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Canis is a writing community for play-by-post (forum-based), freeform roleplay set in a fictional dream world in the intrusion fantasy genre. Most characters on Canis are wolves; many play elements are focused around wolves and canids, but the world makes room for a large variety of other animal characters such as dogs, horses, cats, bears, deer, and many, many more.

Our community is focused on flexibility, creativity, and collaboration. That boils down to a few important features:

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This has to be a joke? Or am I dreaming?

Breathing was slowly returning into his lungs and consciousness was also starting to come back to the large tobiano chestnut stallion. That was when his left eye shot open and started to roll around, he seen a sort of rocky outcropping and blue skies and nothing else. He smelled the air there was familiar smells of vegetation but also there was no familiar smell of the very space he was in. This baffled him and decided to roll over onto his stomach and so get his hooves under him and push upwards to stand. It took him three times before he succeeded and looked slowly around. Looked to be a stream running through this area. That was good at least there was water. He then thought about his little harem of mares.

 Renegade then let out a loud whinny so as to see if they was nearby and there was no answer. He then decided to follow the stream down from it's flow and to see if there was any shallow area and so be able to cross as he didn't need to go into a deep hole and possibly injure a leg as that could be a death sentence as he would be unable to fight or flee from danger if it showed. He had spent the last two years getting his four mares and he would be damned if some bachelor would come in and swoop them up right under his nose as he was knocked out cold. Where was he and who was responsible was all that was going through his head at the moment. This had got to be a joke or a cruel prank pulled by those pesky two leggers, or maybe even those iron vultures that just loved to buzz over head or the thump thump thump and so hover, Renegade never seen the buzzing kind able to do that as they seemed to always go straight ahead.  He then put the skids on and stopped that was when he realized he had never seen this place before in his life and so had no idea if his mares was even here close by. But sniffing the wind there was at least other creatures abound and also could that be a faint wiff of a stranger and fellow equine. If so maybe they could tell him just where it was that he had been placed in. 

So the large painted brute decided that trying to at least track his mares was a dead end and decided to at least see if anyone would be crossing here. He needed to at least get a bearing on where he was at and maybe find out who was who as he knew he was trespassing on some other horses territory and if they was like Reny they would view him as a threat and so make it a point to shove him off it and make him beat tracks. But if this was indeed a new land and was pretty much like it was here it could turn out to be even better than the high plains he called home before. Also if there was other horses that meant there was mares and that also could play right into his hooves on rebuilding what was so wrongly taken from him.
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 Being alone was a curse, even if it was temporary. The mare was wandering a bit further from the place she'd appeared in, head down and ears practically rotating like helicopters as she tried to keep an eye on everything all at once. She wanted to explore... but she was also terrified of exploring. It was a terrible, terrible thing. 

 What wasn't a terrible thing was the whiny in the distance. Her ears turned straight towards that noise and the surge of hope tamped down the all-pervading anxiety that she always felt. She galloped towards the sound, closing the distance. She crested a hill and raised her head to let out an answering whiny. Where was he? Where? 

 She swished her tail, then turned her head sharply at the sound of a falcon screeching overheard. What if they were being too loud? What if a cougar heard them? She nervously pawed at the ground with one of her hooves as she looked around and then saw the shape of another horse. She let out a quieter neigh as she walked over to him, head carried at a lower level as she swiveled her ears around nervously as if expecting an attack at any moment by some predator that would jump out from the sky. "H-hello! It's good to see you!" Because seeing another horse was always fantastic.

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Renegade was not expecting another soul to respond to his call, no he was expecting to do a little trekking and run into another horse. He then notice a grey form coming towards him and in a sort of submissive state. This was sort of bafling as if this was the horse that claimed these parts as theirs they would be more dominate and forthright in showing they was the owner. Then when Renegade inhaled deeply and smelled the scent of this stranger and it was a mare, that explained the sort of non aggressive stance she had, but she still could very well turn against him if she wanted to. Renegade looked her over and then heard her speak and say it was good to see him. He dipped his head slightly and then said " Yes I am glad my nose wasn't playing tricks on me and there are other horses around, My name is Renegade and likewise good to see you."

