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Wet Kitty. Tired Kitty.

Afternoon Sunny/Clear 75° F
Lungs held a sharp tinge within them. Gasping breaths triggering the heart to pump blood excessively to the brain. A note to trigger survival. Her mouth parted following the harsh pressure of coughs. Their need to escape evident in how she expelled water. Desperately finding even a decent amount of oxygen.

Dimah lay heavily on the edges of rocks. Her body slightly swaying with the soft currents. Nothing matter at that moments as she continued to catch her breath. Slowing with each intake, the Galka pried open her eyes. Vision blurred by the tiredness taking raking over her.

What had happened? She didn’t remember the last after taking a drink from a nearby river. But, this wasn’t the dry plains she remembered. The lands here were higher. Full of greenery and color Completely different from the dull tan she was so used to seeing.

She observed it. Sharp claws digging onto whatever they reached to pull her body from the water’s depths. Muscles still weak from the journey. Dimah didn’t wish to move until she felt at least well enough. For now, the Galka chose to rest here. Figure stretching along the hard surface.

The weather here seemed warmer. Far more used to the scorching heat of the Swahili mountains. It puzzled her further. Confusion more prominent than before. She spoke nothing. No reason for calling out to anyone she didn’t know. How dumb did she have to be to do such a desperate thing? Bringing unwelcome denationalized to herself wasn’t part of her forte.

For the moment, her tongue glided over the first of many paws. Drying away droplets of lasted water still refusing to leave her coat.
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”Silence Isn’t Empty, It’s Full Of Answers.”
Ohhhh bad bad bad... thought Edgewise the cat.
Edgewise was correct about things being bad. Moments ago, the brown-furred little thing had been out among the rocks of the cove, sneaking and dashing and crawling into delightfully tight spaces to hunt down delicious beach squirrels, and he’d been having a marvelous time. The day was astoundingly gorgeous, with the warm sun’s rays beaming down with gentle and loving heat. There were no star-clad gods in the sky during the day, at least as far as Edgewise knew, so he didn’t have to deal with that pervasive feeling of being watched while he hunted.
And oh had he hunted. Three… three chubby little ground squirrels had met their end at his paws in the last two hours. He had just been wrapping up another after-meal nap in the safety of a crooked and sun-warmed stone when a gasping had reached his ears. The frightening sound triggered a fear reflex that sent Edgewise scrambling down under the hardscrabble stones and broken rocks of the cove. Suddenly, the sense-dulling feeling of being way-too-full was a hazard, and his eyes were wide in the dark shadows of the rocks as the gasping thing climbed out of the water and onto the shore… and then onto the rocks above!
Edgewise froze, or tried to freeze, but his eyes betrayed him and looked up. He saw a paw… and what a paw! Wide and powerful and silver-furred, and perhaps the size of Edgewise’s own head! The claws appeared retracted, so Edgewise was thankfully spared the vision of the deadly hooks he imagined that the creature possessed. What was this beast? Was this the great hunting feline of the skies, given form?!
Down there, in the dark, the cat panicked. He knew it was only a matter of time before the feline creature above caught his scent; he was barely a foot or two away! And how would it react to him being down there? Would it consider him some kind of spy? An attempted ambusher? If he was found before announcing himself, it could end badly… Or maybe he could wait, and hope that it had no… no sense of smell?
No, no this thing’s a feline. Like me, but… many many times bigger. Hooooo….
Mustering up whatever bravery he could, summoning all the strength he had in his lightweight body and bones, Edgewise decide that the smartest move to make was to announce himself. He needed to greet this creature clearly, and confidently, and show it that he wasn’t afraid!
Edgewise opened his mouth, and spoke:
Hechk-em.” he said.
Nonsense. A croaking, meaningless word of nonsense is what came out of his mouth.
He froze. Well, that is it. That is what I was able to say. I am going to die.
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[Image: Untitled_Artwork-8.png]
Her tongue danced at a particular rhythm as she licked away at her side. The sun’s warmth doing its job to clear away the excess wet spots left behind. It calmed Dimah. Relaxing the tall feline into a gentle purr at such a comfort. Despite her circumstances, she knew well enough not to panic or even show anxiety. Nothing would be solved that way.

