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Disco: Maelstrom Bay


[size=small]Maelstrom Bay[/size]

[size=small]Temperate Territory[/size]

At the cusp of northerly winds and southerly winds, the Maelstrom Bay is a black-sanded bay edged against lush temperate forests. The coastline varies in height, coming to sea level in the south, and is peppered with waterfalls to the sea. This area is prone to high winds, vicious sea currents, and frequent thunderstorms. Mountains to the north and deltas to the south bring a variety of prey and vegetation for its inhabitants.

[Image: image0.png]


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Now what?

Link to the Compendium page

Now when you or others post, you can add the Discovery tag and specify Maelstrom Bay in a note. Once the thread is archived, post in this thread with the finished thread's link. One of the Awards team members can assign points to your post.

In the mean time, there is a new prefix for Maelstrom Bay available in the Temperate biome :)
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