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Canis is a writing community for play-by-post (forum-based), freeform roleplay set in a fictional dream world in the intrusion fantasy genre. Most characters on Canis are wolves; many play elements are focused around wolves and canids, but the world makes room for a large variety of other animal characters such as dogs, horses, cats, bears, deer, and many, many more.

Our community is focused on flexibility, creativity, and collaboration. That boils down to a few important features:

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Not a Queen, a Khaleesi

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The Princess had strayed from Warcrest, deciding to explore as far as she felt inclined, at least for a day or two, maybe three if the weather said fuck you. 
Sovereign turned up in a plainsland, covered in rocks and vast grasses. 

Casually, slowly, the girl prowled through the terrain and eventually spotted another wolf somewhere a ways away. 
The soldier huffed softly and continued onward, keeping the other woman in her peripheral with an ear turned that direction.

Just in case. 

​​​​Otherwise, Sovereign simply minded her own business for the moment. How uninteresting.
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Sovereign is a 3-3-3 Rated character
[Image: Val%2520Med_prev_ui.png?width=193&height=200]

The Khaleesi laid still, breath beginning to even out. Lifting herself to her paws, Valhalla leaped upon a rock to better view the desolate land, that apparently wasn't so desolate. A wolfess of white padded through the territory, unconcerned and unbothered. Irrelevant as they probably were, Valhalla was lost; clueless of where she was taken when she awoke.

With an irritated sigh and displeased groan, she continued forward, approaching the wolf with a deal of caution. It was unlikely she went unnoticed, and this huntress could attempt to harm her. "Huntress," The wolf called out, gaze stormy and expression blank, "nykeā unfortunate pālegon hen events emagon jentan issa kesīr,  though nyke unfamiliar hen skoriot kesīr iksos. Would ao massigon naejot gīmigon skoriot īlon issi?" Unbeknownst to her, the language Valhalla spoke was not native to this land; Valyrian would likely not work here.

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Sovereign heard rustling from the direction of the other female.
Seemed they were making some sort of move...

And then she was addressed. Huntress.
Sovereign would pause mid-stride with vague interest as the woman approached, and began to speak an entirely different language that the Princess didn't understand one bit.
She'd be kind enough to let the woman finish speaking before the soldier said her own piece.

"I don't know what you're saying, my apologies." Sovereign admitted, choosing to wear the mask of her youth to lend an awkward appearance in aid with her words. She could play the part of Just A Stupid Kid for now, no problem.
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Sovereign is a 3-3-3 Rated character
[Image: Val%2520Med_prev_ui.png?width=193&height=200]

She stopped only a few feet from the she-wolf, confused as ever when she heard them speak. That was not Dothraki, and certainly not Valyrian. If she remembered correctly, it was English; a language she knew little of. Ears swiveling outward, she tried to formulate something that would make sense "I am.. lost? Where am I?" God, she sounded like a confused child! Lost like some puppy that had wandered to far from it's dam and into a strangers territory.

"Nyke Valhalla, Khaleesi hen Navarrian empire." She spoke a mix of English and Valyrian, emphasizing the English translations; her name, her status, and her home to further identify the auburn queen.

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Sovereign furrowed her brows as the woman spoke in common, though with some difficulty.

Then, Valryian and Common, mixed. 
 Somehow, Sovereign finally clicked with the Valryian and responded in what she assumed was one of Valhalla's mother tongues.

"Nyke ȳdra daor gīmigon bisa dīnagon either. Nyke sepār woke bē kesīr, vestragon naejot sagon se case mirre around" Sovereign responded, giving her name in turn:
"Brōzio ñuha ikñuha Sovereign, tala hen Nyra" 
Hopefully this was much easier. The princess would assume Valhalla didn't know of Nyra, but the formality seemed needed at the moment.
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Sovereign is a 3-3-3 Rated character
[Image: Val%2520Med_prev_ui.png?width=193&height=200]

A charismatic grin graced her lips when the wolfess began to speak her in one of her mother tongues. Her brow furrowed slightly, but not from confusion. Her name was Sovereign; befitting for a wolf knowing Valyrian. "Sīr ao issi familiar rūsīr valyrio eglie,  tala hen Nyra. Apologies lo nyke tolī naejot,  yn would ao mind mirri company? Nyke unfamiliar rūsīr bisa tegon's native ēngos; misunderstanding another iksos dangerous mirre." A wolf who understood what she did not was a valuable thing, something she could use to her advantage. Sovereign was still young, much younger than herself. Perhaps she could mold the youth's mind, make her an asset to Valhalla.

Gaomagon ao sytilībagon naejot nykeā pack, riñnykeā? She inquired, curiosity and impulse taking hold for a brief time.

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Sovereign nodded in confirmation that she knew the high tongue, but she wouldn't explain how she knew it. She herself didn't remember learning it, but she'd run with what was happening. 
Waiting until Valhalla finished, the princess would speak again:
"Company would sagon alright.  Hae syt iā pack, nyke sytilībagon naejot Warcrest, deep isse se rizmun"

She assumed already that this Valhalla wanted to use her, in some way or another.
But Sovereign's mind was already a sharply molded weapon, and she was currently blanking on better things to do other than talk to the older woman who had approached her. 
That wouldn't stop her from analyzing everything she could, though. Such was the way of soldiers.

translation: Company would be alright. As for a pack, I belong to Warcrest, deep in the desert.
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Sovereign is a 3-3-3 Rated character
[Image: Valhalla_med.png]

The wolfess was a dominant being, Valhalla could tell just by looking at her. She stood straight and tall, creating an intimidating aura; Such prowess was admirable to many.

Lifting her head at mentions of Sovereign’s pack, Valhalla grinned. Warcrest. She couldn’t help but feel intrigued by the clan; though she did not need a pack, it was good to know there was at least one that could take her in.

“Bisa warcrest hen aōhon, skoros iksos aōha role isse se pack?” Her inability to speak common would pose problems later on; it would be wise to stick with the one who spoke her, and their language.

English Translation: This Warcrest of yours, what is your role in the pack?

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"Iksan simply iā vīlībāzmio. Iā azantys. Ñuha muña however iksis īlva Deputy" Sovereign responded. This was probably information she should've kept close to her chest, but in the moment the soldier decided it was okay to share. After all, she'd please the king, Satan, and especially her mother, if she brought home a potential new recruit.

English translation: I'm simply a Warrior. A Soldier. My mother however is our Deputy.
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Sovereign is a 3-3-3 Rated character
[Image: Valhalla_med.png]

A gust of wind graced her pelt, twinge of curiosity lingering in her gaze. Sovereign was a soldier, and her mother was a Deputy. Potential friends in high places; perhaps there was something for her within Warcrest.

“ Kostilus nyke could sagon hen service naejot aōha warcrest, lo ao issi willing naejot translate syt issa.”

English translation: Perhaps I could be of service to your Warcrest, if you are willing to translate for me.
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The woman seemed to consider Sov's words. Then, the soldier gave a thoughtful hum to Valhalla's words. 

Eventually, Sov would agree by saying

"Kostan gaomagon bona. Yn se journey kessa sagon bōsa, se often burning during daylight hours" 

English: I can do that. But the journey will be long, and often burning during daylight hours.
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Sovereign is a 3-3-3 Rated character
[Image: Valhalla_med.png]

The dame huffed, waiting for the she-wolf's response. She said Warcrest was set in the middle of a desert, that the journey would be long and hard. Alas, Navarra too was locked in the dunes; this should be no different.

"Pār īlon sȳrje rhaenagon early." She mused, raising a brow at Sovereign.

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