Life was like hunting to her. One didn’t just rush into the chase. They stalked their prey. Slicking through the underbrush with silent steps. Observing. Focused.

The Galka chose this way. A decision made since the time she was given life and nursed from her mother.

For now, though, Dimah continued her grooming. Teeth itching away at whatever spots she could find. To follow with smoothing the tufted fur back down.

It wasn’t until she began rubbing her paw over her ears did something capture her attention. “H’mm..”

”Hechk-em.” She heard. Coming from where though?

Dimah stood. Her body stretching out, back legs doing the same one by one. She didn’t stop her gaze from sweeping over the vast land. Not seeing anything appear out of the ordinary.

Wait. Did it come from beneath her?

She looked down then. Seeing nothing out of the ordinary except the rocks she preoccupied. Dimah surely didn’t like surprises. A more straightforward approach was her speed and with this she leapt down.

“Come out. Now.”

Her voice spoke indifferent. Calmly. Stern. This was not a request. But, a demand.
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”Silence Isn’t Empty, It’s Full Of Answers.”
"Why am I wet?" Was what Tyrus would have thought of apon waking up in the soft sand in what was definitely not his territory. Well, he didn't think his territory contained such a large, beautiful, and very noticeable cove. Instead his attention was focused on the large predatory cat that was mere meters away.

The slight, damp, breeze brought with it the scent of the animal to his nose before he had noticed it was even there, "damn cats" he thought.

Wildcats where never to be trifled with alone unless you wanted to have a bad day, he had learned that lesson the hard way more than once, and the soaked one that's standing on the edge of the thick water didn't look all too happy. Or, at least, he thought it didn't look happy, cats generally don't like water.
He decided to lay low by not getting up. There was a rock biting into his shoulder,
"Better than the cat doing the same"
Tyrus's father had taught him to stay far away from these dangerous animals by getting himself killed by one. Tyrus was too close to not be noticed visually. Thank all who where above that he was downwind.

He just watched the creature, it was too preoccupied with getting dry to not notice him, he had to admit that cats are quite majestic when doing anything. Even just kicking themselves. Several agonizing minutes passed before Tyrus and the cat heard a small Hechk-em...
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Look away from what is wrong, but do not ignore it.
The command was issued.
It made sense. A strange noise, an untranslatable issuance from the mouth of some unknown creature. Any hunter would want to investigate. Why hadn’t he just said words? Particularly when faced with whatever creature had paws like the one he had seen above. Edgewise looked left and right to the craggy rock walls around him. The stoney cluster he had hidden himself in was small, but not too small as to prevent the larger cat from fitting one of those death-paws inside. He could remain, ignore the order to move, but one blade-clawed-appendage could easily reach inside and pull him out by his… skin.
”A-alright, I’m coming out.” he managed to say, his voice half-bravery and half-terror. Dark chocolate little paws moved one in front of the other, and creamier-colored limbs followed. He exited, cerulean and just slightly-crossed eyes blinking against the lancing sunlight of the cove. Now, finally, he had a view of the creature that had crawled, gasping, from the waves.
The thing was tremendous. It was a feline, like Edgewise, but with its size and attributes all enhanced to be nearly deific in the eyes of the smaller cat. Edgewise saw the cat-like outline, head to shoulders to tail, and unlike his own simple color scheme, this mountain lion possessed markings, patterns of black rosettes laid on white and silver fur. He saw eyes of mismatched colors laid in a small, white mask that covered her mouth and the space between the twin orbs of green and blue. Edgewise half-wondered if this being was the feline star-creature, having fallen down from the skies and into the water for a chance meeting with, of all creatures, him.
Edgewise’s ears were pushed back, but he didn’t bother arching his spine or fluffing out his fur. Trying to make himself look larger was meaningless when the danger was several times his own size. Fleeing would be foolish, and hiding places on the cove beyond the one he had just vacated were sparse. His speed and his instinct to find a hiding place were useless tools, now. No, he had surrendered, and now he had to hope there was some way he’d survive this encounter. The only tools he had left were his wits and his charm, and he’d have to bring both to bear. He opened his mouth.
The sound he made next was a dry gasp, as though the eastern deserts had suddenly spilled into his throat. All this thinking and worry since the mountain lion’s command had made his mouth drier than a sun-baked redberry. Edgewise licked his mouth a little, summoning some saliva from the depths before trying again.
”Hello. Is what I meant to say.” he finally said. ”You, ahh… Sorry. You came out of the water and… I was already under here.” His little paws flexed, trying to figure out why the rock underneath him was shaking. Oh… No, that was him shaking. ”Tried to say something… Came out like… 'Hechk-em.'
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[Image: Untitled_Artwork-8.png]
Dimah felt irritable in that moment. Too much was happening all too fast and from what she could tell, things were about to get interesting.

