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I've been thinking way too much,

04-06-2022, 12:58 AM

Those clouds were growing on her nerves. She kept waiting for a stormfall that never did, and no matter how close she seemed to travell, they were always.. A specific distance away. Unnerving to say the very least, which just brought her temper further up. How she wished to howl at the heavens and demand what was up ; but even she wasn't that stupid. No one would tell her or call down, and if anything the Gods may simply strike her down for being a pest. She would like to avoid lighting and thunder, feeling uncomfortable with their presence. Cool to watch, but anywhere near she would be on the wind.

Strange enough as well.. It started to pour. But it wasn't the same clouds looming within the distance, and instead a new set altogether. A drizzle more then a downpour, but enough that she huffed in the forest and stood by. A looking, for some kind of den to hide in as she forgotten where the previous one she hid in. Orlaith huffed, in an annoyance.

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[Image: dbsjoiy-a0dc5a12-726e-4fc9-9f6e-325ac868c4bf.png]
04-10-2022, 06:24 PM
 Pike had wandered off. With the focus capability of a spastic squirrel, he’d started tracking something and found himself well away from where he’d began. Unsure of where Thalia was now, the speckled male carried on. What Pike lacked in companions he made up for in clouds. Big clouds. Dark clouds. Always-there clouds. 

 It’d been like this for days. Then, as if some trickster god had gotten control of the joystick, the sky opened to a deluge. Water spat, but not from the clouds on the horizon. He’d been so busy staring up he almost walked into the other wolf on the hilltop. 

 “Sure is a ass backwards place, ain’t it?”

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04-11-2022, 07:21 PM
"Pisses me off," Orlaith replied with a huff as she narrowed eyes to the sky itself, despite some drizzle upon her face. She didn't like the unknown ; something that hide itself away without an answer riled her soul and being. Naturally anger with always a fire in her belly she wasn't a fan of the factor it continued on, and stood away like it was taunting them. It was unnatural, and she didn't like it.

Forest eyes gazed to the other, who reminded her faintly of deer. Brown with speckles, and much smaller then herself ; he seemed like a friendly one though and approached her without a true caution in the air. Was it because she didn't have a scent upon her pelt? Orlaith remembered being rather intimidating, and was often one to chase rogues and loners off of the homeland — but now it seemed that same attitude was washing off alongside the rain.

"You a loner?" she didn't smell anything on him.

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04-23-2022, 11:46 PM
 “Yeah.” He answered, plopping down on his haunches a few feet from the stranger. “Guessin' you are too?” She didn't smell like pack, at least. 

 She was a big ass broad, wide-chested and dense with muscle that rippled through her coat. Pike kept his posture neutral, not wanting to get into any kind of dick-swinging contest with her. He had a feeling she'd win. 

 “Been around here long?”

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05-02-2022, 08:39 PM
"Yeah, same." Though she didn't want to stay a loner for long at the very least — it felt weird being one, still. Born within a pack, lived within a pack, Orlaith was made to be within one. She wanted to defend a land, to cater it and laugh among others, and not try and get that same feeling by the scattering of random rogues, to meet and chuckle. He seemed decent, at the very least, she noted. Wasn't someone that seemed like would attempt to bother her or desire that very same dick-contest, and she wasn't looking to start one either. 

"No, I arrived recently," and she shook her head, "you?" He looked like he was relatively calm, had a footing within the land despite a pack not lingering upon his pelt. Was he a local? She wondered if he was either like herself, or someone who actually lived nearby. She was relatively neutral in appearance. There wasn't a need to be on a warpath.

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[Image: dbsjoiy-a0dc5a12-726e-4fc9-9f6e-325ac868c4bf.png]
05-04-2022, 08:19 PM
 “Same - kinda. I woke up with a bear.” 

 Pike suddenly realized how that sounded. 

 “And it ain't like I went to bed with it the night before.” 

 There. Clarification achieved. Pike swung his head around to regard the stranger. “What about you? How'd you get here?”

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05-05-2022, 06:02 PM (This post was last modified: 05-14-2022, 07:41 PM by Orlaith. Edited 1 time in total.)
"A bear you say?" She observed the guy, though mentioned of such a barbaric beast — and yet he looked relatively safe. She was smiling in a rather relaxed way, finding it like a funny story despite the terrors that may occur. She lifted her snout ; scenting the air for any signs of that so-called beast, especially as he mentioned being around only recently. But she didn't smell anything, nor' hear any sounds of growling within the distance. A safe bet where she can laugh at the moment without worrying it coming around (at least she hoped).

"I just walked here?" Orlaith looked at him with a puzzled look. She didn't realize she literally fell into this knew region ; for her beginning was falling into a literal rabbit hole, and arriving at the end of somewhere unknown. She thought he was literally joking but snoozing one day and a bear found him as a cuddle toy.

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05-10-2022, 04:41 PM
 Huh, anti-climatic. Though if he was being honest with himself, a stroll up a mountain sounded a whole lot better than pillow-talk with Yogi. Confusion still marred his beginnings here like a thick fog gripping a moor, heavy and impossible to see through. 

 “S'a weird place.” He said, repeating his earlier sentiment. It made him grateful for Thalia. Not that he'd ever tell her. 

 “You headed anywhere specific?”

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05-14-2022, 07:44 PM (This post was last modified: 05-15-2022, 06:57 PM by Orlaith. Edited 1 time in total.)
"Ain't it? Seems quite populated." She lifted her nose and sniffed, even just by the wind Orlaith could catch the scent of other wolves within the area, or stale scents that they once were. The mountains in particular seemed especially heavy, though in truth she hadn't explored the tundra too much, neither the plains that she could see beyond the scope. Regardless, was a bit of a surprise, and wondered just how pack heavy it truly was. She could smell a few, but not all.

"No where in particular, been eying some mountains. You?" She asked her counterpart, he seemed like someone she'd enjoy his company of a sip of rum. Alas, the season was not for it. Though she did wonder if he too was searching for a pack since his nap-time with a bear.

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[Image: dbsjoiy-a0dc5a12-726e-4fc9-9f6e-325ac868c4bf.png]
05-17-2022, 08:12 PM
 “Going the opposite way to freeze my balls off with a friend up North. ” His tail swished once and he looked towards the Tundra he'd come from.

 With that he turned. “Safe travels. It was nice talkin' to ya. Name's Pike, by the way. ” He added, throwing his name over his shoulder like an afterthought.

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