 He lowered his head and had his ears lay on either side of his head in a lazy manner and so show he was not agitated or was looking for a fight. This mare was grey and smaller but that was to be expected as most mares was smaller unless said stallion was a pony size then that would not be the case. Reny though had a lot of Belgian in him as his sire was a full blooded Belgian that was wheere he got most of his height and build from, what he got from his mother was her pelt coloring and markings and her head. If there was this mare then there had to be others, so the question was just where was they and how could he be able to go and meet them. As that was the only way the Mustang, Belgium mix could find out who could be friends and who would be competitor or rival later on. He then asked. " So do you know where we are, as there is a lot of familiar scents of plants and animals, but the actual scent of the land is totally different from where I lived? And did you see four mares together one was a dun colored mustang, two was Appaloosa's one a snow flake and the other a blanket, and an all black one. Seemed they for what ever reason wandered off. "

 He then walked up and done a walk around this mare seemed she was healthy and wasn't hurt or sick which was good, as that would be bad if Renegade fell ill but he then walked past and spun around and looked right at the smaller mare and waited for an answer or a response. If it did turn out that he was no longer anywhere close to home that would mean he would have to rebuild what he so worked hard in acquiring with his harem. And if this mare in front of him didn't belong to a fellow stallion then maybe it could start with her.
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 He seemed nice enough and it helped calm her a bit. Renegade. She committed the name to memory with a nod and pleasant smile. He seemed calm and not ready to bolt or attack so that helped calm the frantic state that her mind was usually in. The instinct that always bid her to run was quieter, barely a whisper. Ignorable, so long as nothing crazy happened. "My name's Strawberry."

 She listened to his next questions and then shook her head in a "no". "It's different from where I lived too. I just... well, it'll sound weird, but I was just walking and ended up here. I-I don't know how." It was clear she was unsettled by this strange fact with wide-open eyes and nostrils flared and sniffing. "I've seen nor smelled no other mares but I did-did find a stallion." He was a bit weird but he was a horse and that was good enough for her. 

 Renegade walked around her and she tracked him with her ears and eyes without moving her head. "So, uh, I don't... don't know very much but I-I don't think we're anywhere near where we used to be." Somehow, someway. It scared her. She didn't want to be alone out here in this strange place.

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The mare seemed to not mind Reny on being close and around her, that was good as he wanted to talk not try to chase her down or to be left standing wondering why she just up and left like she did.  When she said her name was Strawberry, Renegade was sort of liking it was a simple name and he might on occasion just call her Straw for short. Then saying she had not seen any mares sort of caused his heart to shrink as the longer he was awy the more vulnerable they was to other stallions and predators. He finally huffed out.

" If this is a trick those blasted two leggers have caused, I will make sure one of them will pay the price."

 Renegade then let out a loud snort and shook his head before settling down. Humans they was probably Numeral one enemy on the stallions list as they always was around and making his life five times harder to live. But he made up his mind that this mare as long as she wanted him to be around he would remain and so together they would watch over each others back at least for the immediate future. So it seemed that this mare walked here and Renegade just woke up here out of the blue with no explanation how. So after looking and smelling it seemed that his mares was no where around at least the immediate area. So he spoke softly to the smaller grey mare. 

" Well an extra set of ears and eyes is better than no set, and if you want you can come with me until we find something better, just that this place seems pretty good as you got food and water and even a little shelter from the elements."

 Experience told Reny that the mares was the ones that roam to find the next and best grazing and living spaces and so that was how he would be with Strawberry, and if he really did lose his harem for good, than he was going to have to just start all over again and rebuild, and he could of had worse than this little grey mare to start with. But that  was all in the future and maybe a future that wasn't or to be if he did find his original harem. And even if he did he wouldn't mind sharing and adding this mare to the ranks.
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 Oh, he was very brave. Or reckless… although in her eyes they were one in the same. Still, it boded well, because he could protect from danger that she was unwilling to face off with. ”This would really be some elaborate trick.” She had limited dealings with them and even now, her mind was fuzzy on the topic. Why? She had no idea. She felt that she should know them better but for whatever reason, she couldn’t.