The moment she called for the owner of the voice to come forth, her gaze took no time in doing another sweep. She happened to be very annoyed and highly confused on how she got here in the first place. If one creature was nearby… did it happen to bring others?

”A.. alright. I’m coming out.”

Her body moved swiftly towards the voice. But, captured nothing which belonged to it. She grew even more agitated. That was until she looked down. What? The Galka stared with no expression at all. Despite all she happened to be feeling. It never once revealed itself in the features of her face.

An ear twitched the moment the small feline spoke. Heterochromia eyes never once moving from taking in such a tiny thing. From the slight crossing of his eyes to the cream and brown coat he sported. Dimah could do nothing but stare. Listening intensively as he continued to talk.

So… tiny…

When he’d finally finished, her voice spoke softly. Vocals a gentle breeze like a spring day. ”It would be appreciated if next time you do not do such a thing. If I had been somebody else, you’d be dead.” The truth hurt no matter the delivery came from. “I take it you are familiar with these lands? Tell me. Where am I?”

Dimah looked around her again. Before, she’d been simply searching. Now she really took in the area. Slopes climbed to what appeared to be a large gathering of trees. The edges littering with bushes and occasional rocks. These were not her mountains. Didn’t stop the idea of making them such pop immediately into her mind.
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”Silence Isn’t Empty, It’s Full Of Answers.”
The sheer rock wall beside and behind Tyrus trapped him with the cat, the water left an opening, but he can't swim. Not even a little. His genetics left him with a lean and strong body, which is all and fine if he is on land or in a fight, but his dense muscles made him heavy as hell and not fit for swimming.

So he just watched and hoped that the cat would find that sound interesting enough to wander off.
Than, to Tyrus's surprise, the cat spoke! In its deep and accented voice the cat had said, "Come out now"
Now that was something you did not see every day.
There was a response to the order from within the rocks too. The head of a smaller cat poked out from under Tyrus's line of sight.

Tyrus almost sighed at the sight and thought to himself, than there where two The two cats talked with each other, the-pure-muscle-strapped-to-claws-that-could-tear-your-throat-out-cat wanted to know where it was... or something like that, Tyrus is bad with foreign accents. Though it seemed to be quiet gentle with its questions, for an uber predator. The cat looked around and he noticed that she wore a mask on her face. Definitely sentient in one way or another.

"Ok, so she can talk." , thought Tyrus, "she wears stuff and seems nice enough..."

Tyrus decided to face the music.

He got up from the sand. He body was shaking from the exertion. He wasn't scared or weak or anything, he just felt like hell. Like the waking up and discovering that you had just fallen and hit your head against a rock kind of hell. He hoped the cat would notice him now, rather than after the other cat gets inevitably pulverized by her claws. Might as well save one life if this cat is anything like what he has witnessed in the past...
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Look away from what is wrong, but do not ignore it.
Edgewise shifted a little under the intense stare of the much, MUCH larger cat.

