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They empty from the sky,

Midnight Sunny/Clear
05-19-2022, 04:09 AM

The moon shined brightly, a full one brimming with beauty and onto the world itself — it glistened into the still waters of the temperate rivers. Miriam followed it's stream, bright fireflies gently breezing against as they sworm against the grass against the riverbank. She hummed lightly, embracing the full light the night gives, feeling rejuvenating by it's beauty — for the world blessed them so, and felt closer, to the magic that runs into the earth and the grace that the Goddess gives.

She hummed, skips in step like a dance to the river, her paws occasionally twisting into the short steps of the river before back out to the fireflies, following in a wispy daze as her humming turned to singing.. She howled to the moon, bathing in all that it brought. Standing still in it all, and enjoying life as it is.

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05-23-2022, 08:43 PM
 He was out because he couldn’t sleep. He would have gone to talk to Archon but his friend was not around, likely off visiting his mother or one of his other relatives. That was fair and he couldn’t begrudge the man doing so… perhaps when his friend returned, he too would take a trip northward to visit Harper. He… he really wanted to see his mother again. Let her know that he was alright and a respected member of Elkshire.

 Tonight though, he supposed he would just have to patrol and make sure that all was well while he avoided sleep. So, he wandered and walked and then stopped. His ears twitched towards the sound of a beautiful note on the night’s air. The sound of wolven singing. It was nota call for a hunt nor a call specifically for someone… it was just a song. A song that drew him in.

 He walked, as silently as he could towards the sound. Ears primed and listening… until he saw a firelit beauty dancing at the water’s edge. He was entranced by her notes and her song as he stood partially hidden in the undergrowth. He’d never seen anyone dance so and he felt that he wanted to join her… but he was unsure.

 His last attempts at howling had ended poorly… so he stood silent… until…

 He remembered what he could do. Embarrassed and unsure if she would enjoy the intrusion, he lifted his head and howled in his own way with his muzzle to the moon. That elken-note, tempered and twisted into something of a whistling song. It was low and unsure at first but then bolstered into something more confident. It wove around her own howling, hopefully in the same tune so it wouldn’t disturb her but would help her to keep going. Red deer whistles could be described as haunting melodies but his was different in that he willed it into a pale song, something entirely his own.

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05-25-2022, 09:00 PM
As she howled and so, the beauty of the moon gracing them in light, her ears flickered to the sound of bleating. A deer within a distance, his head rose to the moon and twined within her own song, music notes felt off and yet at the same time.. She felt blessed that the nature itself came within her own voice, and she within a howl, slowly stopped as she approached with a smile.

Once more, picked up, but she dancing in front of the deer — like an invitation into the paddy grass to join her so. Jumping around maybe childish, and she wondered whether the other would understand her. Miriam knew not yet of the lands mysterious ways, for even ungulates knew how to speak wolf, or was it reversed? Her howling was within a rhythm, for moments she stopped for movements of wolven dancing and other times were low and high.

A song, to him.

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05-26-2022, 02:24 AM
 She didn't stop, not initially anyway, at the sound of his own unpracticed notes. He was happy for that, even moreso as she approached. He took this as a cue to come closer as well, slowly, fleetingly, as this was an entirely new arena for him to try. His own haunting melody stopped, tapering off as she did so. There was a smile on her face and slowly, he too began to smile back. His heart felt light... lighter than it felt for a while. It resembled when he was able to find and speak with Kore, this levity to his soul. Perahps the musical arts suited him, if only he'd taken more time to learn and devote his free time to it.

 They stood near each other, and then, she began to dance. He'd not seen such nimble movements before, not in the name of the arts. He was intrigued and captivated. Her howling picked back up, in rhythm to her fantastical movements. After a moment of hesitation, he began to lift his voice again. Following the flow of her song, bugling to the beat to wind his song with hers. Two voices, distinct and different yet pulsing to the same song.