 ”I’d like that! I… I don’t really like being alone.” Her eyes darted this way and that, nervous as she always was. One never knew when something could be stalking you and the more horses around the better. ”Hopefully we can find more horses…” A great big herd, that was ideal. Plenty of others around to watch your back, yes, that calmed her down just thinking about it. ”Do you think we should stay h-here? Or go elsewhere?” It did seem like this place was amazing… but what if they didn’t find any horses here? Then again, she couldn’t smell predators here and she was all for being safe. She knew instinctively that she should pick the grazing spot but she was too timid to give it a go without being prompted, she was all too ready to follow someone else.

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Yes there was always strength in numbers and Renegade was just glad this Strawberry was of the cooperative type and not the confrontational type. As that was the last thing he needed was another threat and possible enemy he had enough in front of him as is. So he perked his ears up when she spoke that it would be some elaborate trick. He quietly had to agree as moving an animal the size of Reny would be a massive undertaking that was for sure. He slowly bobbed his head up and down a few times in agreement of what she said. When she said she didn't like being alone, Renegade then spoke almost immediately.

" If I do find my mares, I would like to offer you a place in it, if you would like."

 If Reny was another horse he would of sent both rear barrels directly into his chest as how dare he even think that Strawberry would agree to become one of his mares. Plus where he came from the stallions always done a nip claim to the dock of the tail on the mare as it was custom and to show the world that they was now the stallions that done it. And really would she agree to go through all of that just to become his mare. After a few moments of thinking over what he so carelessly blurted out. The piebald stallion then listen and she said she wanted to find even more horses, well that was the final plan just that Renegade had no idea where to look or to go first in order to accomplish that goal. She finally finished by asking if they should stay or to go. He looked over his back at the water fall and then back towards Strawberry, he took a few steps forward and then spoke softly.

 " That is up to you, as you have been here far longer than me as I have just woken up and have no idea where everything is and where to go. But I wouldn't mind keeping this place as a possible future area to settle down and live if and when we find my mares and future herd members. So go ahead and lead the way as I'll stay back and so put to memory where it is we have traveled to."

 Renegade then stood by and was ready to follow or react to what ever Strawberry would do.
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 Perhaps she didn’t grasp the full gravity of what he’d said, or perhaps she didn’t care. The latter was far more likely, but any chance to become part of a unit where she would have a greater chance of survival was something she would gladly do. ”Sure! That’d-that’d be great!” She seemed quite pleased at the promise of such a thing. He wasn’t a bad looking stallion and he seemed brave enough and protective enough for her. In any case, she’d put up with a lot to be safe… or rather, safer than wandering alone. It wasn’t as if harems or belonging to a lead stallion was a far-off concept where she’d come from. Although she figured it be much more difficult to find one. [/size]

[size=medium] At his words she shuffled a hoof in the dirt nervously. ”I-I haven’t really… I only woke here a little while ago. A day or so maybe.” It didn’t make her feel very confident although his assurance did make her feel a bit better. ”I-I’ll try to lead us to a spot then.” They could keep this spot in mind and she’d take them elsewhere then. It was weird having someone put faith in her like that. Even if she couldn’t remember her past very well, she knew from her nature that it was likely that anyone had let her lead anything before. [/size]

[size=medium] She was still undecided if she liked that or not. But what was leading if not going where she was going to go anyway with someone to follow? [/size]

[size=medium] ”O-Okay then, we can go… that way?” Oh, that sounded like a question. ”We… we will go that way.” That was… better? She looked to him for reassurance before deciding to travel northward and out of this rather safe area. They needed to find other horses and another good spot to rest and eat, yeah. She could… probably… do that? Right?
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