”Yeah, I was just… down there. Sorry.” he muttered. At her questions, he perked up. If she had come from the stars, like the though she had, wouldn’t she know all this? Or did she wake up like he had, like so many others… With a head lacking memories?

”Oh, yeah, I’m from around here. Well, not HERE here, but… here.” He bit his tongue a little to try to stop it from quivering as he spoke. ”Ah’m Effwife.” he said, before realizing he was still biting his tongue. He released it, and repeated more clearly, ”Edgewise. And this is the Cove. Uhm, I’ve heard it called the South Cove, and Crescent Cove, and… I call it Ground Squirrel Cove, but nobody else calls it that, even though… Even though I try to make the name popular, since...” he trailed off.

”More generally, you’re somewhere. In a land. There’s lots of different en-vi-ron-ments.” he articulated the word carefully, having learned it from Snail, and he wanted to put it to proper use with this giant cat… man? Cat female? He wasn’t sure, and he didn’t want to get close enough to sniff the mountain lion out to make sure. ”Cold places, hot places, flat places, high places. And places in the sky. There… isn’t really a name for all of it altogether, that I’ve heard.”

He grimaced, wincing his eyes and spreading his mouth out into a thin expression. ”And ahh… the worst part is...”

He halted, his eyes tracking the appearance of… a wolf!
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[Image: Untitled_Artwork-8.png]
His babbling intrigued as much as it annoyed her. There was only one questioned asked. A simple one at that and this Edgewise continued to ramble about the layout of the land. ”Alright… Alright… I understand.” This still didn’t exactly tell her a location or name of such a place.

Dimah couldn’t help the small growl vibrating her throat. His information or lack there of did nothing but produce more questions. Hovering above each sentence he spoke. But, when he stopped, she followed his attention to where a black wolf approached.


The Galka watched with a blank expression. Her nose twitching under the weight of each inhale she took. He didn’t smell like this other cat. So, he must be just as new to this as she. A note she took in accord to not even waste her breath asking him if he knew anything.

Instead of acknowledging the slender canid, she turned back to Edgewise. ”My apologies for being so… rude. I am Dimah from the mountains of Swahili.” In all truth, Dimah really didn’t mean to appear so mean. It was only a tactic to protect herself.

Not many creatures, canids or felines alike, took kind to the unknown just showing up out of nowhere. Edgewise himself didn’t oppose much a threat; though, she couldn’t speak for the wolf closing in on their direction.

Her tail flicked in wait.
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”Silence Isn’t Empty, It’s Full Of Answers.”
Closer inspection revealed that the smaller cat was, well, a Cat. Not really an animal that can survive out on its own out in the wild. "Did the they know each other?", he thought.
The small cat looked towards Tyrus, drawing the attention of the larger cat to him.
The wildcat, it was definitly some sort of wildcat, watched him for a while before going back to conversing with the little one.
"My apologies for being so… rude.", She said, "I am Dimah from the mountains of Swahili"
So she had a name and knew where she used to... live? Tyrus had never heard of "Swahili"
He approached slowly, trying to look nonthreatining as he did not want to make the ca..."It's Dimah" he thought to himself, he did not want to make Dimah nervous.

But she just stood there, menacingly.

So Tyrus spoke up and asked"Are you...", he paused and thought for a second"Are we lost?" his voice was a dry rasp, as if it wasn't used for a long, long time...
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Look away from what is wrong, but do not ignore it.
One Beast.
Two Beast.
And with a tiny Edgewise meal to split between them?
The cat remained in frigid stasis, but at the moment, neither predator was talking about how to divvy him up like a fresh salmon. That was… good? His ears picked up the terrifying growl reverberating within the white-furred, black-speckled mountain lion, but it didn’t go any farther than that. He heard her name, repeating it in his inner thoughts a couple times to try to get it to stick.
The wolf was worth taking a second look at. He appeared to be largely gray-furred, but there were kisses of evening sunlight here and there, just the tiniest suggestions of a shade of near-burnt-orange. Was he part lion, perhaps? Part tiger?
To both creatures, Edgewise did his best to keep his voice from squeaking. ”N-no, not lost. You’re both in a place. You’re somewhere.” He wondered at what kind of foul luck placed him as the guide for both of these dangerous creatures. ”And you’re not the only ones who woke up here like this. I did, most of my friends and my clan did. We opened our eyes here, knowing little to nothing about where we were before.”
The cat worked his jaw a little, trying to keep it from quivering so damned much. He was about to tell them something that was likely to shock them; it had very well shocked him, when Moosebellow had first shared the theory. ”You ahh… Most of the animals who wake up here, there’s a belief among them. A belief that we’re here in this world because in the world we came from before…”
“We died.”

