found companion offered a trade, she taught him to fish, and he taught her how to hunt on land, Boa quickly jumped at the offer, beaming with a joy that matched her own tone.

”Yes! Yes, I’d like that a lot. What you want learn first? Mouse? Rabbit? I know all, very easy after first catch,”

 He offered, tilting his head and counting on his claws. They were all pretty simple, as he had learnt as a cub how to chase vole and field mice through the plains, though since he was an adult now, surely it’d be easier.

 Oddly.. he felt his memory start to.. slip away? As if Canis was doing something to his head..Though, he wasn’t certain.

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boa shook his head & offered a weary smile, but mei remained unconvinced. she suspected his recent dishing of... retribution was to blame, so she felt it best not to press him further. he needed time to heal & process, & to focus on positive things. she decided then that she desired to help him with this.

his smile became more sure of itself when she ecstatically agreed to take him fishing. there— that face was what she wanted to see! boa shared her excitement, eagerly listing off prey to tackle first. mei couldn't help but to giggle at seeing the massive apex-predator filled with childlike joy. “rabbit would be a good start,” she suggested, looking at the one he'd just taken down with ease. nudging it back his way, she took a seat, hoping he would be prompted to eat.

“you make it look so easy, but i fear i would be outrun,” admitted mei. “sea life is easy; i am best at catching crustaceans & oysters. they are clumsy, slow. fish slip easy from your jaws, but you can stand right on top of them without them swimming away. sometimes, they fly right into your mouth!” inland wolves never believed her when she said it, but it was true! especially during the salmon run. bears knew this best.

“the sea is very giving,” mei finished, a breathy fondness in her voice. wolves were fools for ever abandoning the ocean.

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Rabbit would
be a 
good start

 Boa nodded as Mei decided that rabbit would be easier, though the scent of such a rodent was stale, besides for the carcass that he had previously hunted. As the woman nudged it towards him, the beast nodded in thanks and tucked into the meal, brows slightly furrowing in repulsion at the metallic taste that flooded his maw.

 Quickly pulling back, only half of the hare was left; he had made as quick work of eating as he had hunting, since it was such a small, unfilling meal. Though, he didn’t mind, and he sent his gaze inland. Towards the center of Canis would be the best place to hunt, if his instincts were correct. And while they had made some.. questionable choices, there was no doubt his survival instincts were still functional.

 Giving a chuckle as Mei stated her doubt in hunting, Boa tilted his head, gazing back to her with curiosity in his burning yellow eyes. Something about how she was so uncertain in herself kind of bugged the beast. She was clearly talented and intelligent, so why would she be so hesitant in her abilities?

“You must have faith in yourself, Mei. I am sure you are better than think you are. Must believe in your skills, or never improve, understand? Not try be rude, but you are smart, intelligent. I believe you can learn quick,”

 God, he was on a roll and he didn’t even mean it. Subconscious compliments left and right, though Mei was completely deserving of them. The beasts gaze softened as he spoke, clearly fond of her already, though his gaze flicked away in a bashful manner.

 As Mei went on about her love for the sea, the beast couldn’t help but chuckle. Her fondness of the ocean made Boa want to see it even more, to be able to experience the salty waves and the sun shining down on his back.. the way Mei described it sounded… incredible.

”Sounds like a fairytale,” The man chuckled, “Unbelievable, almost. Though I am sure what you say is true. We go there first? To ocean? Or you want to go inland? Whatever works for me,”

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seeing boa eat in spite of his odd distaste for blood relieved her. he listened to her speak, meanwhile making quick work of half the hare. he chided her for her self-depreciation. just like her sisters...

“sorry, sorry,” mei said, scratching her ear with a hind paw. “you're right. & with you as my teacher, i am sure i'll learn fast.” she grinned coyly at him. two could play at this game; she had her fair share of compliments to shoot his way.

after going on to explain just how different fish were to land creatures, boa voiced his disbelief. but unlike most wolves she told this to, he took her word for it; a small gesture, but it did not go unnoticed. how did she manage to find the sweetest panther in the world? she'd only been here a few days!

boa asked her where she would like to go first, drawing her seaglass gaze westward. the ocean was just barely out of sight, yet she already felt too far. her gut said her sisters would feel the same way. “to the ocean, yes. we should check much of the coast as we can,” mei officially decided.

wait... "we"? there was already a "we"? both of them had said it, scarcely thinking of the word's implications. neither one wanted to part ways, she realized– not even for a moment.

they were kindred souls, after all.

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 Kindred Souls got me screaming that is so cute

To the

 To the ocean? Okay.. Boa shuffled his paws nervously. What if he embarrassed himself in front of Mei? What if there were other wolves there? What if- 

 Wait, the beast quickly realised that Mei had complimented him earlier. With you as my teacher, I’m sure I’ll learn fast, with a goofy smile crawling up his face, the tiger turned his head towards the sea, standing so his face was out of Mei’s view.

“Alright, we go now? Better to go soon so we do not get there when dark, if go now, be afternoon by the time we get there, yes?”

 Their use of “We” went unnoticed by Boa, though a small gear in the back of his brain silently took note of the usage, and the beast subconsciously felt himself warming up to Mei with ease.

 Growing to like Mei was as easy as breathing air, though perhaps she was just being really kind. The beast — once a bloodthirsty monster — felt himself coming to liking his wolf companion.

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