 He watched her paws, her legs, her body and with her song and his own coursing through him... he felt that he needed to follow. Her invitation was clear and he didn't want to keep her waiting, not when the music coursed through his soul. He began tentatively, long legs working into the beat. As a deer, he held naturally graceful movements, and he seemed to almost instinctually fall into the dance. He had been shy at first with it but the longer it went on, he became more accustomed to the beat.

 He jumped around, dancing about his partner with legs lifted high and head thrown with childish abandon. If his antlers had been there, it might have created a lovely display under the moonlight. Alas, he was without his crown but he didn't need it as he weaved both his song and his dance into hers. Feverish and fast at points and then dropping to a slower pace.

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05-26-2022, 03:55 AM
She felt pleased, the joining of a deer within nature itself to join within the bathing under the moonlight. It is said that elk were often the guardians of the forest, protectors of them so and beasts to admire and loath in a jealousy. A feeling of nature itself to become closer to one as she raised her head high within laughter of fun and mixture of songs to follow. Howling of a wolf and the bleating of the ungulate mixed into the night, as only the fireflies grazed the light within the river-time.

She even at one pointed raised her front-legs high, like that of an elk in defense or a horse neighing. Howling, as so, for she could not mimic the sounds of a deer. Around did she go to the other, a circling of dancing within a pure enjoyment and a wondering, "May the Goddess bless us," she would say through her songs and dances, as she hoped so — the other too, enjoyed such a festive between them.

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05-26-2022, 04:42 AM
 As he became more and more comfortable with himself and his movements, he too began to laugh along with her. Finding it just as contagious as her musical inclinations. He whirled and twirled, even jumping high at one point and landing with a spritely bound. The light glinted off of his brown coat. When the bugs caught his eye, he found them just as entrancing and for a brief moment he pondered what the pair would look like to the casual observer.

 When she lifted up like a deer, hawking would bow like a wolf in play. Bugling and bleating to encourage her onwards while she circled him. His tail wagged back and forth to the rhythm but it was also in sheer joy of this moment. "And may The High Elk bless you." He added, feeling it appropriate to this moment. He wasn't exactly devout but he had heard the Deorwines speak of this "High Elk" and wondered if there was such a guardian deity.

 He wondered if the other wolf did this often, dancing under the moonlight. He surely hoped so, such an escape would do his young soul wonders if he could find her again. To frolic beneath the moonlight as if he were not but a fawn again.

 The boy hopped up, back to all four hooves and began to do a bouncing strut. Bouncing. Circling. Tossing his head with the barely forming antlers atop it.

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06-01-2022, 08:43 PM
"Oh my, you speak wolf? Surely the Goddess has blessed this land." The surprise could not be hidden as her songs had momentarily paused and looked at the deer with wide-eyes that soon cresented to a wonderous smile. How amazing! Miriam thought. Was this land truly that blessed enough, where the sky itself seem to roar and thus the others can speak? Or was it perhaps that the land itself gifted her such vocals and hearing to understand? Ah, so many questions that came to be on the how and whys, but knowing full well that it may never happen, and could only give a prayer to thanks, to the Goddess for this opportunity.

She let out a song of howl of rejoice, her dancing picking up and bouncing alongside the deer who sung to own god — the High Elk.

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06-04-2022, 12:47 AM
 "Of course, I live with wolves." There was laughter in his voice and he didn't find her assumption that he couldn't speak the language offensive at all. Usually, it was mildly annoying, but with her, the genuine surprise after their bout of fun didn't dampen his spirits. "I'm Hawking." The gift of a name for she might as well know his since they'd shared this night together. Perhaps she'd gift him with her own as well.

 A howl and then he lifted his head to call his melody to the sky in beautiful synchrony to her own. A brief wait and then, he would bound around with her again. Light, free, joyful. Rejoicing in every moment.

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06-08-2022, 02:09 AM
"How wondrous!" And fascinating the world was, for a deer to live among the wolves itself and even speak among them. As one would talk the other would sing, a disharmony between them though for the voices clashed with the mixing of species — and yet found it even more unique and lovely. She raised her legs once more like a horse, a dance to honor a newfound harmony between the two as she rejoiced in such a meeting, quietly thanking the Goddess so. Even the world around them seemed to join in, for the crickets chirped, and owls hooted.