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[Image: Untitled_Artwork-8.png]

Dimah froze momentarily to stare endlessly at the small feline.

No. She couldn’t be dead. It wasn’t possible. The thought of such a thing unnerved her to no end. She hadn’t even had cubs yet. Met the male who she was supposed to spend the rest of her life with.

The Galka stepped towards Edgewise. Her claws pressing further free from their homes as she lowered her head to be eye level with him. ”Take me to your home. I must speak with whomever told you this.” Her words spoken with a slow rising growl.

If what he said was indeed true, then she wanted answers and she wanted them now.
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”Silence Isn’t Empty, It’s Full Of Answers.”
"That cat must mad", Tyrus initially thought when listening to the little cat's ramblings.
It was frightening to death under his and especially her gaze.
Dimah took advantage of this and pressed further for answers.

The little cat's little theory about how he got here intrigued Tyrus, what had happened before today?
"Have I actually died?", he thought to himself,"No, I was far behind on that pack leader's trail. But how could I have been spotted?".

Tyrus's memory was right, he wasn't seen until the right time. But what happened after he had caught up with Var'roc was what he couldn't reme...


Tyrus knew what happened after he caught up to that foul creature. He didn't know his last moments, like how he died or if he had even died at all.
All he could remember was had happened right after he had gone in for the trap on Var'roc.

He had been betrayed.

Of all the things that happened that dark and accursed night, that was the very last thing Tyrus remembered happening to him on his home territory.

The recollection of the event shocked Tyrus to his core. He staggered backward as if he was physically struck by the notion, and the stumbling wasn't caused by the fact that he felt like hell, but because he was scared.

Tyrus looked to the large predatory cat after she asked the little one to be taken too... other cats? Attempting some semblance of a stoic posture-he hurt far much for convincing acting- and struggling to use his once powerful voice, he asked the other cat,
"Take...us to them"

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Look away from what is wrong, but do not ignore it.
As the far larger feline stepped toward him, Edgewise remained where he was, not out of bravery, but out of a lack of options. With her demand, she pressed him into service to speak to his cat comrades, and he nodded. ”I’ll take you.” he agreed. He had no other choice, granted; either beast could outrun him and slay him, surely. In a strange way, he felt responsible for these two wakers. He was the first they had met after waking, shouldn’t he see it through?
As his words sank home for the wolf as well, Edgewise was captivated by the wolf’s shock, wondering whether he himself had looked Just Like That when he first had been told. Edgewise believed that he saw the realization in the wolf’s startlingly-blue eyes.
You believe it, don’t you? You know it’s true, somehow. Edgewise thought. He himself tried to doubt the mythology, but whenever another animal, another ‘Sleeper-Awakened’ reacted like this, it seemed to confirm the doom. He felt his fear swarmed over with an odd sense of pity for the Galka and the Timber Wolf, a sympathy for what they were dealing with.
”You’ve got pretty bad luck if I’m the cat to be your guide.” he said shakily, smirking as he tried to bring a little humor to the otherwise dire scene. ”I’ll say things wrong from time to time, but I won’t lie to you. Even if the truth hurts you.” He grimaced, as he thought ’Or if the truth hurts ME.’
”I’d uhh… I’d propose you do a little hunting here, catch some beach-critters to get your strength up. It’s a long walk from here, and most of the food along the way will be even smaller than the ground squirrels here.” He waited, then, to see if the truce he was proposing would be agreed upon by both. It would be a strikingly new thing, to hunt and travel with partners like these!
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[Image: Untitled_Artwork-8.png]
Edgewise note to hunt didn’t go unnoticed. Perhaps this was why she was so frustrated. Besides the fact of learning she could have died and ended up here.

Her stance slacked for a moment. Drawing away from the small feline and turning just in time to note the shocked expression on the black wolf. She eyed him momentarily. Realization clear as day through those bright blues of his. Dimah said nothing more.

Glancing around the sandy shores. Nose sniffing the breeze drifting from the large embodiment of water behind them. She didn’t much care for small prey. But perhaps a few beach-critters, as Edgewise had called them, would give her the energy needed to make the journey.

The theory alone still unnerved her. Her memory struggling to even remember the last few moments before awakening here.

Why was it so hard?

Dimah ventured away. Tail flicking in mild irritation. Shoulders slightly relaxed. She was in hunting mode now. Her neck stretching to rise her head higher. Focus sharp. The Galka stalked along on silent paws. Their pads maneuvering easily through the sands. Unlike the stone texture of the mountains, here was a bit different.

She found herself climbing the steep slopes. Heading up towards where grass and trees lay atop. At least here, she would find a hare or two. Maybe even a large rodent or wounded bird. Either would do at this moment.
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”Silence Isn’t Empty, It’s Full Of Answers.”
Tyrus just stood there, soaking in the tiny cats every word. What else could he have done? After all, he had just died. "Focus Tyrus", he told himself,"That's all in the past now, focus on the present."

The present held a small cat, and that small cat advised for Tyrus and Dimah to go and hunt for food, as the trip would be long and the prey would be scarce.
He looked to where Dimah used to be
"Son of a..." , he said, startled by the large cats sudden energy as she bounded off. Presumably for food.
Tyrus would have followed behind her if it weren't for the fact that she ran up the wall.
He had wanted to talk to her, to hear her story.
But it was too late and he didn't want to shout, his head hurt too much."Damn cats."

Looking back down to the strange little native--that act hurt his head too--Tyrus tried to ask the cream colored cat for his name, but his voice caught in his throat.

Something was wrong with him, he could tell that much. His body felt like it was healing from being battered and beaten. But even though his sore throat wanted to keep the words in and his throbbing head warned of impending pain, he managed to simply ask;"Who are you?". His voice was still rougher than dirt, and he had to pause between each word, but it was better than when he first spoke. His initial burst of energy apon waking up, was gone. Hunting was going to be hard.
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Look away from what is wrong, but do not ignore it.
The cat’s mind, as bent-cogged and wild-winded as it was, ran like a half-melted clock. It ran, and it told the time, but it wasn’t always quite right. Still, he was now balancing these two strangers, so he had to think about them meaningfully if they, or at least he, was going to survive this planned journey.
Dimah… Big paws. Got a nose that’s wider than mine… She can probably smell what I ate for breakfast last week with the scent glands she’s got in there. But this is a new world to her… And by her words, she had come from mountains. The muscles along her shoulders suggested to Edgwise that she might possess a tremendous ability to climb. Maybe she hunted goats, pounced on cliff-dwelling creatures from ambush points? The white and gray and black of her coat would serve as effective camouflage in a rocky environment… but tall grass could hide any color. Edgewise tried to track her as she ventured away, apparently seeking a meal; between blinks, she seemed to disappear from view. That’s… That’s terrifying. he thought to himself.
Edgewise’s crooked eyes turned to Tyrus, equally a stranger. The wolf’s voice had been as dry as a summer creekbed when he first spoke, and even now it remained drained. The little feline’s ears were able to hear just question fine, just the same. ”Edgenice-.”the cat said with an abrupt halt at the end, meaning to say ‘nice to meet you’, but confusing the words together. ”Err, Edgewise. Edgewise. Nice to meet you.”
And it was nice to meet a wolf who wasn’t chasing him. Edgewise’s pal, Moosebellow, had wolf friends, so the cat knew that a kind of kinship was possible between canis and felid. ”I’m about to snag a few more rock squirrels. If you like, you… can watch how I do it? They’re not the brightest little things, but the meat’s damned good.”
If Tyrus were interested, Edgewise would guide him, and even Dimah if she returned, in a hunt for the little rodents. All it took were a well-placed pair of paws jumping out of view to hold a beach-dwelling critter down. The rest was an easy kill and a follow-up meal.
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[Image: Untitled_Artwork-8.png]
Dimah disappeared ‘mongst the shrubs. Her body slipping easily through like a snake. Using her surroundings to camouflage most of the enlargement of her frame.