"I am Miriam, Miriam Iris Willows." She got closer, if he allowed a bumping of his hips to intertwine their dancing as she felt more comfortable to his rhythm in dance. Safely avoiding his hooves, as her voice would raise and demand faster and faster ; for the song was at it's peak, and soon to be done.

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06-11-2022, 11:29 PM
 Nature rose around them, as if unable to keep itself from joining in on their blessed performance. He could hear it, the sounds of crickets and birds. Night creatures that raised their voices in blessed song. It drove him, making his heart bound joyfully in his chest, it made him feel so light. So free.

 She went high, raising her legs like an herbivore that boxed the air. He went low, dropping down into a play bow with wagging tail, like a wolf. He even threw in a few barks in rhythm to what was going along around them, to mark the occasion.

 Such a fitting name for the lovely woman. Miriam Iris Willows. "Beautiful!" He locked the name away in his memory, so that he would never forget her or her beautiful rhythm. Nor the elation he felt at being with such a lovely creature as she. He raised as she came closer and then, to his --pleasant-- surprise. She would step so close that they would touch. He might have been a little awkward at first, unused to someone coming so close to dance. However, he quickly picked up on her movements. Dancing along with her, following her lead. Singing and picking up with melody. Faster they went. A mixture of fur and legs, and song, and dance. Around and around, pelts brushing as if they were old friends. Playful, and fun.

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06-16-2022, 08:51 PM
As they danced, she panted. Slowly did her movements start to slow down, her dancing and singing coming to a cease as she felt her muscles burn with the adrenaline of joy, and throat sting with the chance of songs. Lightly her tongue stuck out, panting as any wolf would do as she stood stand still close to the other, smiling and laughing lightly, "this was fun," she said in the midst through her joys of jester and dances, finding herself slowly moving into the ground as she laid there. Her tail sunk into the river, cooling off her rather heated body.

"The moon always gives the need for joy." Though exhausted as she now may be, she will not forget such a summer time of fun through the moon itself and that joy with the deer, dubbed as Hawking.

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06-21-2022, 10:49 PM
 Slowly did they come to a stop and, though he'd had fun, he was happy for the reprieve. He felt tired but in a good way. "A lot of fun." He agreed and allowed himself to give a laugh as he folded his legs and lay down next to her. Completely at ease in the presence of the predator. "Is that why you dance?" He lifted his head to the sky, looking at the bright moon. Entranced and almost wanting to howl for the sheer joy of it. "Can... can we do it again sometime?" He asked, his voice a whisper as if he were afraid of others hearing it. What would Archon say if he saw his friend dancing in such a manner with a complete stranger under the moonlight?

 "I live near here... In Elkshire." So that she would know he was a local and he was just a call away.

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06-23-2022, 07:17 PM
She nodded, her face turning to the bright full moon within, "It is said wolves are particularly connected to it. Although, maybe in truth it is a connection that brings all of us together." Maybe that was what brought this unusual connection between two lawful souls, wandering within this land. Surprisingly however he was a man, a deer, who lives within a place called Elkshire, and Miriam remembered so it was a place among wolves. The land was so unusual, and yet oh-so blessed by the Goddess she felt her heart grow warm.

"I would be delighted," so said she, "when the moon is full, I will return to this spot," and together would they dance and hollar, until the day she would depart from the temperate. And yet would be sure to inform the red-moon deer, of this wayfaring wanderlust. For now, to enjoy what time they would have so.

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06-30-2022, 02:33 AM
 Brought them all together? He looked wonderingly at the stars and the moon. Wondering truly if all of these different religions were true and if they were who was right? Or were they all right in some way? "Until then," He didn't get up to move, instead still lying there. Perhaps he would stay all night by the peaceful stream before returning home. "I look forward to it." He would stay here and speak with her for as long as she wanted and allow silence to take them if she no longer wished it. Truly, he felt happy here tonight and was loathe to make it end.

Want to end it there?

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