These were unknown hunting grounds, but nonetheless a place of fair game. Ears listening to the sounds from every direction. Very faintly she thought she heard the wolf speak and Edgewise small voice respond.

It had nothing to do with the Galka. Not when the smell of hare reached her twitching nose. Her paws stepped silently. Each one calculated to ensure she remained as quiet as possible.

Ahead, the brown coloring of the long eared meal chewed unknowingly of its end. Dimah only continues to watch. Enjoying the wait for how close her prey usually got.

Claws extended.

Pupils dilated.

Legs shuffled underneath.

Waiting. Calculating.

She pounced.
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”Silence Isn’t Empty, It’s Full Of Answers.”
"Call me Tyrus," said the wolf in response to Edgewise's stumbling.
"Show me how to he paused to swallow, "hunt"

He was trying to be sincere to the cat, after all Edgewise was just as likely to keel over from fear as to run off into the woods where Tyrus couldn't follow.
But the cat stayed with him. Edgewise was helping him despite his fear
Tyrus thought that kind of tenacity was deserving of respect.

Little could be said of the large cat though, she couldn't be trusted, not now.
But the little cat? Maybe.

Tyrus found Edgewise as a concept both comical and almost...humbling.
The little cat stood in the face of danger and acted. He was afraid, scared out of his wits even, but Edgewise held his ground.

This little thing the size of his head was just as capable of making desicions as Tyrus was himself. It had a name, friends, it could be talked to, reasoned with, and it even displayed to Tyrus...
"...something that even I failed with showing."

So Tyus asked for some help with hunting, even though he didn't want to.
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Look away from what is wrong, but do not ignore it.
”Tyrus. Yes. Tyrus is a good name.” Somehow, and without meaning to, Edgewise found himself deepening his own voice, making it huskier, like that of the male wolf! It was unintended, and surely had interesting psychological implications, that Edgewise was trying to make his own voice just like that of this mysterious beast he had met.
To the best of his ability, Edgewise talked Tyrus through how the rock-squirrels lived. Knowing one’s prey made it easier to stalk and slay them, he said. ”When it come to, ahh… Doing the actual deed, I don’t know if wolves are ‘pouncers’ like cats are. I figure yall are more the chasin’ type, catching zig-zaggers through speed and endurance, and pack tactics. Hunting alone… Well, count on the rock-squirrels being able to get into rocks you can’t reach.”
Edgewise licked at a paw thoughtfully, observing the deadly tools Tyrus had available to him. ”I think your best bet is to sneak up behind them. Don’t move then they’re looking, aim to walk up right behind their little skulls. When you’re close enough, lunge in.” Comically, Edgewise set himself up like a big tough wolf, and he lunged forward, his tail out straight. ”And then uhh… Go for the neck? That’s what a cat would do. You, your teeth...” Edgewise shuddered. ”Just bite them anywhere with those, and it’ll be a done deal. Or a done meal, rather.”
In time, the three beasts reconvened, and the hour was perfect to begin the first leg of their journey. Edgewise talked over the path they would be taking, describing landmarks and expected terrain, and the different water stops he knew of along the way.
”Once we actually get insight of the Keep, let me go on ahead to announce you. The cats there will… probably react the way I did when I first met you two. If you’re ready… Let’s head out!”
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